Gluckometer: Atlanta

I had to do a double-take during driver introductions in Atlanta.

Despite a less-than-stellar crowd, the noise level recorded by the Gluckometer had been outstanding. Fourth-place starter Mark Martin had received a thunderous cheer, followed by loud boos for Juan Pablo Montoya and Kyle Busch.

Now it was time for the pole-sitter, who just so happened to be the sport's most popular driver. Surely, this was one week where Dale Earnhardt Jr. dominate the noise rankings.

The cheer was loud, but not loud enough according to my decibel meter. I kept staring at the numbers, but they weren't higher than Martin's.

Is this thing on?

How to explain Earnhardt Jr. winning the pole but not the noise meter? Here's my theory: The track P.A. announcer had one of the longest introductions in history.

It went something like this (I'm paraphrasing): 

Annnnnnd on the polllllllllle, from Kannapolis, North Carolinaaaaaaaaaaaa, the driver of the Number. Eighty. Eight. Amp. Energy. National Guard. Chevrolettttttttttttttttt. From Hendrick Motorsporrrrrrrrrrrts. It's Dallllllllllllllllllle Earnhardtttttttttttttt JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, really. By the time it was the crowd's turn to give its biggest cheer, perhaps they were a bit cheered out.

Either that, or Mark Martin is just that popular these days.

We'll see what happens at Bristol. Here are the Gluckometer rankings for Atlanta:


Driver   dB Type of Noise Comment/Explanation
1 Mark Martin 90.5 Cheers Remains extremely popular
2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 88.2 Cheers Most popular driver
3 Kyle Busch 86.5 Boos Hasn't won over the fans yet
4 Tony Stewart 85.9 Mostly cheers No controversies lately
5 Jeff Gordon 85.1 Mostly cheers Getting more cheers this year
6 Jimmie Johnson 84.7 Mix Either loved or hated
7 Juan Montoya 84.2 Boos Never any cheers for JPM
8 Bill Elliott 83.9 Cheers Hometrack favorite
9 Kasey Kahne 83.8 Cheers Ladies love him
T-10 David Ragan 83.1 Cheers Hometrack favorite
T-10 Carl Edwards 83.1 Cheers Will he get booed at Bristol?
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