Profiles In Tenacity: Get To Know An Iditarod Sled Dog

We at would like to acknowledge the talent behind the Iditarod by interviewing the dogs who make the race possible. Each has their own personality, and we salute their individual spirit and collective achievement in "Profiles in Tenacity: Get To Know An Iditarod Sled Dog." Today's Profile of an Iditarod Sled Dog: Gavin, The Unusually Stylish Hipster Sled Dog. 



Name: Gavin

Position: Second right, which isn't lead but that's cool because I'm chlll like that. 

Age: Four years old, but age ain't nothing but a number.*

Likes: Jansport backpacks, his personal brand, Phoenix, Animal Collective, Fever Ray,  Vegan brownies, and sometimes caribou carrion but only if it's paleo caribou carrion, since the ones who live close to cities eat out of garbage dumps and that's not healthy. Parliament cigarettes and Natty Bo, because PBR is played out. Chill dog-bros and bro-ettes who like a good mush. Beards. Seattle, because it's so nineties in a non-intentional way. Trader Joe's chicken liver treats. Snow. Tofurky, but not like every day. MySpace, because it's the new retro. 

Dislikes: The term "hipster," dubstep, Anchorage (too granola,) rain, "political" bros, losing my scarf on the trail, Apple people though I own a Mac (just not freaky about it,) people who don't understand my gluten allergy, "sincerity," when the dog-bro in front of you has a "digestive problem," Germans (sorry!), goatees, moose and their hatefulness, tofurky every day, cynicism, and a sledmeister who packs cheap chow, because I only eat organic. Losing my scarf and not having my handler stop to get it. 

Goals for the Iditarod: Just get a good mush, maybe finish up A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius in the downtime but it's mad long, get along and have a good time with my bro-dawgs, crack out some beats on the vintage Roland TR-808 drum machine I got, and just, you know, chill. 

Gavin is currently past mile 84 with his team. We wish him the best of luck and a good mush. 

*Is actually six. 

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