Blake's 2nd Mock Draft

As opposed to my previous Mock, this one will have details. As always criticism is welcomed.

1st Round

1) St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

As we get closer and closer to the draft, it appears the Rams are starting to lean more and more to Sam Bradford. There are a couple of reasons why they would select Bradford over the highly thought of Ndamukong Suh. One, the Rams are in desperate need of a franchise Quarterback that they haven't had since Warner. Two, it really comes down to the money. If they are going to pick someone 1st overall and pay them the money that a #1 gets, they would rather pay it to a QB. Three, they need a face for the franchise. One could argue Steven Jackson is that face, but they need a Quarterback who can be that face as well.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Pick: None

2) Detroit Lions- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

This will be one of the most interesting picks to watch. The buzz has been that the Lions want out of this pick because of money. At the moment they still have the pick, so we will assume this pick will be here come April. I think the biggest need the Lions have is OT. For whatever reason they seem committed to Jeff Backus who was very mediocre. The truth is, they need to protect QB Matthew Stafford, at any cost. If that means drafting Russell Okung here and telling Backus to sit on the bench or take a hike, then so be it. They cannot let Stafford continue to get pounded the way he did last year. We know what that can do to a young QB's psyche (see: David Carr). But, the best player in the draft has fallen to them and they have a need at DT, even if it is not as big as OT. Personally, I would take Okung, but this Mock isn't about who I would take, rather who I believe the Lion's will take.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Pick: None

3) Tampa Bay Bucs- Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

This is a great position for the Bucs to be in. They desperately need a good DT along the line and one should fall to them. They could, hypothetically, be in a position where they get to choose between Suh and McCoy, all the better for the Bucs. Be aware of mock drafts that have them taking Jason Pierre-Paul, he will not go this high.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul

4) Washington Redskins- Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.

I have seen a lot of mocks that have the Redskins taking Jimmy Clausen with this pick. If Okung is still available here, they will be taking him. My reasoning? For one, Jason Campbell is really not that bad of a QB. In fact, considering the Offensive Line he had, and the fact that the team basically gave up on Jim Zorn, Campbell played pretty well. He threw for over 3,500 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions, and a 85.4 QB rating. He did all this while getting sacked 43 times. Plus he is only 28, he is in entering his prime. Another reason they wont be drafting a QB is because Shanahan is running the show more than most think. Just look at what they have done during free agency. Nothing. Does that sound like a Snyder off season to you? I believe Mike Shanahan wants to play Campbell for another year. He is more developed than Clausen will be and has a stronger arm. The biggest need the Redskins have is Left Tackle and they will fill that need with the best Tackle prospect in the draft.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Pick: Jimmy Clausen

5) Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

For whatever reason, it seems like Chiefs fans don't want Eric Berry. I don't know why. John McGraw sucks and Mike Brown is 32. True Brandon Albert is more of a Guard than a Tackle, but there is tackle worthy of a 5th overall pick since Okung will in all likely hood be gone. Eric Berry is considered one of the top prospects in the draft and would fill a position need. A dark horse here will be McClain.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Pick: Anthony Davis

6) Seattle Seahawks-Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Every intelligent Seahawks fan is praying that we don't trade a first round pick for Brandon Marshall. We want a Quarterback! Jimmy Clausen is the obvious choice at this pick. He is an intelligent Quarterback, has a good release, good pocket presence, good footwork, and is tough. His leadership has gotten mixed reviews and black eyes. But with Hasselbeck aging quite badly and Seattle in the midst of another coaching change, now is the time draft a Quarterback.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Picks: Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul

7) Cleveland Browns-Joe Haden, CB, Florida

Although Joe Haden had a poor showing at the combine, he is still the best corner in this draft. a pretty good place to check him out is on youtube. Prodraftparty has a 10 minute video of him and his highlights and lowlights of the year. Joe Haden is considered the best Corner back in the draft and would fill a need in Cleveland. He has great instincts, is a good blitzer, and sticks to his man very well. The only knock I have against him is that he isn't a great tackler. He usually tackles too low or doesn't rap around the target well enough. Otherwise, I don't think he will fall past Mike Holmgren here at 7.

Common Dumb Mock Draft Picks: Eric Berry, Dez Bryant

8) Oakland Raiders-Bruce Campbell, OT,Maryland

Al Davis loves to fill needs with players who are athletes before football players. I also feel that he likes to surprise people as well. The Raiders defense isn't really too bad, but their offense needs lots of repairs. Needs that should have been met in pasts drafts such as Quarterback and Wide Receiver have been met by projects. Projects are OK, as long as they have the proper environment to get nurtured in. Think of all the receivers that have come out of New Orleans. They were projects, like Colston and Meachem, but were in a great environment to learn the game. Unfortunately for Robert Gallery, JaMarcus Russell, and Darrius Heyward-Bey, they are not in good environments. In fact, their environment is the equivalent of a family of fish being forced to live in the septic tank under John Goodman's house. All of those guys were reaches and are just struggling to survive in the league now. Bruce Campbell is my candidate for the septic tank. I am sure that his combine impressed Al Davis. Lots of reporters considered him one of the finest specimens they have ever seen at the Tackle position. He is huge, quick, and superbly athletic. Unfortunately for him, his technique is still OK at best. Sounds like a Raider!

Common Dumb Draft Picks: None; can't rule anyone out other than Terrence Cody.

9) Buffalo Bills: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

The Bills have been hurting on the line since they traded Jason Peters. Their offensive line was rated among the worst in the league last year. This is a position of need for them. Luckily for them, one of the most technically sound tackles is still on the board. My feeling is that they will take Bulaga, but Trent Williams and Anthony Davis might go here as well. We shall see.

Common Dumb Draft Picks: Rolando McClain, Bryan Bulaga???

10) Jacksonville Jaguars:  Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama

The Jaguars rebounded pretty nicely towards the end of the season, but they still need to play a lot better a lot early to get into the playoffs. Their GM is known for drafting the Best Available Player or BAP. In this case, Rolando McClain fits that description. McClain is the best LB in the, but hurt himself at the combine, much like Joe Haden. He probably wont get passed the Jags.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul

11) Denver Broncos: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee

This is one of the hardest picks to predict. I have them picking Dan Williams over Dez Bryant for 3 reasons. One, Brandon Marshall hasn't been traded yet, so at the moment, Wide Receiver isn't a huge need. Two, Dez Bryant has been slipping on draft boards everywhere. It's because he hasn't played in a while and didn't participate in the combine, and isn't planning on participating in the Oklahoma St. Pro Day. He is probably hiding something. Three, even if they need Wide Receiver, they could draft a pretty decent chance of finding a good one in the second round. They really desperately need help on the defensive side of the line. They don't have a reliable Nose Tackle at the moment and would like one to help Robert Ayers shine this coming year.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Dez Bryant at the moment

12) Miami Dolphins: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.

Wow, that was a far drop! The Dolphins need help at the Receiver position and I don't really see them picking anyone else if Dan Williams and Rolando McClain are gone.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Dez Bryant??

13) San Fransisco 49ers: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

The Niners have a really good defense and are starting to show signs of a formidable offense. As a Seahawks fan, they are the team that terrifies me the most in the NFC West. On offense, they've got Alex Smith finally looking capable, except it detracts from Frank Gore. They also have Michael Crabtree, as well as Vernon Davis. What they really need is a good offensive line and a quick running back to compliment Frank Gore. Joe Staley is a pretty good Left Tackle and has that spot locked up. A right tackle is needed. Trent Williams would be a great fit. Most scouts are projecting him to be a very good right tackle.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Taylor Mays

14) Seattle Seahawks: Charles Brown, OT, USC

The Seahawks already picked a Quarterback with their first pick, and despite having Alex Gibbs coach their O-Line, I see them picking a OT in the first round. Charles Brown is the perfect fit for the Zone Blocking Scheme, after being dominant in it at USC. In fact, he hasn't given up a QB sack since his Junior year. I was hoping he would be there at the 40th pick, but since his showing at the combine, there is no way he slips out of the first round. Really this pick wil be between Anthony Davis and Brown, and I think it isn't even close. Anthony Davis was unimpressive at the combine, has work ethic and character issues, and isn't nearly as familiar with the ZBS as Charles Brown.

Common Dumb Draft Picks: Anthony Davis, C.J. Spiller

15) New York Giants: Brian Price, DT, UCLA

It's too bad for the Giants that Rolando McClain was snatched up by the Jags, otherwise he would be the pick. They also, hypothetically, met their need at safety with the signing of Antrel Rolle. I have been convinced by John Morgan of Field Gulls that Brian Price does not merit a first round pick, but, hey, he will likely get picked in the first. I think he is gone by 15 because the Giants are gonna scoop him up. They need help at the Defensive Tackle position that was shaky at best last year. Now with the loss of Fred Robbins, the position becomes even more of a need.

Common Dumb Draft Picks: Taylor Mays, Anthony Davis

16) Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

This would be great for the Titans and their fans. They would essentially be trading an aging Kyle Vanden Bosch for the best 4-3 end prospect in the draft, Derrick Morgan. This will probably be their biggest need in the draft and it will be filled pretty early. I don't know the Titan's GM, but hopefully he doesn't select JPP here. Go with the sure thing.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul

17) San Francisco 49ers: Taylor Mays, S, USC

I know, I know, C.J. Spiller, blah blah blah. They can still get a quick running back in the second round. There are not many great safties in this draft, but Taylor Mays has the making of a good one. I feel that this is a player Singletary will really want on his defense. He will be another smash mouth along the lines of Patrick Willis, and we all know how much Singletary loves smash mouth players who play with a fire on defense. Taylor Mays' main problem is in cover. He is absolutely an excellent run defender, but his cover against the pass is weak. I think this is something that Singletary's crew can work out.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Anthony Davis

18) Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

The Steelers' Offensive Line could use some help. It is not necessarily because they are bad or anything, but because Big Ben spends more time in the pocket than he does chasing girls in college towns. Iupati is a great player that would really fit in the Steelers organization. He is a good guy, who plays football passionately and with a mean streak.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: <(I_i)> Meaning I don't know.

19) Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

It would be nice if the Falcons had a 2nd round pick. Then they could take someone like Brandon Graham or JPP here and select someone like Kareem Jackson in the second, but they traded it to Kansas City. They arguably need corner help more than they need a pass rush, but pass rush is still a need for them. Kyle Wilson is considered the second best corner in the draft and had an impressive showing at the combine.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Jason Pierre Paul

20) Houston Texans: Earl Thomas, S, Texas

Cornerback is also a position of need, but any Corner taken at this pick would be a reach. Luckily, Earl Thomas is around for them. They need help in their secondary and Earl Thomas is the best value at this point in the draft. They probably would also like a OT as well, eventually.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Patrick Robinson

21) Cincinnati Bengals: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

The Bengals were not really able to do anything again this year in the playoffs. This was mainly because they didn't have another big receiving threat other than Chad Eight-Five. They need a good receiving Tight End and Gresham is a really good one, probably the best in the draft. Then, the Bengals will probably add T.O. or Antonio Bryant and it should be all good next year. But then again, it is the Bengals.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Taylor Mays

22) New England Patriots: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

C.J. Spiller is the man here. The Patriots really need help with their Running game. They need to take pressure off of Tom Brady by getting someone who is a capable runner. God, I would hate to see him go to the Patriots, though. Oh well. 

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Meh

23) Green Bay Packers: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

Phew, finally Davis' slide has stopped. Lucky for the Packers who really need help on the line. They had the worst one in the league last year, due to poor play and injuries. Davis should do a solid job protecting Aaron Rodgers and yeah, I'm tired of writing.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Anything other than O-Line

24) Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida

I would say this is about right for him. He could be a monster in Philly, but he could also be a bust, who knows? This would be meeting one of the Eagles' biggest needs. I am sure Eagles fans will fall in love with him.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Carlos Dunlap

25) Baltimore Ravens: Jared Odrick, DT/DE, Penn State

They need more help on the line. They also really need a corner, but their is no one worth picking at this juncture. It would have been so easy just to pick Golden Tate, oh well.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Jared Odrick??

26) Arizona Cardinals: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

Damn, the Cardinals lost a lot of players during free agency. But I think they will probably do what they do best and build through the draft. I see Sean Weatherspoon going to them here, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they drafted for some other need here and went after Brandon Spikes in the later round.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Golden Tate

27) Dallas Cowboys: Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida

The Cowboys really need help on their O-line, but unfortunately all the notable Tackles are taken. Pouncey is rated as the best Center in the draft by a lot and could really help their line. Cowboys fans, I'm sure want Golden Tate, but can thank Jerry for investing so much into Williams. I could see them taking a receiver in a later round or in next year's draft, but not here.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Carlos Dunlap

28) San Diego Chargers: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

Honestly, I don't really know if I care for Matthews going here, but San Diego kinda put themselves in this position. They really need a running back, and I think it comes down to Best and Matthews. I give the edge to Matthews because I think San Diego will wind up signing Sproles back, and they will need a bruiser kind of guy to complement one another.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Anything other than a RB

29) New York Jets: Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

This is the weapon that Mark Sanchez needs. Sure, the Jets have Braylon Edwards, but he can't control his hands, much like Ben Roethlisberger. Golden Tate has great hands, speed, and is a deep threat. He would be a nice toy for Mark Sanchez to throw to.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: any cornerback for obvious reasons

30) Minnesota Vikings: Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

Congratulations Vikings fans, you now have Sergio Kindle on your defense.

Common Dumb Draft Pick: Jared Odrick, Jerry Hughes

31) Indianapolis Colts: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

This team doesn't really have much problems, but is simply taking BAP. Graham would be great as a backup to Freeney and Mathis, and eventually take one of their spots in the rotation.

32) New Orleans Saints: Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

The Saints need help with their Linebacking corps. Jerry Hughes is the best talent left here.


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