Browns' Shaun Rogers Pleads Not Guilty To Concealed Weapon Charges

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Browns Will Wait For The NFL Before Making A Move On Shaun Rogers After Arrest

The Associated Press is reporting that Shaun Rogers met with Browns president Mike Holmgren after getting arrested on a gun charge.

Holmgren said Rogers "clearly made a mistake" and that the team will wait before making any decisions about the Pro Bowler's future. Rogers likely will face league discipline for violating the NFL's player conduct policy.

Cleveland likely won't issue any discipline because the league will. He could miss up to four games.

Rogers was attempting to board a plane and unknowingly had a gun in his bag.

A loaded gun.

We've been all there before.


Shaun Rogers Will Plead Not Guilty To Gun Charges

Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers will plead not guilty to charges of carrying a concealed weapon, according to his agent.

Rogers, 31, posted bond of $1,000 after spending a night in jail following his Thursday arrest. Defense attorney Patrick D'Angelo said Rogers would be in court Saturday morning to enter a not-guilty plea and waive a preliminary hearing.

The not guilty plea is interesting considering he, you know, already sent out a statement for carrying a concealed weapon.

For more reaction from a Browns perspective, check out Dawgs By Nature.


Shaun Rogers Charged With Fourth-Degree Felony, Released From Jail

After spending the night in jail after Cleveland airport police discovered a loaded 45-caliber handgun in his luggage at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is formerly being charged with "carrying a concealed weapon".

A Cleveland city prosecutor filed the fourth-degree felony charge Friday. It alleges that Rogers carried a .45-caliber Kimber semiautomatic with eight rounds in his carry-on luggage at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Bond was set at $1,000. Defense attorney Patrick D'Angelo says he was posting the bond and expects Rogers to be released promptly.

As of this posting, Rogers was released from jail, but is scheduled to attend an arraignment Saturday at 8:30 A.M. Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren issued a statement that the team is reserving comment and allowing the legal process to take its course.

Browns fans are full reaction mode at Dawgs by Nature now.


Shaun Rogers Remains In Jail For Carrying Gun In His Luggage

Browns tackle Shaun Rogers is still in jail Friday, one day after being arrested at the Cleveland airport for carrying a loaded .45-caliber gun in his luggage. Police say he has not been formally charged yet, but he was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, which is a third degree felony.

Cleveland fans should expect Rogers to miss at least four games this season — attempting to carry a gun onto a plane certainly violates the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.


Browns' Shaun Rogers Arrested After Attempted To Board Plane With Loaded Gun

Well, we've all been there before: Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was arrested Thursday afternoon at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after authorities found a loaded gun in his bag. Rogers reportedly told the police that he forgot the gun was there. Not to judge, but it's possible you have too many guns when you start forgetting they're in your luggage. It's not a bottle of lotion. 

Stay tuned for more as it develops.

For more Browns news, head to SB Nation's Dawgs By Nature.

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