Georgia DA: Roethlisberger Will Not Be Charged With Sexual Assault

Fred Bright, Ocmulgee Country, GA district attorney, has announced his decision on the Ben Roethlisberger case.

As ESPN reported over the weekend, charges will not be filed against Roethlisberger for an alleged sexual assault in a Georgia bar. Bright said:

A woman has the right to be safe from attack. But every case must be viewed in the context of its circumstances. Here, the overall circumstances, do not lead to a viable proseuction. If they did, I would pursue it vigorously.

We are not condoning Mr. Roethlisberger's actions that night but we do not prosecute morals. We prosecute crimes.

We learned that Roethlisberger provided alcohol to the group the alleged victim was in and later a security guard led her to the bathroom, followed by Roethlisberger, where the alleged assault took place.

Bright also said he received a letter from the alleged victim two weeks ago that stated she did not want to pursue charges. He also met with her and her family in person where they again reiterated that they did not want this matter pursued.

Bright also indicated that because Roethlisberger played for the Steelers, he did not get a pass.

You should have no question that who Mr. Roethlisberger was made no difference. If he was Joe Q. citizen that was poor and had the local public defender, or no lawyer at all, the result would be the same.

There's still no word on whether the woman will seek a civil lawsuit. There's a lower standard for conviction but the process would entail more media coverage for everyone involved.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen suggests the Commissioner will be "disgusted" by some of the details brought forth by Bright.

I can assure you he was disgusted, just knowing Roger Goodell. The league will have a statement later in the day ust to state that he's going to meet with Ben Roethlisberger soon.

Mortensen also says his "gut tells him" Roethlisberger will be disciplined by the NFL whether that's a suspension or placement into the league's substance abuse policy.

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