Mock Draft Contest Entry

1. St. Louis – Sam Bradford, QB

Presumptive no 1 pick. Good move taking the franchise QB over Suh.

2. Detroit – Ndamukong Suh, DT

Detroit is too tempted to take Suh, despite the fact that they are already paying big money to Corey Williams and should take Okung to protect the franchise's interests in Matt Stafford. (Especially with Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, and Jared Allen all in the same division)

3. Tampa Bay – Gerald McCoy, DT

Tampa should be ecstatic that arguably the best player in the draft falls to #3 and he fills a huge need for the Buccaneers. Absolute no-brainer pick as McCoy is perfect for the Tampa-2.

4. Washington – Russell Okung, OT

This pick should have been Russell Okung even before the McNabb trade. Now that the Redskins have their quarterback, this pick should be even more obvious.

5. Kansas City – Bryan Bulaga, OT

Like it or not, Scott Pioli is a positional value guy. He makes the right move by passing on Eric Berry and protecting his sizable investment in Matt Cassel. If the Lions are smart they will take a page out of his book too.

6. Seattle – Trent Williams, OT

Walter Jones should retire. Even if he doesn't, the Seahawks should take an offensive tackle. It is no coincidence that every team in the top 9 has needs at either QB or LT or both. Absolutely essential to shore up the most important positions when you can.

7. Cleveland – Eric Berry, S

I don't think the Browns are too interested in Jimmy Clausen. They take this opportunity to address their biggest need: finding a starting safety who isn't listed on the roster as a Wide Receiver.

8. Oakland – Bruce Campbell, OT

I know that this is everybody's pick for the Raiders, but it is just too obvious. They need an offensive tackle and Bruce Campbell might have been the most impressive player at the combine.

9. Buffalo – Jimmy Clausen, QB

Buffalo could use an offensive tackle, but I don't see one who presents good value here. They need a franchise QB and I think Clausen should be the pick, if they think he is the guy.

10. Jacksonville – Derrick Morgan, DE

Jacksonville's no 1 need? Generate some pass rush. They had the worst pass rush in the league last year and luckily for them they get a crack at the no 1 true 4-3 defensive end. Lucky them.

11. Denver – Earl Thomas, S

I struggled with this pick but ultimately I felt like Earl Thomas was probably the best player available, and Brian Dawkins isn't getting any younger. Dan Williams or Dez Bryant are both likely options too.

12. Miami – Dan Williams, DT

Jason Ferguson is in decline and Miami gets a chance to find a solid replacement this year. Williams should be the pick.

13. San Francisco – Joe Haden, CB

Frankly, front office upheaval or not, San Francisco is in a great spot this year. Any number of solid prospects could fall here and in this case San Francisco gets to scoop up the no 1 player at a position of need.

14. Seattle – from Denver – Taylor Mays, S

Yep, Pete Carroll gets to draft his favorite player. Part of the reason he will pass on Eric Berry is because he likes big safeties and because he will very likely have the opportunity to draft Mays here.

15. New York Giants – Dez Bryant, WR

The Giants love to draft BPA. In this scenario, Bryant slides a little bit. They might not have a big need at WR but Dez Bryant is a great physical talent and the Giants could finally replace Plaxico Burress. I know they need LBs, but Rolando McClain simply does not fit into the 4-3 scheme.

16. Tennessee – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE

The Titans love to draft workout warriors. They need to generate some pass rush and JPP slid past the Raiders. His combine numbers will push him over the top for Tennessee.

17. San Francisco – C.J. Spiller, RB

RBs often slide on draft day. The Niners benefit as they choose to add a nice complement to Frank Gore and Glen Coffee.

18. Pittsburgh – Mike Iupati, OG

Pittsburgh has expressed interest in beefing up their offensive line. Kevin Colbert knows that this team needs to replace Alan Faneca.

19. Atlanta – Brandon Graham, DE/OLB

Atlanta needs to address its pass rush. Graham could be a terrific get for this club. Sean Weatherspoon could also very well be the guy, however.

20. Houston – Kyle Wilson, CB

Houston is right on the cusp. The're no 1 goal is to stop Peyton Manning. They would do well to replace the departed Dunta Robinson with this pick.

21. Cincinnati – Jermaine Gresham, TE

If Dez Bryant falls this far, well I'd call it a lock. However since he hasn't I think the Bengals still add an offensive weapon for Carson Palmer.

22. New England – Jared Odrick, DT/DE

Richard Seymour is a Raider. Belicheck replaces Seymour up front while he waits for that 2011 first rounder.

23. Green Bay – Charles Brown, OT

Green Bay brought back both offensive tackles this year. They are going to have to protect Aaron Rogers better considering they will have to face Julius Peppers and Jared Allen in the division this year.

24. Philadelphia – Kareem Jackson, CB

With the trade of Sheldon Brown and the possibility that Asante Samuel is on his way out in Philly, the Eagles should add a corner here

25. Baltimore – Devin McCourty, CB

Baltimore could use some help at corner, they gave up a lot of penalties in the defensive secondary last year.

26. Arizona – Rolando McClain, LB

It's a long way down for Rolando McClain. Such is the case for middle linebackers, they just don't have much positional value. Arizona gets a nice player down here especially since they lost Karlos Dansby this offseason.

27. Dallas – Maurkice Pouncey, C/OG

Dallas loves big offensive linemen. Pouncey fits their mold and presents great value down here.

28. San Diego – Ryan Matthews, RB

San Diego doesn't need a RB as badly as they would have if they had let Darren Sproles walk. However, Matthews is a versatile back who could fit in nicely with their offense.

29. New York Jets – Everson Griffen, DE

I feel like Everson Griffen is a little underrated. I think the Jets get nice value here and add a nice hedge their bets if Vernon Gohlston continues to under-perform.

30. Minnesota – Brian Price, DT

Pat Williams isn't going to be around forever. Brian Price has slid a little bit but I don't see him falling out of the first round. Minnesota could take Colt McCoy with this pick, and I think that would be a great move for them.

31. Indianapolis – Sean Weatherspoon, LB

Indy gets a steal here. Weatherspoon is a great fit for the tampa 2 scheme and will provide some firey leadership on defense for the cardboard-stiff Colts.

32. New Orleans – Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB

New Orleans could stand to add a DE or OLB this season. While they have added Alex Brown, I think Gregg Williams could really do some interesting things with a versatile Hybrid player like Kindle.

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