Brandon Marshall Traded To Miami, Where He Becomes Highest Paid WR Ever

The Broncos shipped star receiver Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins for a 2010 second round pick and what is believed to be a 2011 second round pick. Scroll down for updates and reaction in this StoryStream as news develops

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Jets Nearly Traded For Brandon Marshall

A few weeks back there were reports surfacing that the Jets had a serious interest in signing Brandon Marshall to an offer sheet.

According to the Denver Post, that was definitely the case. In fact, the Jets even talked contract with Marshall, who was a restricted free agent at the time, but couldn't agree on a deal that worked for both sides. The Broncos would have "gladly" taken the Jets 29th overall pick and the Jets would have a little sizzle to add to the opening of their new stadium, as well as a nice weapon for Mark Sanchez.

Of course, the deal never happened and Marshall's in Miami now.

SB Nation's Jets community, Gang Green Nation, actually prefers the Santonio Holmes trade over Marshall.

Sometimes the trade you don't make is the best one. The Jets got their top flight receiver for a substantially lower price and kept their first round pick. Not only that, but Holmes has the motivation of a contract year, while Marshall would have just cashed in.

That's a good point. At least in 2010, Holmes might have been a better value. But it's hard to ignore Marshall's production with over 100 catches in three of his first four seasons in the NFL.

Though if Marshall had landed in New York, it definitely would've made this season of Hard Knocks the best yet.


Brandon Marshall Trade Reaction From Seahawks Fans: Not Worth The Investment

The Seahawks were the only team to bring in Brandon Marshall for a visit during restricted free agency. Head coach Pete Carroll had expressed some interest at various points throughout the process but, ultimately, they didn't pull the trigger.

So was not trading for Marshall the right move? SB Nation's Field Gulls weighs in:

This is great news for Seahawks fans. We didn't get the pipe dream deal many of us longed for, but we also avoided mortgaging youth and potential for a supposed sure thing. Seattle can now take the resources they would have otherwise invested in Marshall and draft two cheaper players, with two pairs of knees, two affordable contracts, and that can fill two positions of need.

Field Gulls makes some good points in the article. For a team like Seattle that needs help at just about every major cornerstone on the team, second round picks are gold. Two second round picks are much more affordable than a first round pick and gives the team a shot at improving multiple positions.

Here's a good comment that sums up how a lot of the Seahawks fans are feeling:

I liken this to wanting a Ferrari but needing a family vehicle.

Nice read from Field Gulls.


Brandon Marshall Passes Physical; Happy To Be In Florida Again

Even though the reported trade between the Dolphins and Broncos exploded throughout the NFL community Wednesday morning, the deal still hinged on Brandon Marshall's physical; not that anyone expected an athletic 26-year old coming off three straight 100-reception seasons to suddenly have arthritis in the knees. But one mustn't be too careful.

The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero writes that colleague Jeff Darlington caught up with the wide receiver coming out of the doctor's office. Whether or not he was casing the place or working on his sneaky paparazzi skills is unknown, if not a little unnerving. When asked how the physical went, Marshall told Darlington "it went great."

Marshall is happy to be back in the same state he went to high school (Lake Howell High School) and college (Central Florida).

"I'm thrilled. This is home for me," Marshall said. "I'm right up the road from Orlando. I'm a Florida boy. We're finishing the process now. Hopefully it all goes as planned."

To discuss and read how Miami Dolphins fans are reacting, check out The Phinsider.


Brandon Marshall's New $50 Million Contract Makes Him Highest Paid WR Ever

WR Brandon Marshall was expected to sign one of the most lucrative receiver contracts in league history following the trade that sent him from Denver to Miami.

And he did just that.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Marshall, who was playing under a one-year, $2.5 million contract, had $47.5 million tacked onto his deal over four more years.

That brings the grand total to an eye-popping five-year, $50 million contract.

$24 million of that is guaranteed.

The previous benchmark for receivers was Larry Fitzgerald's four-year, $40 million deal, which Marshall matched plus one year.

Check out The Phinsider for full reaction from Dolphins fans.


Brandon Marshall Trade Reaction From Broncos Fans: Great Trade For Both Sides

Early reaction from the Brandon Marshall trade indicates that both sides are content with the deal. The Dolphins get an immensely talented receiver and the Broncos get two second round picks which are becoming increasingly valuable with the way the economics are set-up with first round picks.

SB Nation's Broncos community, Mile High Report, calls this a win-win situation.

This is a great trade for both sides.  The Dolphins acquire a big, physical receiver to be the top target for second year starting quarterback Chad Henne.  The Broncos get rid of their biggest headache in four years, and come away with two second round picks in the process, which is fantastic value.    

MHR also points out that the Broncos are now serious players in the draft holding three of the top 45 picks in April's draft. They now have the power, with the 43rd and 45th picks in the draft, to move back into the tail end of the first round.

Coincidentally, Tim Tebow is visiting the Broncos today and he's expected to be a late first round pick. 

Check out the full reaction from Mile High Report.


Brandon Marshall Trade Reaction From Dolphins Fans: Talent Trumps Off-Field Issues

Throughout the day, you’ll read and hear the media using two words to describe Brandon Marshall: “troubled” and “mercurial.” To what extent those are accurate is up for debate, but what isn’t are the 26-year-old’s talents on the field. Marshall is undoubtedly one of the top five wide receivers in the NFL, and Dolphins fans are excited to see what he can do with Chad Henne next year.

From SB Nation’s The Phinsider:

Whether you like Marshall or not as a person, it’s hard to dislike the kid when he’s on the field. He just turned 26 and is now entering the prime of his career, coming off of three consecutive 100 reception seasons in Denver. And if he can put up a 100 catch, 1100 yard, 10 touchdown season with Kyle Orton throwing him passes, then imagine what he can do with a quarterback of Henne’s talent and potential.

The Phinsider also notes that Miami coordinator Mike Nolan, who came over from Denver, was consulted about Marshall before the deal went down and he called Marshall the best WR the Broncos defense faced all year. And they only saw him in practice.


Brandon Marshall's Contract: New Dolphin May Soon Be NFL's Highest Paid Receiver

In each of the last three seasons, Brandon Marshall has put up numbers rivaling the elite receivers in the NFL.

Now he's going to be paid like them, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Salguero reports the Dolphins are set to make Marshall the highest paid receiver in the game.

I'm told the sides have already set parameters on a deal that will make Marshall the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. The highest paid WR in 2009 was Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, who earned $10,893,332.

Marshall's deal will average at least $10 million per season and also could include guaranteed monies exceeding $30 million.

$30 million in guaranteed money is a jaw-dropping amount. For some perspective, that's in the range of what a top five draft pick would receive. 

It's also an enormous amount for a guy who comes with the baggage that Marshall does. Make no bones about it, while Marshall is a rare talent, this is still a very big risk for the Dolphins. If he got into trouble in Denver, then what's he going to do in South Beach?


Broncos Trade Star WR Brandon Marshall To Dolphins For '10 2nd Rounder, '11 Pick

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Broncos have traded Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins for a second round pick.

Per Schefter, the trade includes a second round pick in the 2010 draft as well what is "thought to be" a second round pick in 2011.

Marshall's next move is flying to Miami to complete a physical. Then the league office will review the trade details.

After that, Marshall's a Dolphin.

Presumably, Marshall will be receiving a new contract as well. Considering his production thus far in his career, Schefter's report that Marshall will receive "one of the most lucrative deals in league history" is probably right.

For more on the newest Dolphin, check out The Phinsider. Or for a Broncos perspective, check out Mile High Report.


With Brandon Marshall's Tender Signed, Broncos Bringing In Dez Bryant

Call it curious timing but news has filtered out via a FOX affiliate in Denver that WR Dez Bryant will visit the Broncos on Wednesday.

The timing is interesting because within the hour news also broke that WR Brandon Marshall signed his restricted free agent tender opening the door for the Broncos to trade him.

We can speculate all we want but this is likely just due diligence on the Broncos part.

If they do indeed trade Marshall on draft weekend, as many expect, then they'll need someone to replace him and the only receiver in the draft who can compare talent-wise is Bryant.

However, the question has to be asked: Wouldn't the Broncos just be trading one headache for another?

Bryant reportedly has character and maturity concerns -- the same as Marshall. What's not the same between the two is that Bryant doesn't have nearly the number of legal entanglements Marshall does.

But is it worth the risk if the Broncos do go this route? Only time will tell.


Broncos WR Brandon Marshall Signs Tender, Opens Door For Trade

As a restricted free agent, Broncos WR Brandon Marshall was tendered at the first round level instead of the first and third round level. The difference in money was minor so this prompted a lot of folks to think he might be signed to an offer sheet and shipped out of town.

That specific scenario won't happen as Marshall signed his tender today, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports.

However, this now means that he is officially under contract and the Broncos can trade him for whatever price they want.

The Seahawks were reportedly interested -- even bringing him in for a visit at one point -- but, at the time, they would've been required to relinquish the sixth overall pick to acquire his rights and that seemed unlikely from the start. Now that the tender is signed, real negotiations can begin.

The Broncos reportedly have been looking for a first round pick and the Seahawks have two -- the sixth and 14th.

Unless Dez Bryant is a target, it's hard to see another receiver coming out of this draft as talented as Marshall.

Marshall hasn't been in the Broncos good graces for quite some time. He was benched in the season finale against the Chiefs -- a game that had playoff implications so it's become clear that the Broncos would be willing to move on without him if the price is right.

Trading for Marshall isn't as easy as it seems. There are quite a few factors involved.

He's previously drawn the ire of the Commissioner's office so another screw-up and the punishment (i.e. suspension) would be even more severe.

He's also looking for a new contract. As arguably one of the top five receivers in the game, he could command anywhere from $8-10 million per year, which is a hefty price for someone that comes with baggage.

SB Nation's Broncos community, Mile High Report, has an excellent roundup of the Marshall situation as well as a tidbit on how Dez Bryant may work into their plans if a trade indeed goes down.

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