* Contest Mock Draft

Here are my predictions, which are probably wrong. Feel free to complain as you want.


1. St. Louis – Sam Bradford, QB: With Bulger gone and AJ Feeley on the roster is their really any other choice?

2. Detroit – Russel Okung, OT: To be successful your QB must not die! Since Millen isn't there, they might actually consider that this year.

3. Tampa Bay – Ndamukong Suh, DT: TB has been just waiting to see which way Detroit went. They will jump on Suh like Suh would jump on a free pancake day at IHOP.

4. Washington – Bryan Bulaga, OT: Will work perfectly in Shanahan's zone blocking scheme. Plus they have to give McNabb time to underthrow his receivers.

5. Kansas City – Eric Berry, S: KC needs safety help. Berry is the safety. Easiest equation ever.

6. Seattle – CJ Spiller, RB: They need an OT. They will draft another offensive weapon.

7. Cleveland – Gerald McCoy, DT: He is without a doubt the BPA and is also in a position of need. Goodbye Kenyon Coleman.

8. Oakland – Bruce Campbell, OT: I'm tempted to have Al Davis make a sane pick, because that would truly be insane. However, no. The zombie king shall continue to draft players too fast for him to catch and eat.

9. Buffalo – Jimmy Clausen, QB: Chan Gailey's first big faliure as the new head coach of the Bills. Check.

10. Jacksonville – Derrick Morgan, DE: Jacksonville takes the best rated DE. It's not gonna help them sell tickets, but I am sure he has always wanted to play for LA.

11. Denver – Dez Bryant, WR: Denver is already missing it's diva WR. Here they go.

12. Miami – Earl Thomas, S: Yeremiah Bell can tackle, now they can get the ball hawking safety they need.

13. San Francisco – Joe Haden, CB: While they need to improve their O Line they don't want to reach to do so. Harris is questionable after coming back from injury and Spencer was less then impressive. Haden to the rescue.

14. Seattle – Trent Williams, OT: Let me introduce their franchise...RT?

15. New York Giants - Rolando McClain, LB: Their LB corp is actually worse then my beloved Eagles. Start with the middle to get better.

16. Tennessee – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE: DL is definately the call here, and Pierre-Paul's physicall gifts will be the reason he gets drafted at this spot. Not sure how effective it will be trying to backflip to the QB every play, though.

17. San Francisco – Dan Williams, DT: Still not willing to reach for OT, so go with BPA. William's is that player.

18. Pittsburgh – Mike Iupati, OG: To keep Rothliesberger from getting his head slammed into the ground so many times, he thinks it's a good idea to invite random, money hungry women into a secluded area, you have to give him an O-Line. Starting here is a good option.

19. Atlanta – Brandon Graham, DE: Picking Jamaal Anderson was a mistake. Brandon Graham, is not.

20. Houston – Kyle Wilson, CB: Since they allowed Dunta to walk, they need a corner to replace that non-production. They get one even better.

21. Cincinnati – Jermaine Gresham, TE: Passing game was terrible last year. This gives another option for Palmer to miss.

22. New England – Sergio Kindle, LB: New England finally figured out their linebackers can not, in fact, play forever. They start to get some new ones.

23. Green BayAnthony Davis, OT: Aaron Rodgers can be something great if they keep him on his feet. They draft the NFL's first diva OT.

24. Philadelphia – Devin McCourty, CB: We already have a CB that likes to get burnt while going for the pick, we need a stabilizing cover guy on the other side. McCourty is that guy.

25. Baltimore – Taylor Mays, S: Physical freak goes to the place where defense is king. He can learn some coverage techniques from Ed who is at the end of his ropes.

26. Arizona – Terrence Cody, NT: This pick just makes too much sense. Becomes Docketts new best friend right away.

27. Dallas – Charles Brown, OT: The O-line is old, Flozell is gone. They will get it restarted with this man. I now hate him.

28. San Diego – Ryan Matthews, RB: Darren Sproles is not a feature back. Ryan Matthews is.

29. New York Jets – Jared Odrick, DT: Will fit into their 3-4 scheme at DE like OJ's hand fit that glove. Wait the glove didn't fit? Well Odrick does.

30. Minnesota – Sean Weatherspoon, LB: How the hell can their defense get any better? Well drafting Weatherspoon is a good start.

31. Indianapolis – Maurkice Pouncey, C: Indianapolis equals Peyton Manning. How do you keep Manning the best? Give him all the protection he needs.

32. New Orleans – Everson Griffen, DE: They want to repeat as champions. Making the defense better is the best way they can.

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