Evaluating The Sheldon Brown Trade From An Eagles Perspective

There are deep ties between the Eagles and Browns so it was no surprise to hear they've completed a trade.

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Did The Eagles Get Fair Value For Sheldon Brown?

SB Nation's Eagles community, Bleeding Green Nation, is asking the question: Did the Eagles get fair value in the Sheldon Brown trade?

The answer, explained nicely by BGN, is yes.

They use the Antonio Cromartie trade as a baseline, which was a third round pick.

I don't think anyone can say that in terms of trade value, Sheldon Brown is worth more than Antonio Cromartie. The youth alone makes Cromartie more valueable in terms of a trade, but his size and superior "glamour stats(INTS)" certainly help as well. If the base value here is Cromartie at a 3rd round value, then that would make Sheldon's value at least a notch below. When you consider that a trade for Brown is also probably contingent on a big new contract... that might push his value down a bit as well.

What complicates things is that this was a multi-player, multi-pick trade. LB Chris Gocong was involved. BGN speculates that Gocong may not have drawn a fifth round pick on his own so Brown's value, in this trade, might have been slightly more than a fourth round pick.

While BGN seemingly approves of the trade, they do question who will fill Brown's role. The Eagles haven't been afraid to ship off veteran players because they generally have someone in place to replace them.

Letting Sheldon go is in some ways like letting Dawkins go. If the team thinks that it was their to leave that's fine... but typically the team has a guy lined up to take the place of the veteran and in these two instances they don't seem to have done that.

Check out the full post at Bleeding Green Nation to understand the full scope of this trade.


Eagles Trade CB Sheldon Brown, LB Chris Gocong To The Browns

On Thursday ESPN's Adam Schefter said a trade was developing between a NFC team and an AFC North team but didn't identify the teams. It appears we now know the identities of those teams.

Schefter reports the trade is between the Eagles and Browns.

The Eagles will receive a fourth and fifth round draft pick as well as LB Alex Hall. The Browns will receive CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong.

This appears to be a good deal for both sides.

The Eagles now have 10 picks in the draft and are positioning themselves very nicely to move up if they wish.

The Browns received some much needed secondary help. Acquiring Brown could conceivably put any plans they had on drafting Joe Haden on hold. 

There are deep ties between the Eagles and Browns. Tom Heckert left Philadelphia to take the GM role in Cleveland this year. Browns head of football operations Mike Holmgren is also reportedly best friends with Eagles coach Andy Reid.

For an Eagles perspective, check out Bleeding Green Nation. For a Browns perspective, check out Dawgs by Nature.

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