Grading the latest seven rounder

Man, this took forever. I broke it up team by team so I could follow it easier. I figured I'd Fan Post it since it was all done in there.

But once again, hats off to JP 23 and TheAngelsColts for organizing the mock. Great job gang. These really help develop the MTD community.

Everyone make sure you check out what the guys have coming next.

Now onto the grades. It kind of threw me for a loop that Sam Bradford wasn't the first pick. But there are no guarantees in the draft.

The thoughts were all stream of conscious, so that's why they're kind of flighty. And don't be offended if I gave your picks a bad grade. Man up and defend yourself.


1) St. Louis Rams - Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska)
33. St. Louis Rams - Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland) -
83. St. Louis - Dexter McCluster ( RB, Ole Miss.)
87. St. Louis - Ed Dickson ( TE, Oregon)
114. St. Louis - Austen Lane (DE, Murray State)
128. St. Louis - Roddrick Muckleroy (OLB, Texas)
151. St. Louis - Dan LeFevour (QB, Central Michigan)
160. St. Louis - Willie Young, DE, NC State
192. St. Louis -Walter McFadden CB Auburn
211. St. Louis (from Atlanta) - Blair White WR Michigan St
- Grade: B-
- The Rams need a franchise quarterback. Is LeFevour that player? If so, how soon will he be? The latter portion of this draft looked like a situation where maybe a trade should have been executed. The impact players like Young and McFadden have could be negligible. Those picks could have been used to trade up. Campbell was a risky choice. Who gets McCluster the ball?

2) Detroit Lions - Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State)
34. Detroit Lions - Jahvid Best (RB, Cal)
66. Detroit - Lamarr Houston (DT, Texas)
97. Detroit - Brandon Ghee (CB, Wake Forest)
129. Detroit - Andre Roberts (WR, Citadel)
198. Detroit (from Cleveland) - James Starks, RB, Buffalo
- Grade: B+
- It was surprising to see the Lions pass on Gerald McCoy. Corey Williams was a solid pickup, but when he was good, was he simply a product of the Green Bay system? Lamarr Houston is a good player in the third round, but McCoy would be so much better in the first.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma) - ]
16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Tenn) - Dez Bryant, (WR, Oklahoma State) -
42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Chad Jones (S, LSU)
149. Tampa Bay (from New England) - Brandon Lang (DE, Troy)
162. Tampa Bay - Syd'Quan Thompson (CB, Cal)
201. Tampa Bay (from Jacksonville) - Kavell Conner, OLB, Clemson
217. Tampa Bay (from Baltimore) - Chris Marinelli (OT, Stanford)
- Grade: A
- There are at least three rookie starters with this draft. That's just what Tampa needs. I really liked the trade to get back into the first round to snag Dez Bryant. It was a shrewd move. Having a glut of picks is great, but adding two players who could quickly become Pro Bowl players was smart.

4) Washington Redskins - Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa)
37. Washington Redskins - Brandon Spikes (ILB, Flordia)
100. Washington - Marshall Newhouse (G, TCU)
131. Washington - Myron Lewis (FS, Vanderbilt)
195. Washington - Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee
- Grade: C-
- Bulaga at pick four, while well-reasoned, was a stretch. And I'm not sure Spikes didn't run himself out of all 4-3 defenses. Lewis was a nice pickup. Crompton not so much.

5) Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry (S, Tennessee)

36. Kansas City Chiefs - Golden Tate (WR, Notre Dame)
50. Kansas City Chiefs - Cam Thomas (NT, North Carolina)
68. Kansas City - J. D. Walton (C, Baylor)
99. Kansas City - Micah Johnson (ILB, Kentucky)
132. Kansas City - T.J. Ward (S, Oregon)
138. Kansas City (from Miami) - Dezmon Briscoe (WR, Kansas)
140. Kansas City - Ed Wang (OT, Virginia Tech)
- Grade: B B+
- Other than Berry, none of these are flashy selections. They're all solid players, no doubt. But none of them pop out as being stars. EDIT: Somehow I forgot to add Golden Tate. That improves the KC draft. Nice work.

6) Seattle Seahawks - Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame)
14) Seattle Seahawks - Derrick Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech)
40. Seattle Seahawks - Damian Williams (WR, USC)
101. Seattle - Arthur Jones (DT, Syracuse)
124. Seattle (from Philadelphia via New York Jets) - Tony Washington (OT,Abilene Christian)
135. Seattle - Mike Williams (WR, Syracuse)
166. Seattle- Zane Beadles, OT/OG from Utah
197. Seattle - Harry Coleman, SS, LSU
- Grade: A
- The grade here would be based on Clausen becoming a franchise quarterback. Morgan, Damian Williams and Jones may start from day one. Mike Williams is moderate steal who a lot of people forgot about. Actually, each of these players should eventually start for Seattle, so this is a great draft.

7) Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden (CB, Florida)
38. Cleveland Browns - Jonathan Dwyer (RB, Georgia Tech)
71. Cleveland - Colt McCoy (QB, Texas)
85. Cleveland (from OAK ,from NE) - Kyle Calloway (OT, Iowa)
92. Cleveland (from Jets) - George Selvie (DE/OLB, South Florida)
102. Cleveland - Javier Arenas (CB, Alabama)
130. Cleveland (from Tampa Bay) - Brandon Deaderick (DE/DT, Alabama)
133. Cleveland - O’Brien Schofield (OLB/DE, Wisconsin)
142. Cleveland (from Detroit via Denver) - Tony Moeaki (TE, Iowa)
156. Cleveland (from New York Jets) -  Riley Cooper (WR, Florida)
167. Cleveland - Kurt Coleman S, Ohio State
176. Cleveland (from Carolina) - Sam Young OT Notre Dame
- Grade: B
- Wow, that's a lot of picks. In reality, how many of these guys would make the team? That would be about a 20 percent turnover in roster just in rookies. They're all good scheme fits, but some of these picks should have been packaged to trade up. One player in particular that could have been done without was Selvie. And that's a little early for Schofield, who may not play in 2010. Arenas was a steal there.

8) Oakland Raiders -  Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma)
26) Oakland Raiders (from Cardinals) - Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida
69. Oakland - Torrell Troup (DT, CENTRAL FLORDIA)
134. Oakland - Alterraun Verner (CB, UCLA)
154. Oakland (from New England via Denver and Dallas) - Phillip Dillard (ILB, Nebraska)
199. Oakland - Leroy Vann, KR/PR, Florida A&M
- Grade: B-
The stereotype pick in Vann made me chuckle. Given that, would the Raiders really go after Verner, Troup or Williams? They're not exactly players in the Al Davis mold. Smart picks, sure. Just wildly unrealistic.

9) Buffalo Bills - Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma)
43. Buffalo Bills(from Dolphins - Roger Saffold (OT, Indiana)
72. Buffalo - Koa Misi (OLB/DE, Utah)
104. Buffalo - Boo Robinson (DT, Wake Forest)
136. Buffalo - LeGarrette Blount (RB, Oregon)
164.  Buffalo (from Washington) -  Danario Alexander, WR Missouri
168. Buffalo - Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia
182. Buffalo (from Philadelphia) - Clay Harbor, FB/TE, Southern Missouri
193. Buffalo (from Detroit) - Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State
200. Buffalo - Reggie Stevens, G, Iowa State
- Grade: B-
- Getting Bradford with the No. 9 pick would be a great pickup for Buffalo. Where I think this draft falters some is the next three picks. All solid players, but maybe a little early for each. The other surprising choice was Canfield. Why two rookie quarterbacks?

10) Jacksonville Jaguars - C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson)

74. Jacksonville - Tim Tebow (QB, Florida

119. Jacksonville (from Panthers) - Pat Angerer (LB, Iowa)
139. Jacksonville - Myron Rolle, (SS, FSU)

170. Jacksonville - Jeff Byers, OC, USC
207. Jacksonville (from Panthers) - George Johnson, DE, Rutgers
- Grade: D C
- I didn't like taking Spiller in the first when the team has MJD. I stupidly overlooked the selection of Tebow in round three. From the standpoint of running a franchise, that's a good pick. He'll sell tickets. But the Jags need good players, not role players. Angerer, Rolle, Byers and Johnson come off as backups in the NFL.

11) Denver Broncos - Dan Williams (NT, Tennessee)
45 . Denver Broncos - Damaryius Thomas (WR, GT)
80. Denver - Jon Asamoah (G, Illinois)
111. Denver - Donald Butler (ILB, Washington)
173. Denver - John Skelton, QB, Fordham
204. Denver - Ted Larsen, C, NC State
- Grade: B
Larsen was a steal in the seventh round. In this scenario, he could start as a rookie. Skelton was also a nice pickup in case Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn don't pan out. It's a good gamble. I couldn't quite give this an A because Williams and Thomas are boom or bust players. And I'm a wimp.

12) Miami Dolphins - Earl Thomas (S, Texas)
41.  Miami Dolphins (from Bills) - Terrence Cody (NT, Alabama)
73. Miami - Thaddeus Gibson (OLB, Ohio State)
98. Miami (from Titans) - Jimmy Graham (TE, Miami)
163. Miami (from Kansas City) - Clifton Geathers, DE South Carolina
169. Miami - Dorin Dickerson, FB/TE/WR Pitt
203. Miami - Dexter Davis, OLB, ASU
- Grade: A-
- The only thing keep this from being an A is the slightly early selection of Gibson. Other than that, this is a great draft. Talent filling needs and perfect scheme fits. Good drafting.

13) San Francisco 49ers - Brandon Graham (DE/OLB, Michigan)
17) San Francisco 49ers - Mike Iupati (OG, Idaho)
49. San Francisco 49ers - Jared Veldheer (OT, Hillside College)
79. San Francisco - Jacoby Ford (WR, Clemson)
110. San Francisco - Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (CB, Indiana(PA)
141. San Francisco 49ers -  Deji Karim (RB, S. Illinois)
172. San Francisco -  Freddie Barnes WR, Bowling Green
208. San Francisco - Vincent Rey, LB, Miss St
- Grade: C+
- Someone likes small school players... I've never been a believer that Graham is going to fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker, but that's just me. The first rounders were solid picks. Not so sure about the rest. Seems way early for a project offensive tackle. It also seemed a little early for Ford.

15) New York Giants - Rolando McClain (ILB, Alabama) -
46. New York Giants - Nate Allen (FS, South Florida)
76. New York Giants - Linval Joseph (DT, East Carolina)
112. New York Giants - Ben Tate (RB, Auburn)
143. New York Giants- AJ Edds (OLB-Iowa)
174. New York Giants - Kevin Matthews, C Texas A&M
205.  New York Giants -Sean Lissmore DT William and Mary
- Grade: B+
- Other than the Matthews pick, this was an excellent need-filling draft. There are several other centes that were available better than Matthews. McClain may fall this far, but he's a rookie starter. For the Giants, Allen is probably a rookie starter. Joseph will get into the rotation, as will Tate.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers - Sean Weatherspoon (LB, Missouri) -
52. Pittsburgh Steelers - Morgan Burnett (FS, GT)
82. Pittsburgh - John Jerry (G, Ole Miss.)
113. Pittsburgh - Trevard Lindley (CB, kentucky)
147. Pittsburgh - Vince Oghobasse (DE, Duke)
178. Pittsburgh - Joe Pawelek ILB Baylor
210. Pittsburgh - John Conner, FB, Kentucky
- Grade: C
- Not a fan of the Weatherspoon pick. He's not a 3-4 outside linebacker. So if he's projected to play inside, why take Pawelek? That was also way too early for a player like Jerry. But the Burnett and Lindley picks save this draft.

19) Philadelphia Eagles (from ATL) - Jason Pierre-Paul (DE/OLB, South Florida) -
55. Philadelphia Eagles - Daryl Washington (OLB, Texas Christian)
70. Philadelphia (from Seattle) - Donovan Warren (CB, Michigan)
118. Philadelphia - Joe McKnight (RB, USC)
179. Philadelphia (from Atlanta) - Marcus Easley WR Connecticut
190. Philadelphia (from Indianapolis) - Brandon Carter, OG, Texas Tech
- Grade: B
- This was a solid draft. The players fit the Eagles' scheme nicely and filled needs. McKnight could be a great compliment to LeSean McCoy. And how much would Philly fans like Carter?

20) Houston Texans - Taylor Mays (S, USC)
51. Houston Texans -- Chris Cook (CB, Virginia)
81. Houston - Geno Atkins (DT, Georgia)
115. Houston - Carlton Mitchell (WR, South Florida)
146. Houston - Charles Scott (RB, LSU)
177. Houston - Adam Ulatoski OT/OG Texas
187. Houston (from San Diego) - Perry Riley, OLB, LSU
212. Houston - Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State
- Grade: B+
- Other than the pick of Mays, I really, really love this draft. In fact, that's the only thing keeping it from being an A. Robinson could be a great developmental quarterback. Mitchell, Riley, Atkins and Cook would be able to make immediate impacts.

22) New England Patriots - Sergio Kindle (DE/OLB,  Texas)
44. New England Patriots - Corey Wootton (DE, N orthWestern )
47. New England Patriots - Mardy Gilyard (WR, Cincinnati)
53. New England Patriots - Aaron Hernandez (TE, Flordia)
116. New England - Anthony Dixon (RB, Mississippi State)
180. New England - A.J. Jefferson CB Fresno State
214. New England - Sergio Render, G, Va Tech
216. New England (from Philadelphia) - Jarrett Brown, QB, WVU
- Grade - B+
- There are a lot of players in this draft that would start early. It's not unconceivable that the first four players would be rookie starters. Brown was also a sneaky good pickup.

23) Green Bay Packers - Anthony Davis (OT, Rugters)
56. Green Bay Packers - Patrick Robinson (CB, Florida State)
86. Green Bay - Toby Gerhart  (RB, Standford)
119. Green Bay - Greg Hardy (DE/OLB, Mississippi)
150. Green Bay - Mike Neal (DE, Purdue)
183. Green Bay - Terrell Skinner S Maryland
216. Green Bay - Mike Tepper, OT, Cal
- Grade: B
- Good need fills and solid late-round selections. Nothing too flashy here, but Green Bay doesn't need stars.

24) Atlanta Falcons (from PHI) - Everson Griffen (DE, USC)
65. Atlanta  - Brandon Lafell (Wr, LSU)
96. Atlanta - Matt Tennant (C/G Boston College)
145. Atlanta - Jamar Chaney (LB-Mississippi State)
161.  Atlanta (from Detroit) - Jevan Snead, (QB, Mississippi)
- Grade: B-
- Griffen was a solid BPA at a need selection. LaFell was a surprising choice given how Atlanta's wide receivers played last season. But the Tennant and Chaney pickups were good. The reasoning behind Snead was sound, but with so few picks it's a risk.

25) Indianapolis Colts - Charles Brown (OT, USC)
63. Indianapolis Colts - Ricky Sapp (DE, Clemson)
126. Indianapolis - Rennie Curran (OLB, Georgia)
152. Indianapolis (from Baltimore)- Garrett Graham (TE, Wisconsin)
158. Indianapolis - C.J. Wilson, (DE/DT, East Carolina)
223. Indianapolis - Leigh Tiffin, K, Alabama
- Grade: C
- Love the first round. Not so sure after that. I know Indianapolis runs with small defensive ends, but Sapp doesn't fit the same body and play type that they use. And I know the Colts seem to draft a tight end every year, but at some point it's diminishing returns. That's what it would be with Graham.

27) Dallas Cowboys - Jared Odrick (DE/DT, Penn State)
59. Dallas Cowboys - Vladimir Ducasse (OT/OG, Massachusetts)
90. Dallas - Major Wright (S, Florida)
122. Dallas - Jerome Murphy (CB, South Florida)
186. Dallas - Emanuel Sanders, WR, SMU
219. Dallas - Hunter Lawrence, K, Texas
- Grade: B
- The Lawrence pick was the most unsurprising of this whole draft. These picks fill holes but aren't especially flashy. I don't care for the Murphy pick. He doesn't make plays on the ball and can't tackle. Even in the fourth round, what's to like?

28) San Diego Chargers - Ryan Mathews (RB, Fresno State)
60. San Diego Chargers - Kareem Jackson (CB, Alabama)
91. San Diego - Eric Decker (WR, Minnesota)
123. San Diego - Selvish Capers (OT, West Virginia)
155. San Diego - Darryl Sharpton (ILB, Miami)
220. San Diego - Matt Nichols (QB, E. Washington)
- Grade: C+
- Jackson was a steal with the 60th overall pick. Mathews fills an obvious need. I'm not sure Decker would get used much and Capers isn't a good scheme fit.

29) New York Jets - Devin McCourty (CB, Rutgers)
61. New York Jets - Jordan Shipley (WR, Texas)
121. New York Jets (from Arizona) - D’Anthony Smith (DE, La Tech)
159. New York Jets (from Philadelphia via New Orleans) -  Robert Johnson (FS/CB, Utah)
188. New York Jets - Cameron Sheffield OLB, Troy
221. New York Jets - Chris Scott, OT, Tennessee
- Grade: B-
- There's not a lot wrong with the selection of McCourty. The Jets just don't really need him. I also think they should go pass rusher earlier in the draft. The rest of the picks are sound.

30) Minnesota Vikings - Jermaine Gresham ( TE, Oklahoma)  
62. Minnesota Vikings - Amari Spievey (CB, Iowa)
93. Minnesota - Jason Fox (OT, Miami)
125. Minnesota - Mitch Petrus (G, Arkansas)
157. Minnesota - Walter Thurmond (CB, Oregon)
189. Minnesota - Tyler Sheehan, QB, Bowling Green  
222. Minnesota - Jay Ross, DT, East Carolina
- Grade: B+
- First: Kudos on the write-ups on the Vikings' picks. Good knowledge from medicineball. All of these picks were very good. They're scheme and need fills. It was kind of surprising to see two cornerbacks, but Thurmond may not play much as a rookie returning from injury.

31) Baltimore Ravens (From Colts)- Kyle Wilson (CB, Boise State)
57. Baltimore Ravens - Rob Gronkowski (TE, Arizona)
94. Baltimore - Alex Carrington (DE, Arkansas State)
153. Baltimore (from Arizona) - Arthur Moats (DE/OLB, James Madison)
184. Baltimore - Trindon Holliday, WR, LSU
- Grade: B+
- It's hard to get too excited about five draft picks, but the first two were home runs. Wilson and Gronk were excellent selections and impact players. Carrington will fight right in and Holliday could be a special teams star if he makes the team.

32) New Orleans Saints - Carlos Dunlap (DE, Flordia
64. New Orleans Saints - Tyson Alualu (DT, Cal)
95. New Orleans - Jason Worilds (OlB/DE, Virginia Tech)
127. New Orleans - Eric Olsen (C, Notre Dame)
191. New Orleans - Joique Bell, RB, Wayne State
224. New Orleans - Chris Hawkins, CB, LSU
- Grade: C
- The big knocks on the first three picks is that they've all been inconsistent players throughout their careers. Bell is a nice choice for the Saints.

35. Tennessee Titans (from Bucs) - Jerry Hughes (DE, TCU)
67. Tennessee - Perrish Cox (CB, OSU)
77. Tennessee - Dakota Watson (OLB, FSU)
107. Tennessee (from Miami) - Taylor Price (WR, Ohio)
108. Tennessee - Montario Hardesty (RB, Tennessee)
144. Tennessee - Larry Asante (SS-Nebraska)
175. Tennessee - Al Woods DT, LSU
194. Tennessee - Lindsey Witten, DE, UCONN
196. Tennessee (from Miami via Kansas City) Brandon Banks, WR/KR, K-State
206. Tennessee - Callahan Bright, DT, Shaw CC
- Grade: C-
- That's a lot of picks for a bunch of ho-hum players. Hughes is good, but he may not be big enough to hold up at end. Cox was a great pickup at 67, but Watson was a huge reach. Price and Hardesty are solid players. The rest are hit or miss.

39. Arizona Cardinals (from Raiders) - Navarro Bowman (LB, Penn State) -
58. Arizona Cardinals - Eric Norwood (OLB, South Carolina)
88. Arizona (from ravens) - Sean Lee (ILB, Penn state)
89. Arizona - Ciron Black (OT, LSU)
103. Arizona - Dominique Franks (CB, Oklahoma)
120. Arizona (from Baltimore) - Tony Pike (QB, Cincinnati)
185. Arizona - Joe Thomas, OT, Pittsburgh
218. Arizona - Dough Worthington, DE/DT, OSU
- Grade: C
- Same idea as the Tennessee with getting extra players after a trade. But who is going to make an impact? And I know the Cardinals need linebackers, but their first three picks there? It's a risky move. Franks was a good value at 103.

48. Carolina Panthers - Arrelious Benn (WR, Illinois)
78. Carolina - Jermaine Cunningham (DE, Florida)
105. Carolina (from Jags) - Dennis Pitta (TE, Brigham Young)
165.  Carolina (from Miami via from Oakland) - Armanti Edwards, QB- Appalachian State
- Grade: C+
- Not bad given the picks available. Benn is the kind of player the team needs, so long as he's not a flake. It's hard to see Cunningham contributing much in their scheme. What do you do with Edwards? Pitta was a nice choice.

54. Cincinnati Bengals - Mike Johnson (OG, Alabama)
84. Cincinnati - Anthony McCoy (TE, USC)
117. Cincinnati - Darrel Stuckey (S, Kansas)
148. Cincinnati -Jeremy Williams (WR, Tulane)
181. Cincinnati - Jamar Wall, CB, Texas Tech
213. Cincinnati - Andre Dixon, RB, UConn
- Grade: C+
- Personally, I would have kept the first round pick instead of trading it. But even after trading it, the Bengals' needs were nicely filled. The Bengals don't use tight ends a lot, but McCoy is a good option. He's a blocker first and would help their running game. Johnson is solid. The others might take a couple of years to contribute.

75. Chicago - Reshad Jones (SS, Georgia)
106. Chicago - Shawn Lauvao (G, Arizona State)
137. Chicago -  Kam Chancellor (FS, Virginia Tech)
171. Chicago - Antonio Brown WR Central Michigan
202. Chicago - Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DE, Washington
- Grade: B
- Welcome to the fun, Chicago! With the picks given, this is good drafting. Jones and Lauvao could be an immediate contributors, Chancellor is a decent pick and Brown is a super sleeper.

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