*Last-minute Contest Mock Draft*

1.) Rams - QB Sam Bradford


2.) Lions - DT Ndamukong Suh


3.) Buccaneers - DT Gerald McCoy


4.) Redskins - OT Trent Williams

Might be a shock to some, but I think Williams is a better fit for Shanahan's ZBS, and he won't be around long enough for the Redskins to trade down at take him.


5.) Chiefs - OT Russell Okung

I just don't see any team putting together a package big enough to trade up here and take Okung, Berry or Clausen.  I think KC will just sit here and be happy with what they get.


6.) Broncos - FS Eric Berry

Call it a hunch; Denver probably is more likely to trade with Seattle than a division rival, and with a second 2nd rounder might be willing to roll the dice and move up, to get (perhaps) the most talent player in this draft.  I bet Pete Carroll and John Schnieder are also looking to trade down and get more draft picks if they can.


7.) Browns - FS Earl Thomas


8.) Steelers - QB Jimmy Clausen

This is totally out of left field, but with Roethlisberger getting suspended 4-6 games, Pittsburgh may seriously start considering replacing him....and I think Oakland is crazy enough take him and move down to #18.  This makes so much sense, there is no possible way Al Davis actually does this.


9.) Bills - OT Bryan Bulaga


10.) Jaguars - DE Derrick Morgan

With Clausen off the board I don't see anyone interested enough trade up to this spot.


11.) Seahawks - RB C.J. Spiller

I'm a Seahawks fan, I have next to no idea what this team is going to do....but I do know that Anthony Davis and Bruce Armstrong are poor fits for the ZBS that Alex Gibbs runs, and it is much too early for Charles Brown.  Spiller reminds many of Reggie Bush, and Pete Carroll might want to feature such a player in the offense.


12.) Dolphins - NT Dan Williams


13.) 49ers - CB Joe Haden


14.) Seahawks - OT Charles Brown

To those who think the Seahawks need another DE, they already have one: Aaron Curry.  I do believe he'll be moved to the "Stand Up End" position in Carroll's version of the 4-3; the Seahawks have an abundance of linebackers to replace him, too.  I would prefer the Seahawks pull the trigger on Dez Bryant at this spot, so that means they'll draft Brown instead.  If they can trade down again they will, but I'm not sure anyone else wants to move up here.


15.) Giants - LB Rolando McClain


16.) Titans - DE Jason Pierre-Paul


17.) 49ers - OT Anthony Davis


18.) Raiders - OG Mike Iupati

Oakland gets the offensive lineman they want, and a suspended QB to boot!


19.) Falcons - DE Brandon Graham


20.) Texans - RB Ryan Matthews


21.) Bengals - SS Taylor Mays


22.) Patriots - WR Dez Bryant

With three 2nd rounders, the Pats roll the dice with the controversial receiver.


23.) Packers - CB Kyle Wilson


24.) Eagles - OC Maurkice Pouncey


25.) Ravens - TE Jermaine Gresham


26.) Cardinals - LB Sergio Kindle


27.) Cowboys - CB Kareem Jackson


28.) Chargers - NT Terrance Cody


29.) Jets - LB Jerry Hughes

Even if Jason Taylor comes back he's pretty old; the Jets would love it if this pass-rusher ended up here.


30.) Vikings - CB Devin McCourtney


31.) Colts - DT Jared Odrick


32.) Saints - DE Everson Griffen


Considering how deep this draft is, I don't see much trading up or down.  After the top of the draft the talent is spread pretty evenly, and I think many teams will be content to stay put.  The Eagles and Patriots have the ammo to move up, but is there anyone they'd want to get, which would be much better than who they can get at their current spots?  Who knows.


(UPDATE: I just now read Bill Simmons's poor excuse of a mock draft, where he discussed the idea of the Raiders trading for Ben Roethlisberger.  I did not steal this idea from can only get so much blood from a turnip.)

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