Live From New York... It's SB Nation At The 2010 NFL Draft!

Well hello there. My name is Andrew Sharp, and you may recognize me from my NBA Talking Points series, my "Duke Sucks" article, all sorts of other basketball features, and, um, not writing a word about the NFL for at least the past three months...Maybe longer.

But today and tomorrow, I'm dusting off my football knowledge in New York City, where I'll be reporting on behalf of SB Nation all day Thursday and Thursday night, and then again Friday night. Because it's the NFL DRAFT! And really, it's been too long since I dug into the NFL. What better time to immerse myself than the next 48 hours?

The schedules were just released, we've got a built-in excuse to break down every team for the next two days, and "Gee, isn't Ben Roethlisberger a scumbag?" is the best ice-breaker in the world right now. It's a great time to be a football fan.

As for the draft, I'm a complete virgin with this stuff, so it should be interesting. Will I be attacked by Jets fans? Will Roger Goodell suspend me? Will I... get to meet Chris Berman?

Me: Hey Mr. Berman, I'm Andrew Sharp from Just wanted to introduce myself...

(Berman extends a meaty hand, we shake hands)

Me: I grew up watching your football coverage... Wait, why are you sweating so much?

Berman: Listen, kid. This is hard work and I'm busy. Whaddya want?

Me: Well, noth--

Berman: You want a nickname? You want a nickname?! Fine. What's your name kid?

Me: Uh... Andrew Sharp. Like I sa--

Berman: Andrew... "Sharp Dressed Man!" Look at you! "Andrew Sharp Dressed Man"... OH YEAH! I like it! Okay, you want an autograph? I gotta go... That baked ziti went right through me.

Me: That song was released 27 years ago. I do not want an autograph.

See? That conversation never happened, but... This is the type of stuff that could happen at the draft. To say nothing of interactions with players, players' siblings, or players' parents that look like players' siblings. Beyond chance interactions like those, I'll be looking to grade every single suit, sprinkle in some interviews with various folks that may or may not be relevant to this whole process, and just have fun.

But who knows? I'm an NFL draft rookie, so really, anything could happen here... I'm about to head over to Radio City Music Hall, and I'll update from there. In the meantime, remember: Todd McShay is probably in your home right now. Watching you, grading you, and shaking his head in disgust.



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