Evaluating The First Round W/ DWB

I figured I would drop in and give a grade out to every pick. I know Dan or someone will probably do this, but differing opinions never hurt.

 STL   B  Sam Bradford- I like this pick but I bet they are second guessing it right about now. If you would have told me that I could have Suh and Clausen or Bradford and Brian Price, I would probably take Suh and Clausen. Rams get a B. They made the right choice taking a QB, thats for sure.

 Detroit    B+  I love the Suh pick, I had them taking Okung in a couple of my mocks (Over Gerald Mccoy of coarse). However, they pulled the number 1 player off the board and thats always good. Lions get an B+, They would have a solid A. However, I just dont understand the trade for Best. I didnt see any team below them making the pick and if STL did, There are alot of good LTs on the board, they would have had their pick of the litter.

Tampa   B-Really, what can I say. They got the 5th player on my board. Im not that high on him when you compare him to Suh. However, he was the only player they could take. I think he fits the tampa 2 and that adds value to the pick.

Washington  C+  I honestly cant give them a higher grade. They should have taken Okung. Williams struggled at LT this year and he was ranked near the middle of the first IMO.

Kansas City  B+  What can I say? Never in my mind, was there any doubt that Berry or Okung would be the pick. McClain in the top 5 would have been a complete joke. Berry is rated the number 2 player on my board. Overall, a good day for Chiefs fans.

Seattle  A  Really, who had a better draft? Okung is 4th on my board and the best tackle by far and Earl Thomas is the 2nd best DB in the draft. Very good draft for the Seahawks. I probably would have taken Clausen, but maybe Whitehurst is good enough.

Clevland B They should have taken Clausen. Joe Haden isnt a bad pick, but Jake Delhomme isnt a starter anymore. The good news, they have a shot at getting Clausen anyways. If they do draft Clausen tomorrow, they will have the best draft.

Raiders B- This was a decent pick. However, It is to high to take McClain. He just doesn't have top 7 talent. They could have picked Derrick Morgan, Anthony Davis, Earl Thomas, or even Bulaga and this would be a higher grade. Do I think all those players are better than McClain? No. I do think they play more important positions and deserve top 7 money. Not a horrible pick, but it could have been better. This is a very high B-, borderline B+. I can appreciate this pick after the last 5 years.

Bills C-  Spiller is my 6th rated player. However, He is just a bad pick for the Bills. You have Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. Also, you have Leodis McKelvin and Parrish returning kicks. Why draft Spiller when your O line is in bad shape. Doesnt make sense and this was my first shocker.

Jags C-  Really, this pick isnt as bad to me, as it is to others. Tyson Alaulu isnt the best player available, but he is a good football player. I think he will have a good career. I would have rather seen Brian Price, but Price has his flaws as well. I do think the pick could be better, but I dont look at it as bad as the Spiller pick. The Jags have a serious need at DT. The Bills just totally ignored their main need.

49ers A- I absolutely love the 49ers draft. Seriously, if you are not drafting Gore in your fantasy league, you're crazy. I had Iupati and Bulaga mocked to them because I thought Davis would be picked way earlier, but still, awesome. I would have made this the best draft, but I really cant. Seattle got the best OT and San Fran got the 2nd best. I also had Earl Thomas rated higher than Davis or Iupati. Still, it's an awesome draft. Clausen would have put this draft class over the top. Smith is not the type of QB that can put a team on his back, but he may not have to with this Oline.

San Diego C- Seriously, the Chargers are lucky they have talent. This was probably the most questionable move of the draft so far. I feel like I am being generous giving them a C- and they are borderline D. Matthews is a good players, but he isnt top 20 on my board. I could see trading up for Spiller at this spot, but Matthews is injury prone. I do think the Chargers can afford to do this and his measurables are ridiculous. However, its still a reach. I compare the reach to the Jaguars reach, but the Jags didnt have to give away a top 40 pick for it.

PHI B  I love the Graham pick. He isnt as tall as the other DEs, but he pretty much dominated everyone. i love his toughness and passion. He should contribute from day one. Overall, this is a solid pick.

Giants B-  I saw alot of Giants fans complaining about this pick and I really dont get it. He is graded out this high for a reason. The Giants are loaded at DE, but most of them are similar to Derrick Morgan. They are strongside DEs and are more run stuffers than pash rushers (Not to say they cant). JPP is a pure pass rusher and will compliment the others on 2nd and 3rd down. They should have the best DE rotation in the league. The Giants are the only DE needy team that would get a pass on taking JPP over Derrick Morgan.

Titans B  This is a good pick. He is the 11th rated player on my board and they got him at 16. It is value and thats what counts. I was happy to see them pass on a CB and take Morgan here.

Steelers B+  Seriously, talent wise, Pouncey is a top 10 player. He will man the C position for the Steelers the next 10 years.

Falcons B- Being a Miz fan and all, Im not very impressed by Spoon. I think he will be a good player at best. I dont see him being that explosive OLB that the Falcons want. Still, he will probably play for 8-9 years and average 80 tackles a year. I could see his career being comparable to Derrick Johnson's career.

Texanz D I like Jackson, but this was not a good pick. I think Best, Wilson, McCourty, and even Taylor Mays would have been way better picks.

Bengals C+ I think they could have gone a little better route here with Bryant. Gresham is good, but he is a liability in run blocking. Chase Coffman is the same way and they spent a relatively high draft pick on him last year. I like Gresham and he will be a good player, but they should have taken Dez Bryant or Jimmy Clausen.

Denver B-  I like the Thomas pick and I even like the Tebow pick. However, I think they were risky and they didnt take the best player at each position. Having two picks doesn't assure you a good first round, but it does help.

Packers B  I like the Packers pick alot. They address their biggest needs and got a quality player while they were at it.

Dallas B+ This is a borderline A-. The Cowboys couldnt have gotten luckier. Dez is a top 7 player in this draft and even with the so called "off-the field issues", he is still a value pick. Rolando McClain has more character issues and red flags but you dont hear about them. Dez is a WR and lately they have been stereotyped pretty hard. Alot of talented WRs on the board in the 2nd, should be interesting.

Arizona B This is a borderline B+. Ive never been high on Williams. I had him somewhere between 16-20, so this is still pretty good value. He should end up a pretty good player.

Patriots C+  On one hand, they picked up some extra picks, on the other, they should have drafted Kindle. Still, it's a decent pick and it could have been worse. I would have liked to see them take Odrick.

Miami A  Miami had a very good draft. Not only do you get the 3rd best DT/DE in my opinion, but you pick up an extra pick while you at it.

Jets D+ Ive never been to high on Kyle Wilson to begin with. I like Patrick Robinson alot better and feel this should have been him. You already have the best CB in the league, even Kindle would have been better. I really dont like a CB here period. Wilson is overrated, Robinson is horrible against the run (like Cromartie), and you have bigger needs. Alot of people are fans of this pick, Im not.

Indy B-  On one hand, I love Jerry Hughes. On the other, they need LT help. Bruce Cambell was there for the picking and you pass on him? I dont get it. Charles Brown, Staffold, and Cambell would have been a perfect fit. I really though the Lions jumped in front of them to get one of those guys. Still, Hughes is solid and Colts fans shouldn't be mad.

Saints C  Robinson isnt good against the run. I also believe the Saints have bigger needs than CB. I dont think this is a horrible pick, but I do believe they could have done better.

DWB's Big Board

1. Jimmy Clausen

2. Sergio Kindle

3. Bruce Cambell

4. Damien Williams

5. Taylor Mays

6. Charles Brown

7. Everson Griffen

8. Terrence Cody

9. Brian Price

10. Rob Gronkowski

11. Roger Staffold

12. Morgan Burnett

13. Brandon Ghee

14. Golden Tate

15. Arrelious Benn

16. Johnathan Dwyer

17. Nate Allen

18. Montario Hardeisty

19. Chris Cook

20. Brandon Lafell


That's my take. Please feel free to defend your teams grades. I tried to be unbiased, but I can admit that I really love the Berry pick for my Chiefs. If that deserves a lower grade to you, then please let me know. Please vote in the poll if you feel your team was graded unfairly and tell me why in the comment. Ill update with rounds 2 and 3 tomorrow.

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