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  With severe weather hitting Talladega today, all on track activities have been cancelled. For the second week in a row, fans will be treated to a double-header on Sunday. The NNS race is scheduled to run following the Cup race. A lot of fans and drivers have opted to leave the track while some will stay and brave out the storm. Of course no matter what the weather condition, drivers are still tweeting.  Some of the funniest coming from  AJDinger                      

 AJDinger  Tornadoes are coming and I'm stuck in the bus. Everyone is leaving the track, screw it I'm going down with the ship! Or bus in this case.

 ericmcclure   Race called due to severe weather threat. New talladega motto: "Dega..surviving on and off the track"                                                                                  .

dennyhamlin  Me @Mason5425 @JasonWhite23 @austinpeytonall getting the hell outta talledega.. Storm is bad. Buckle up

KevinHarvick well here we sit again in the rain but this week we have some serious weather threats.i do like that we are running both races on one day

aric_almirola  Oh well qualifying got rained out so I'm headed back to mooresville. That's the one thing we can't control is the weather.

Elliott_Sadler We have built our fort and goin to ride out the storm!! Just made a home made seatbelt to anchor down myself to the bus.

Kenny_Wallace  Kim is scared of the Tornado Warnings..We left the Motor Home to seek safety in the Media Center..Its SPOOKY outside!..Traffic Jam outside.

scottspeed  So evidently I'm chillin in tornado alley! I hope if I get picked up by a twister that I land in OZ, I would love to see the wizard lol

Regan_Smith_ headed 2 the garage to grab a helmet and hans in case the motorhome takes flight this afternoon

All kidding aside I hope everyone stays safe. Keep up to date with the latest tweets by following the link below

NASCAR Ranting and Raving's NASCAR Driver Twitter List

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