Grade your team's draft thread.

Just throwing this out here as a place for everyone to give a short explanation and grade for their teams draft.

So let us know what you think of your team's effort.

I'll go first.

Pittsburgh Steelers had two huge problems last year.  First was giving up big drives at the end of games, and the second was kick coverage.  Our offense had a great season and our pass rush was good, run defense dropped off but still was a strength.

Pouncey is a great pick, he's one of those guys that just belongs on your team.  He belongs on the Steelers.  A

The LB's.  Worilds is a pick that gets criticism and deservedly.  Maybe a reach, maybe not, but an OLB?  Not only that but an OLB that will need plenty of work to be a starter.  What he brings is ST play (a big need) and he happens to be a pretty good pass rusher already.  He will spell our all world OLB's on some pass plays and hopefully tear up on ST. Gibson was a good pick, he dropped to us and we took him.  He's got a shorter path to playing OLB, but is a less complete pass rusher right now.  He'll be a ST player as well.  Sylvester is a ST guy also who looks to be a Farrior type ILB in a few years.  Will be interesting to see if he can make the squad.  Overall a C+/B-, could have done better, but really plugged the ST hole with lots of speed at places we needed bodies.

The WR's.  We have a ton of WR's now.  Bruce Arians system needs speedy guys with hands.  We drafted for that.  Will be interesting to see how they do, but potentially they could make us a very tough team to cover speed wise.  They fit our system and have immediate value, but not great upside and aren't a big need.  Overall C/C-.

The rest.  Worthington, Scott and Dwyer were all good picks where they were made, and all fill spots we need or at least could use a player.  Happy with all three, but seriously, what about a DB?  FS or Donovan Warren would have been nice. C+

The trades.  Jonothan Dwyer and Bryan McFadden for a fifth round pick?  Draft saver.  McFadden is a perfect fit for our system, he sucked in Arizona but should come right back and start.  If he does this is a brilliant trade, if he is our third, then it's just great.  Dwyer would have been a good pick in the fifth, to get him and a starting CB is great.  Fills an immediate need, and fills it well.  The 7th rounder for Leftwich was worth it to get a QB that can play and knows the offense in case Dixon isn't ready to lead us/gets dinged up while Big Ben is out.  A+


Overall draft:  Lots of speed, Tomlin guys all around, all our needs are filled and we got guys that can compete for the few spots our roster has open.  This is a veteran team that added youth that can contribute right away at ST and other areas.  However they could have drafted better overall guys, at least as it looks.  Time will tell how good the draft really was, but for now the Pouncey pick and trades put this up to a solid B draft.  A young athletic FS or a big WR would have helped, but they probably wouldn't contribute right away, and that seemed to be the theme of this Steelers draft.

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