Your 2010 NFL mock draft winner

You may call me king of the nerds. In the 2010 mock draft contest, I made 11 correct player-to-team picks in my mock draft. That is one more correct pick than runner-up JRose and 10 more than last place finishers FreeBradshaw and ChiefsfanJon.

My correct picks were Sam Bradford (Rams), Ndamukong Suh (Lions), Gerald McCoy (Buccaneers), Trent Williams (Redskins), Russell Okung (Seahawks), Anthony Davis (49ers), Maurkice Pouncey (Steelers), Sean Weatherspoon (Falcons), Jermaine Gresham (Bengals), Dez Bryant (Cowboys), Ryan Mathews (Chargers).

Had I flip-flopped picks 15 and 16, I would have had 13 correct. But, if my aunt had balls, yadda, yadda, yadda. I would like to thank Dez Bryant's character issues for this achievement.

So, no one wins my hard-earned money. Thanks to all of you for entering. Full results after the jump.

My mock suck just little enough for it to finish second in the annual Huddle Report mock draft contest. Will Spencer of finished one point ahead by correctly tabbing one more player as a first-round pick. Curse him. Mel Kiper finished third. Brian Galliford's mock finished tied for 61st.

Mocking Dan - 11
JRose - 10
NYG28 - 9
Durst - 8
Franchise55 - 8
stagdsp - 8
Csig - 7
dolfanstanley - 7
HashSlinger - 7
RoyalsRetro - 7
SupermanWearsBobSandersPJs - 7
SteveUK - 7
axel360 - 6
GeorgiaGator - 6
Hikupp - 6
lifelongvike - 6
medicineball - 6
NashvilleNYG - 6
Northfan - 6
SoCalStites - 6
atlantalove - 5
ct17 - 5
Foilhat - 5
J.L. White - 5
Matt Y. - 5
BigBlueIntervention - 5
coltsfan89 - 5
ejruiz - 5
molewhacker - 5
UZ - 5
witty - 5
Blaze453 - 4
dbcouver - 4
DBroncos1414 - 4
ENsDad27 - 4
Fedorable - 4
jaws. - 4
Talon Talent - 4
R_Adragna - 3
Static - 3
yomjoseki - 3
ChiefsfanJon - 1
FreeBradshaw - 1

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