Rams Blog: Bradford 'A Significant Upgrade At The Most Important Position'

Coming into the 2010 NFL draft, no team faced a more complete rebuilding job than the St. Louis Rams. And over at our St. Louis blog, Turf Show Times, there was a sense that while the rest of the draft wasn't great, the most important piece of the puzzle was finally in place:

Rd. 1, Pk #1 (#1 overall)

Sam Bradford, QB (Oklahoma): A

There is no position more important in the sport of football than the quarterback. While any of us could argue that there were opportunities to improve the team to a larger degree in picking someone else, drafting Bradford provides a significant upgrade at, again, the most important position in the sport. Considering the Suh alternative, it would be hard to argue that Bradford will have less impact in a game for the Rams than Suh will have in a game for the Lions.

- Bradford has the character and mental makeup you look for in a quarterback. Concerns relating to the system he played in or his injuries are valid. Any concerns about Bradford as a person aren't at this point. If Ryan Leaf taught the league anything, it's that being a physically talented knucklehead is different than just being physically talented. Character counts, and Bradford gets an A+ in this category.

Of course, as mentioned before, not everything went according to plan for the Rams' fans--especially in later rounds:

Rd. 5, Pk #1 (#132 overall)

Mike Hoomanawanui, TE (Illinois): D+

This one makes no sense to me. Hooma's got great size...and that's it.  I saw him in about a half dozen games over 2009 and 2008 and wasn't impressed by much besides his size. How does that help the Rams' offense? I'm not sure. And yes, the instinct says to compare him to Brandon Manumaleuna, but has a racist tinge to it, no? The reality is, this pick was spent on a large, large TE who, if he sees the field in 2010 and produces, will be a surprise.

Rd. 5, Pk #18 (#149 overall)

Hall Davis, DE (Louisiana-Lafayette): C

I only caught two ULL games the last two years, and that's only because they played UNT. He had a good game last year, but hell, it was UNT. Still, there's a lot to like about his tangibles obviously. I just feel like the D-line deserved to be addressed earlier than this pick.

Rd. 6, Pk #1 (#170 overall)

Fendi Onobun, TE (Houston): D-

Another strange TE pick, and makes even less sense after already drafting one TE. Why no Dorin Dickerson? I just don't understand why we spent two picks on two huge tight ends of whom neither will likely offer much in the passing game.

One could obviously make the case that larger tight ends would have more value in blocking, and that Sam Bradford could use as much help as he can get there, especially as the offensive line rebuilds and gels. And yet, Bradford excelled in a spread offense at Oklahoma; taking away tight end as a dynamic passing option may not be in his best interests either. Clearly, our friends at Turf Show Times fall on the side of the latter argument.

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