A Mock With Some Wrinkles

This Mock isn't what I think will really happen just thought it would be fun to mix up the mocks a little.  Plus some comments on the top ten picks.

Rams - R. Okung

Rams decide that Colt McCoy is worth waiting until the second round and decide to grab the best tackle in the draft to protect Him.

Lions - E. Berry

Taking a strict BPA strategy the Lions follow their draft board and take the player at the top.

Tampa Bay - N. Suh

I want this mock to have some semblence of realism and I cant see the Bucs passing on Suh here.

Redskins - J. Clausen

Clausen is thrilled to be the 1st QB Selected and Shanahan is Thrilled that his job security isnt in the hands of Jason Campbell

Chiefs - G. McCoy

Going D-Line in back to back drafts may raise some quesions but the chiefs feel McCoy provides to much Value to let him Go.

Seattle - T. Mays

In the SB Nation Mock draft this Selection by Field Gulls really got my attention and made a lot of sense.  Not that it makes any sense.

Cleveland - A. Davis

With their CB need apparently solved via the Sheldon Brown trade the Browns Go O-Line and shock everyone with their selection of Davis.

Oakland - Sam Bradford

The McNabb rumors show a weakness in Al Davis trust in Russell and after failing to complete the trade for McNabb the Raiders try to find their QBOTF and shock everyone by making a very rational selection.

Buffalo - D. Bryant

T.O. is gone and the Bills filled the void of Diva WR with Dez .

Jaguars - D. Morgan

This Pick is all about fixing that pass rush.

Denver - R. McClain

Miami - C.J. Spiller

San Francisco - B. Bulaga

Seattle  - C. Brown

Giants - J. Pierre Paul

Titans - D. McCourty

San Francisco - K. Wilson

Pittsburgh - B. Graham

Atlanta - S. Kindle

Houston - T. Willams

Bengals - D. Williams

Patriots - S. Weatherspoon

Packers - R. Matthews

Eagles - E. Thomas

Ravens - T. Cody

Cardinals - J. Gresham

Cowboys - M. Pouncey

Chargers - J. Dwyer

Jets - G. Tate

Vikings - T. Tebow

Colts - J. Odrick

Saints - M. Iupati

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