April Mock (with first round trades!)

Enjoy!  :)

UPDATED: McNabb trade and Colts pick. 


#1 St. Louis-Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma

This pick makes perfect sense.  Bradford can be a franchise QB, he has a good arm, great accuracy, and is a smart guy.  His biggest detraction was his durability, bulking up to 236 should alleviate those concerns.  If you have a chance at a franchise QB, and you have the team around him to keep him from busting, you take him.

#2 Detroit-Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State

With Corey Williams, Sammie Lee Hill, and Grady Jackson, the Lions have a good, solid rotation.  It isn't great and could use some help, but there are some later round picks for that.  This is a deep class at DL, not so much at OT.  The class is top heavy, but not very deep at quality LT prospects.  The Lions must protect Stafford to insure their investment, and it's not like Okung is some scrub.  He's well worth the #2 overall selection

#3 Tampa Bay-Ndamakong Suh, DT Nebraska

This is a perfect illustration of how the draft changes.  Back in February, nobody would have given the Bucs a chance at Suh, and only a slight chance at McCoy.  Now, they can pick between the two.  McCoy is a better penetrator, but Suh is better against the run, and in a division with three possible top ten backs, stopping the run is a necessity for success. 

#4 Washington-Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame

This will be changed, but I honestly have no idea what the Redskins will do here now.   

#5 Kansas City-Brian Bulaga, OT Iowa

I don't think Bulaga is worthy of this selection, but this isn't as big a reach as Tyson Jackson at #3 last year.  LT is an important position, and Bulaga can definitely play LT.  If I was making this selection, it would either be Mclain or Berry.  I honestly believe this selection will come down to Mclain or Bulaga.  Pioli loves positional value, but he did take Jerod Mayo tenth overall. 

#6 Seattle-Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma

The 'Hawks have nothing special inside, come to think of it they are nothing special defensively.  McCoy would help change that. 

#7 Cleveland-Eric Berry, FS Tennessee

Cleveland could be a very good defense if they had some secondary help.  Berry is excellent value here. 

#8 Oakland-Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland

#9 Buffalo-Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma

Charles Brown is small enough, and Anthony Davis is lazy enough, and Dan Williams is unmotivated enough, and Trent Williams had a good enough combine, that I think Nix takes Trent.  At the least, he'll be a good RT. 

#10 Jacksonville-TRADE Pittsburgh Steelers give the #18, #52, and a fourth this year for #10 and the right to select......Rolando Mclain, ILB Alabama

Jacksonville trades down in an effort to pick up extra selections, and this selection will be in high demand.  In this version, the Steelers trade up to nab Mclain, but they could take Dan Williams just as easily.  With Dez Bryant, Jason Pierre-Paul, Rolando Mclain, C.J. Spiller, and Derrick Morgan all available, a number of teams could trade up. 

#11 Denver-Dan Williams, DT Tennessee

This pick came down to Dan Williams and Dez Bryant.  Given that McDaniels is such a fan of character and "My way is the only way", I'm not thinking Bryant will fit.  Williams will give them their very own Williams wall, who doesn't want that for their team?  :D

#12 Miami-Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB USF

For as much as I may dislike this pick, the logic makes sense.  Rush-linebacker is a huge need. 

#13 San Francisco-Joe Haden, CB Florida

He shouldn't fall this far, but he's a victim of circumstance. 

This is tremendous value.  I think someone could trade up for Haden at #10, but his combine will drop his stock.  I know he ran well at his Pro Day, but you have to take Pro Day times with a grain of salt.  The Niners are getting a great player here, Haden can step in at corner, move Brown or Spencer into the nickel, and send Clements to free safety.  Voila!  A solid secondary. 

#14 Seattle-C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson

The Seahawks have needs on the DL, secondary, QB, LT, and WR.  McCoy has helped with the DL, and Whitehurst fills the QB.  If they get Marshall, that solves WR.  This pick could be Charles Brown or Taylor Mays, but I think people are reading too much into the Pete Carroll USC connection.  Spiller is a dynamite athlete, and would provide a shot in the arm to an absolutely anemic Seattle offense.

#15 New York Giants-Sean Weatherspoon, LB Mizzou

The Giants have few holes on their defense.  One of them is at linebacker, which justifies this pick.  Weatherspoon can play all three in New York's Tampa 2.  Another problem is that they have few holes.  This defense should be the best in the NFL every year, at least on paper.  These guys underperform every year, and a leader like Weatherspoon can meld them together into a great defense.  Weatherspoon will have an impact like Jon Beason of the Carolina Panthers.  Both are great leaders, both are great fits for the Tampa 2, Beason had a great year this past season, I expect Weatherspoon to be defensive rookie of the year. 

#16 Tennessee Titans-Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech

They need a DE really bad now, especially with Vanden Bosch gone.  They won't send long to send this one in. 

#17 San Francisco-Taylor Mays, SS USC

Singletary will love Mays combination of size, speed, and athletic ability.  Any player can be good when put in the right position to succeed.  Mays will be no different, and Singletary is a smart and talented coach, he will maximize Mays impact while teaching him how to become a more complete safety. 

#18 Jacksonville (from Pitt)-Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State

Jacksonville adds some more weapons for their offense.  By trading down they also pick up a second round pick to take Tim Tebow.  Win-win. 

#19 Atlanta-Brandon Graham, DE Michigan

This is almost a sure pick if Graham's still here.  The Falcons need to rebuild the D, they also need more of a pass rush.  Graham and Sidbury would provide two bookends for the next several years.  Graham is better suited for the left, his height and weight combo mean he will have trouble against LT's with longer arms.  But RT's will be having nightmares against him. 

#20 Houston-Earl Thomas, FS/CB Texas

Earl Thomas is a versatile player, and gives the Texans some flexibility.  The Texans need both a FS and a CB to beat Peyton Manning.  Thomas can't play both at the same time, but he'll be very effective at either position

#21 Cincinatti-Arrellious Benn, WR Illinois

The Bengals need to add playmakers, Benn made plays at Illinois.  He also has character issues, which you knows makes the Bengals perk up. 

#22 New England-Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma

BB has selected two TE's in the first in the past.  Make that three.  Gresham will be Brady's safety valve with Welker's injury. 

#23 Green Bay-Charles Brown, OT USC

Brown is the perfect selection.  He's a great fit for the zone-blocking scheme, a natural pass blocker, and plays LT.  He'll take some lumps taking on Peppers, Allen, and Avril, but the Packers absolutely need a LT to protect Rodgers. 

#24 Philadelphia-Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida

They need someone across from Cole.  Reid loves taking big linemen, and Dunlap definitely fits the bill.  He also can rush the passer, and his laziness won't show up as much in Sean McDermott's scheme. 

#25 Baltimore-Jared Odrick, DE/DT Penn State

The Ravens need to retool on defense, with the addition of Boldin they can afford to wait to take offense.  Odrick would fill a hole at 3-4 DE. 

#26 Arizona-Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers

Davis is lazy, but his talent makes him BPA.  He will help Whisenhunt instill the Pittsburgh power into the desert, and aid the development of Leinart or Anderson. 

#27 Dallas-Mike Iupati, OG Idaho

Iupati is the type of big, mauling lineman the Cowboys love. 

#28 San Diego-Ryan Mathews, RB Fresno State

San Diego needs a #1 back, Mathews projects as the best #1 in the class.  Great measurables, questionable tape.  He can catch too, which is what A.J. Smith looks for in a back. 

#29 New York Jets-Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame

Another weapon to aid Sanchez in his development, Tate will be the best receiver in this draft.  I considered Hughes and Williams.  Hughes improves a mediocre pass rush and Williams has a rapport with Sanchez.  However the Jets have already been burned on a first round bust at OLB, and Tate has more upside that Williams. 

#30 Minnesota-Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State

You'd think with the pass rush the Vikings DL generates their secondary would be better than average, however that's not the case.  CB is a need, especially with Cedric Griffin's injury. 

#31 Indianapolis TRADE Kansas City gives up #36, a fourth this year, and a conditional pick next season for #31 and the right to select.....Terence Cody, DT Alabama

I think someone trades up for a NT here.  The choices are either Miami, San Diego, Buffalo, or Kansas City.  KC had a pick right before Washington, which is where Roger Saffold will not fall past.  Now the Colts can drop back, pick up an extra pick, and still take their guy. 

#32 New Orleans-Brian Price, DT UCLA

Price is tremendous value here, he and Ellis will form a deadly duo inside. 

Round 2

#33 St. Louis-Everson Griffen, DE USC

The Rams GM has spoken of the need for playmakers, Griffen's ridiculous measurables make him an ideal selection. 

#34 Detroit-Devin McCourty, CB Rutgers

They got a good look at McCourty at the Senior Bowl, now they'll see him every day in practice helping fix that ailing secondary. 

#35 Tampa Bay-Kareem Jackson, CB Alabama

Good fit for their Tampa 2. 

#36 Indianapolis (from K.C.)-Roger Saffold, OT Indiana

They get their LT here. 

#37 Philadelphia (from Washington)-Navorro Bowman, OLB PSU

The Eagles biggest need is an OLB right now.  Bowman has some character issues, but that hasn't stopped the Eagles recently.   

#38 Cleveland-Sergio Kindle, OLB Texas

They need someone to replace Kamerion Wimbley, and Kindle profiles a lot like Wimbley,  Hopefully he'll have more success. 

#39 Oakland-Chris Cook, CB Virginia

I honestly have no idea what will happen with this selection.  Cook is 6-2, runs a 4.3, this makes him good enough for Davis at this spot. 

#40 San Diego-Cam Thomas, DT UNC

They get their NT. 

#41 Buffalo-Linval Joseph, DT ECU

I think this is a little high, but NT's are rare. 

#42 Tampa Bay-Damian Williams, WR USC

A reliable target for Josh Freeman.  LaFell was considered, but he profiled too similar to another LSU receiver that became a Buc. 

#43 Miami-Brandon LaFell, WR LSU

Parcells needs a wideout, and LaFell is the type of guy he loves. 

#44 New England-Jerry Hughes, OLB TCU

Hughes falls due to the hard transition for 3-4 OLBers, but BB gets an absolute steal. 

#45 Denver-Tyson Alualu, DE/DT Cal

Denver needs a 5 technique badly. 

#46 New York Giants-Geno Atkins, DT Georgia

The Giants love having a deep, penetrating O-line.  Atkins is a great pass rusher, and would elevate the whole group. 

#47 New England-Demaryius Thomas, WR Georgia Tech

With Welker likely to be put on the PUP for the first six weeks or so, the Pats get another target.  Thomas has great measurables and production, but he ran a route bush at GT and has iffy hands.  I had a hard time imagining BB selecting this guy. 

#48 Carolina-Mardy Gilyard, WR Cincinatti

Fills two needs, recevier and kick returner. 

#49 San Francisco-Jared Veldheer, OT Hillsdale

Massive, athletic specimen who will excel on the right side. 

#50 Kansas City-Ricky Sapp, OLB Clemson

Played standing up, so he'll be taken over the athletically superior Jason Worilds. 

#51 Houston-Benny Tate, RB Auburn

The thunder to Slaton's lightning, I really wanted to wait and give them Gerhart or Hardesty.  But Tate was too much value. 

#52 Jacksonville (from Pittsburgh)-Tim Tebow, QB Florida

Yeah, I don't think i have to explain this.  ;) 

#53 New England-Alex Carrington, DE Arkansas State

Replaces Richard Seymour. 

#54 Cincinatti-Rob Gronkowski, TE Arizona

The Bengals have a good defense, but a boring offense.  Gronkowski is a good receiver, but he can block some too.  I've been told the Bengals think that's important.  ;) 

#55 Philadelphia-Brandon Ghee, CB Wake Forrest

With the trade of Sheldon Brown, CB becomes a larger need.  Ghee is a great prospect, according to his measurables. 

#56 Green Bay-Javier Arenas, CB Alabama

Similar to the Carolina pick, Arenas can play corner and kick returner. 

#57 Baltimore-Domonique Franks, CB Oklahoma

Baltimore desperately needs help at corner. 

#58 Arizona-Jason Worilds, OLB Virginia Tech

Arizona bolsters it's ailing pass rush. 

#59 Dallas Cowboys-Nate Allen, FS USF

With the release of Hamlin, the Cowboys need some secondary help. 

#60 Seattle-Tony Washington, OT Abilene Christian

Despite Washington's issues, he is a talented prospect, and the 'Hawks need at OT could cause them to reach. 

#61 New York Jets-Koa Misi

The Jets need to improve their pass rush. 

#62 Minnesota-Vlad Ducasse, OG UMass

Hopefully will help a ground game that kind of fizzled towards the end of the year. 

#63 Indianapolis-Chad Jones, SS LSU

Per Shake's request. 

#64 New Orleans-Daryl Washington, OLB TCU

Fills a gaping hole at OLB. 

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