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LantermanC's REASONS:

With the acquisition of Charlie Whitehurst, the reservations expressed by several scouts, and the many needs of the Seattle Seahawks, I figured I'd go with an impact position with high upside that was still relatively safe.  Derrick Morgan is a good athlete with great moves, and many teams, like the NY Giants a few years back will tell you that a good pass rush is the way to have a great defense.  With unproven Lawrence Jackson, a first round pick two years ago, as our only capable DE (Patrick Kerney is an aging and oft-injured veteran), DE is definitely a position of need.  Other players considered were: Clausen, Haden, Berry, Bryant, and Bryan 'T-Rex' Bulaga. 

JP'S reaction:

Even though Eric Berry is still on the board, I can see why the Seahawks would pass him up. Pete Carroll will likely go USC with his next 1st round pick and go with Taylor Mays. As for the Morgan pick, he's an excellent pass rusher and the best pure DE in this class.

AngelsColts reaction:

To me although I still get the feeling even with the aquisition of Whitehurst that they will go QB I understand this pick if you base it off the idea they are not going after a QB. Derrick Morgan will give them a much better pass rush and Is the best player arguably left on the board. You may say but they need a OT and that is true but with the 14 pick still left they are in a position where they can wait to get that person. So though I don't think this will happen it isn't a reach or a bad pick.

Shake's reaction: 


The Seahawks aren't in dire need of a QB with Hasselbeck and Whitehurst, but whether they have a QB of the future is questionable. With QB on the backburner that leaves DE and LT as the major needs with Eric Berry available as a value pick. Both of Bulaga and Morgan would likely last a few more picks and the OT and DE classes have enough depth for a good selection of one at 14 making passing on either justifiable. Berry would be tempting, but turning your 2 top 15 picks into elite prospects at your 2 neediest positions is ideal. Morgan is a fine pickup for Seattle.




Bernie's reason:

I don't care if he is a safety. Eric Berry is the best player in this draft. That includes Suh. Berry is better. When you combine this with the glaring need the Browns have at safety, this is a slam dunk pick.  

Berry covers like a CB and hits like a LB. His range goes from LOS to end zone. There is nothing that he cannot do. His biggest asset is out of this world anticipation. He knows what the offense is doing before they do it. Add in his ability to score whenever he touches the ball, you have a dangerous weapon. 

Eric Berry will make every aspect of this defense better from day one.  Gone is Brodney Pool and his eleventy billion concussions.  Berry will step and play next to the steady but lacking Abe Elam. 

With the addition of Sheldon Brown and Eric Berry the Browns defensive backfield has gone from a massive blackhole to possibly the strength of the defense.  Berry and Eric Wright give the Browns one of the best young secondary duos in the NFL.    

JP's reaction: 

Easiest pick in the draft. Berry will be the face of the Browns franchise for the next 6-10 years. Browns fans rejoice!

AngelsColts Reaction:

to me the pick although A need isn’t there biggest (though can you really say what is they are horrible at this point) so it is more of the fact that Berry is arguable the best or a top 5 value and way to good an opportunity for the Browns FO to pass up.

Shakes reaction:


The Browns would be the happiest fanbase in the league for the day of April 21st if Berry made it down to #7. The Browns pass coverage was wretched last year despite a respectable pass rush. Berry along with the addition of former Pro Bowler Sheldon Brown via trade would give Cleveland a much improved secondary, making for better pass defense boosting the overall team.




With the 8th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select....Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
Raybin's explination: HERE

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