Albert Haynesworth Releases Statement, Plans To Attend Training Camp

Just one season after signing him to a seven-year, $100 million contract, is it possible Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins will part ways? Here's a summary of the happenings around Washington that make us ask that question.

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Haynesworth: 'I Have Always Planned to Attend Training Camp And Honor My Contract'

Albert Haynesworth released a statement on Wednesday indicating his intent to attend training camp with the Redskins, according to Rick Maese of The Washington Post.

"Despite my current differences with the Redskins, I have always planned to attend training camp and honor my contract."

The first sentence in this statement is bogus. He did not intend to honor his contract because he skipped mandatory minicamp which in essence is the same as skipping training camp. Skipping mandatory camp then going to training camp is not honoring your contract. They're both required events.

"I am continuing to prepare for the season individually and will report on time, in shape and ready to play football."

Haynesworth also said months ago that he would be at mandatory minicamp. And he wasn't. So take his word at your own risk. Past history clearly demonstrates you can not "honor" his statements.

"Any issues I have with the club I will discuss privately and therefore do not plan to make any further public comments.”

Translation: I don't want to be suspended four games for conduct detrimental to the team for saying something.

Likely one of the drivers behind Haynesworth's decision to attend training camp is the more than $16,000 in fines he would accrue each day for skipping. That's a little different than the $10,000 he was fined for skipping mandatory minicamp.

He also more than likely understands that as long as he shows up to training camp, his bonus money will likely be safe.

Who says it's not all about the money?

For more on the Redskins, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Knoxville Bank Sues Albert Haynesworth For $2.4 Million

Last week Albert Haynesworth was fined $10,000 by the Redskins for skipping out on mandatory minicamp.

As it turns out, the Redskins aren't the only ones looking for some of Haynesworth's money. The Knoxville News-Sentinel reports a bank is suing Albert Haynesworth for reportedly failing to make payments on a $2.38 million loan.

The suit was filed last week in Knox County Chancery Court, and alleges that the bank made the commercial loan in June of 2009. The suit alleges that the parties subsequently entered into an extension agreement, but that Haynesworth failed to make payments due in accordance with that agreement.

With interest, they're asking for $2.4 million.

Haynesworth went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

It's safe to say, this has not been a good summer for Albert Haynesworth.



Redskins Dock Haynesworth $10,000 For Skipping Mandatory Minicamp

Recent reports indicate that the bulk of Albert Haynesworth's bonus money is likely safe but the Redskins were able to get back a fraction of the $100 million contract.

Per Jason Reid of the Washington Post, the Redskins fined Hayensworth $10,000 for skipping mandatory minicamp this week. That's the maximum the current CBA allows for skipping camp.

Reid reports that the Redskins will have the ability to take a stab at even more of his money.

Under the terms of Haynesworth's contract, the Redskins have the right to reduce the future guaranteed portion of it by $500,000, according to people familiar with the situation.

While that's a lot of money, it's nothing compared to the $30+ million he's already received.


As Long As Albert Haynesworth Shows Up For Training Camp, His Bonus Money Should Be Safe

The Redskins are reportedly pursuing Albert Haynesworth's bonus money in light of his decision to skip mandatory minicamp and publicly request a trade.

According to Pro Football Talk, there's "little chance" of that happening so long as Haynesworth shows up for training camp.

If Haynesworth fails to show up for even one day of training camp, the Redskins then can pursue 25 percent of the 2010 allocation of the initial $5 million signing bonus, and 25 percent of the 2010 allocation of the $21 million signing bonus paid this year.  But if he shows up for training camp (and he reportedly plans to do) and for every game, he gets to keep his money.

The latest report out of Washington has Haynesworth planning to show up for training camp so it looks like the Redskins may be out of luck.


Former Redskins Executive Vinnie Cerrato Weighs In On Albert Haynesworth

The man who brought Albert Haynesworth to Washington has weighed in on the current situation brewing at Redskins Park.

"When he signed, he said he wanted to prove everybody wrong," said Vinnie Cerrato, the team's executive vice president of football operations during the 2008-09 seasons. "He said he wanted to show everybody that it's not about the money. He said he wanted to be the best that ever played. He said he wanted to be like Reggie White. He said Reggie White was his hero, so live up to what you said. Don't have it change just because a coach changed."

Cerrato went on to say that Haynesworth would actually enjoy playing for Shanahan and that he doesn't even really know what his role on the defense would be because he hasn't been in Washington.

For more on the Redskins and Haynesworth, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Theismann On Haynesworth: 'He Offers Nothing As A Person, Player Or Teammate'

The backlash against Albert Haynesworth continues for his decision to accept over $30 million from the Redskins for one season of play then demand a trade.

This time around it's Redskins great Joe Theismann who completely rips Haynesworth on Sirius NFL Radio (via Dan Steinberg).

"And he's classless, ok? I mean, there's nothing else that you can say, but the man has very little respect for teammates, very little respect for anyone. Last year at the end of the season, he chose to stay home on Christmas Day to open presents and not go to work when every other member of the football team had to go. That, to me, spoke volumes about Albert Haynesworth. You have a person that the Redskins are gonna be much better without than with.

"He really offers nothing as a person, as a player, as a teammate. The only thing this big man has is a big bank account, and good for him, I guess....If you're a selfish individual -- which Albert has proven to be -- he played this thing absolutely perfect for him. Take the money, so what if I play, so what if I don't play, I really don't care any more? And truthfully, he doesn't really care about playing football."

With Redskins legends -- as well as his current teammates -- ripping him mercilessly, it's becoming hard and harder to envision a scenario in which Haynesworth returns to the Redskins.


Titans May Be The Favorites To Land Haynesworth If Redskins Decide To Trade Him

As best most analysts can tell, there are three possible landing spots for Albert Haynesworth in the event the Redskins decide to trade him: Vikings, Lions and Titans.

The Vikings need a Pat Williams replacement at some point, his former defensive coordinator is in Detroit and his former head coach and defensive line coach is in Tennessee.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that, at this time, the Titans are the favorites to land him at this point.

Now that he's been paid the majority of his guaranteed money, Haynesworth could be available for as little as a third round pick.

Judging by recent reports, it's hard to envision a scenario in which Haynesworth remains with the Redskins in 2010.


Redskins Reportedly Considering Going After Haynesworth's Bonus Money

After a report surfaced that Albert Haynesworth would reportedly give up part of his bonus money to help facilitate a trade, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Redskins will pursue that bonus money through other means.

Haynesworth was reportedly assured by the NFLPA that the bonus money would be his to keep.

But another knowledgeable NFL source that reviewed Haynesworth's contract and the collective bargaining agreement Wednesday morning said this issue is "open to interpretation" now that the defensive tackle has declined to report to a mandatory minicamp and the Redskins are expected to pursue whatever money they can. The source added, "this is the type of case where a longshot may be given an extra hard look because it is so egregious."

Implicit in Schefter's report is that the Redskins don't appear to be pursuing a trade at this point. Instead, they'll try to recoup the money. If that process fails, then it's possible the chatter of the Redskins cutting him could pick up.

For more on the Haynesworth situation, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Haynesworth Would Reportedly Give Up Part Of Signing Bonus To Get A Trade Done

Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. is reporting that Albert Haynesworth may be willing to give up part of his signing bonus money he's already received if it were to help facilitate a trade.

The news is slightly surprising. It's unclear if the current CBA rules would allow him to essentially pay the Redskins to trade him.

Meanwhile, Mike Shanahan says news on Haynesworth "could come soon." Redskins beat writers are beginning to report there are indications the team would consider releasing him.

If the Redskins did release him before the start of the season, then that would mean he was paid $55,000 per snap, which as Dan Steinberg points out, would be more than the US median income.

For more, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Mike Shanahan Learned Of Albert Haynesworth's Intentions Through The Media

In what surely will only add fuel to the fire, Mike Shanahan told reporters that he first heard of Albert Haynesworth's intentions to skip mandatory minicamp through the media.

News broke last night that Haynesworth wouldn't be attending the minicamp. All previous reports had indicated he would be there.

This goes to show that Haynesworth and Shanahan do not have a working relationship and this will only further the divide between the two.

Shanahan wouldn't comment on any fines. The Redskins will reportedly have the ability to fine Haynesworth $10,000 for skipping the mandatory sessions.

Rick Maese of the Washington Post describes Shanahan as "not happy" at his press conference.

We'll have more details coming soon but for now, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Albert Haynesworth Will Reportedly Attend Training Camp To Avoid Fines

Albert Haynesworth was scheduled for a physical on Wednesday at 6:30 a.m. He was not present for the physical, which means he's officially a minicamp holdout.

So how long will this holdout continue? According to 106.7 The Fan in D.C., it won't be through training camp.

Sources tell @1067theFANDC that Haynesworth will be at training camp to avoid any potential litigation and protect his money.

Skipping mandatory minicamp this week will cost him around $10,000. Skipping training camp would cost him upwards of $16,000 per day.

SB Nation's Hogs Haven has a great breakdown of what Haynesworth and his agent have had to say over the past day.


Albert Haynesworth's Teammates Don't Think He Will Change His Mind

Albert Haynesworth's agent has said his client will not be attending the Redskins mandatory camp, which starts on Wednesday, and that he would like a trade.

Not surprisingly, his teammates aren't thrilled with that. SB Nation D.C. has a good run down on what his teammates are saying (off the record).

One passage from Jason Reid of the Washington Post indicates his teammates don't think anything will change:

One Redskins veteran starter reminded me that Haynesworth rarely seemed happy last season despite receiving $41 million guaranteed money -- then the highest total in NFL history. So if the Redskins decline to trade Haynesworth and hold firm on their plan to have him play at a position he doesn't want to play, it's doubtful his mood would improve, the player said.

So if things won't change, the only option would be to trade him.

If the coaches don't like him, and the players don't like him, then why keep him around? I know there's the argument that you don't want to give into every player's demands because it sets a bad precedent but the Redskins hands are really tied. Haynesworth could become a major distraction.


Haynesworth Releases Statement But Doesn't Address Trade, Skipping Minicamp

Albert Haynesworth released a statement regarding his decision to skip mandatory minicamp and request a trade:

"The Washington Redskins are a great and storied franchise with an owner in Mr. Snyder that will do anything in his power to win and a fan base that is unrivaled in the NFL. When I signed here after meeting all day with the staff and top executives, and talked about the defense that we would run and what my role would be, I was assured I would have the freedom to play to my strengths and I was excited about the future. After many years in the NFL, I know what it takes for me to perform at my highest level. My number one goal has always been to help my team win -period. It's also important at my position to help free my teammates to make plays, which I've done throughout my career when I've been allowed to play to my strengths. I will continue to work individually to prepare for training camp and the start of the 2010 season."

This doesn't really address the two items his agent brought up in an interview with the Washington Post:

  • He wants a trade
  • He is skipping mandatory minicamp

So the statement is pretty much useless.

Haynesworth's decision will cost him in the neighborhood of $10,000 for skipping the three-day camp.

If he chooses to skip training camp, then he'll really be missing some money. The Redskins would have the option of fining him over $16,000 per day at that point.

For more, check out SB Nation D.C. or Hogs Haven.


Agent: Haynesworth Not Attending Redskins Mandatory Minicamp, Wants Trade

Albert Haynesworth was expected to attend the Redskins mandatory minicamp on Wednesday even though he had skipped all but one day of the voluntary activities.

His agent, Chad Speck, says that won't be happening, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

"The Redskins are trying to establish a new regime with new schemes at Redskins Park, and it is not an organization that Albert would have ever been attracted to just a short year ago - regardless of the money," agent Chad Speck said in a phone interview. "He has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for the Washington Redskins."

"This situation will be a distraction to the Redskins and to Albert and his teammates. I am certain [head coach] Mike [Shanahan] and [General Manager] Bruce [Allen] want to get the most out of their first year and it's probably in everyone's best interests for the Redskins to make a deal and trade Albert."

Haynesworth's displeasure with the Redskins and their plans to make him a nose tackle in the 3-4 defense have been known for some time. But the latest reports indicated that he would show for mandatory minicamp partly because he would eligible to be fined if he skipped it.

The Redskins have said publicly they have never had discussions about trading Haynesworth -- who has already been paid $31 million in just over a year in Washington -- but Reid insists there have been discussions.

At one point, the Redskins were reportedly interested in recouping some of the money they've already paid him. As it stands, it appears they will -- except in the form of fines.

For more on the Haynesworth situation, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Albert Haynesworth Expected To Attend Redskins Mandatory Minicamp

To no one's surprise Albert Haynesworth is expected to attend the Redskins mandatory minicamp on June 16th. Jason La Canfora of NFL Network recently reported that's been his plan all along.

Going back through our StoryStream and he's right -- back in early April it was reported he would be attending mandatory practices only.

That's probably the right plan. The OTAs and practices Haynesworth has missed thus far are all voluntary. No one is supposed to say or do anything that would make him think they're anything but voluntary.

However, once you start missing mandatory camp, you are eligible to be fined.

It'll be interesting to see where he lines up. Part of the reason he's reportedly unhappy is because his role in the defense has changed from a 4-3 defensive tackle to a 3-4 nose tackle.


Redskins Would Still Prefer To Trade Albert Haynesworth

Albert Haynesworth hasn't been talking much (his teammates have) but the story making the rounds is that he's not too happy about being moved into the nose tackle role which is a lot less glamorous and more physically demanding.

The Redskins reportedly shopped him at some point this offseason but having already paid him over $30 million, it was hard to come up with a deal that works for both sides.

According to the Washington Post citing anonymous sources, the efforts to trade Haynesworth haven't stopped and they would still prefer to move the big defensive tackle.

Haynesworth's actions will put "a strain on the coaches" because "it will take a lot of individual time and work" to get him up to speed, Haslett said. Obviously, the situation is not ideal for the Redskins, but "there's nothing you can do about it. ... It's not right, it's just the way it is."    

That said, preferring to trade someone and actually trading someone are two different things. Haynesworth's public perception isn't exactly at a high point and he does have a big contract. The Titans were reportedly interested at one point and, despite Jeff Fisher's public denials, the thinking was that a third round pick could've gotten the deal done.

Here's why Haynesworth will come out as a villain in this situation: The Redskins are switching to the 3-4 defense which comes with a completely new set of terminology that current Redskins have spent months learning.  And Haynesworth has only showed up for one day of those sessions this offseason despite being paid over $30 million in the last 16 months.

To check up on all things Redskins, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven.


Haynesworth's Teammate: 'He's Got To Be Here'

If you thought it was just the media and coaching staff getting on Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth for not showing up to Washington for voluntary workouts, then think again.

Redskins DE Philip Daniels recently spoke about the $100 million man who has yet to fully commit to the new regime.

"From what I'm told, he can play the end spot," Daniels said. "I've called him and told him that. The thing is, we have 100 percent participation if he is here. It's now 99. He's got to be here." 

"There is no room for negotiation at 4-12," Daniels added, referring to the '09 season . "I'm here, [London] Fletcher's here, everybody's here," Daniels added. "He's got to understand that. We need him to come here, be here and show these young guys that the veterans have bought in and that we want to win games."     

Daniels has tried to contact him to no avail. Even QB Donovan McNabb sent him an email.

The next big move for Haynesworth is the Redskins mandatory minicamp coming up. Missing that would cost him some money in fines.

Check up on all things Redskins over at Hogs Haven.


Vikings Fans Say 'Why Not?' To Albert Haynesworth In Minnesota

After the latest ruling in the StarCaps case that will likely leave Vikings DTs Kevin and Pat Williams off the field for four games, Vikings fans are interested in the news that Albert Haynesworth is reportedly interested in joining the Vikings.

Of course, Haynesworth has no say in the matter but, if he were to be traded, SB Nation's Daily Norseman would jump all over that.

If the stupid, arbitrary suspensions levied by the NFL against Pat Williams and Kevin Williams are allowed to stand, I would do that deal without thinking twice if I'm the Minnesota Vikings.  Particularly in light of the fact that Pat and Kevin could be allowed to serve their suspensions separately rather than both of them having to sit at the same time, as was talked about when there was talk of the New Orleans Saints losing Will Smith and Charles Grant at the same time.

So it would be Albert Haynesworth, Kevin and Pat Williams for weeks 5-16.

Watch out, NFL.

Daily Norseman has a lengthy piece detailing the scenarios in which Haynesworth could join the team. The financial cost isn't quite what you think.


Albert Haynesworth The Lone Redskins Player Missing From Minicamp

Albert Haynesworth either really wants to be traded or really hates practice. According to Rick Maese of the Washington Post, Haynesworth was once again missing on the second day of minicamp.

He missed the first day as well.

Maese also reports that all of the other Redskins players were present...except Haynesworth.

The Redskins have a new regime coming in and the defense -- specifically Haynesworth's role -- is changing significantly. It sounds like most of the Redskins players want to be in there playing nice to the new leadership group, but Haynesworth isn't.

According to SB Nation's Hogs Haven, the Redskins will have a cramped locker room this weekend -- 110 players attended Friday's session.


Albert Haynesworth Absent Again From Redskins Voluntary Minicamp

Redskins tackle Albert Haynesworth is still refusing to play nice. After missing the team’s first voluntary minicamp, the $100 million man was absent from their second minicamp, which started on Friday. Add in his refusal to participate in the team’s offseason workout program (he opted to hire his own trainer), and Haynesworth is 0-3 this offseason.

All of this continues to make it clear that Albert wants out of Washington. He’s unhappy about the team’s decision to switch to a 3-4 defense under new coach Mike Shanahan.

If a deal was going to be done this offseason, it most likely would’ve happened before the draft so the Redskins could acquire picks for Haynesworth. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they still figure out a way to ship him out of D.C.


Are The Vikings The Latest Suitor In Albert Haynesworth Trade Talks?

While the Titans and Lions, both of whom have coaching staffs well-familiar with the Redskins' mountainous defensive tackle, have been the two teams most closely connected with trade talks for the disgruntled All-Pro, a third-team may have entered the mix for Albert Haynesworth: the Minnesota Vikings.

Or maybe not. Conflicting reports indicate that Viking's purported interest may have been overblown. The Minnesota Star-Tribune picked up on early reports from ESPN's John Clayton that the Vikings had entered talks with the Skins about a possible trade, but the paper later reported that NFL sources told them Haynesworth is "not going to become a Viking." While Pat Williams is certainly getting up in there in age, defensive tackle is far from a need for the Vikings at this point, making a potential trade for Haynesworth hardly a priority for Minnesota.

The Star-Tribune did note that since the Redskins already paid him a $21 million bonus last month, the next three years of his deal are a very palatable $16 million over the next three years; a relative bargain for a potential trade partner if Haynesworth remains healthy and motivated.

For more on the Redskins and Vikings, check out SB Nation's Hogs Haven and Daily Norseman.


Fisher: No Haynesworth Trade Talks Between Titans, Redskins

Last week, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean said last week that "there's no question" the Titans are interested in trading for Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth.

On Wednesday he provided some quotes from Titans coach Jeff Fisher indicating that no talks between the two sides have occurred.

"There has been some speculation that I've had conversations with Mike Shanahan, which is false,'' Fisher said. "I have not had behind-the-scenes meetings with our people. There have been no discussions. He is under contract with the Redskins and we are dwelling on the draft right now."    

Wyatt still suggests the Titans are interested, even if the coach isn't publicly acknowledging that (which technically he can't do since it would violate the league's rules on tampering).

While the Titans may be willing to give up a draft pick --reportedly they would prefer a third round pick -- it doesn't seem likely that would get a deal done for Haynesworth, who the Redskins have already paid $32 million including a $21 million check on the first of April.

For all things Redskins, check out Hogs Haven.


Report: Titans Interested In Trading For Haynesworth, But Not With A First-Round Pick

According to The Tennessean's Jim Wyatt, the Washington Redskins "were willing to take a third-round pick" before being contractually obligated to pay Albert Haynesworth his $21 million roster bonus on April 1st. Wyatt continues, pointing out that the Titans are definitely still interested in the defensive tackle.

There’s no question the Titans are interested. Every team in the NFL should be if Haynesworth can be had at such a reduced price. But one big thing working against the Titans: they don’t have a second-round pick to offer as part of a trade. They have a third, and while they’d certainly be willing to give that up, the question is whether the Redskins would take it. They might be able to do a whole lot better. The Titans would not be willing to trade a first-round pick.

Whether or not the Redskins pull the trigger, largely depends on their willingness to eat Haynesworth's roster bonus. The Washington Post's Jason Reid writes:

Coach Mike Shanahan and General Manager Bruce Allen have been eager to trade Haynesworth for some time, according to multiple people with knowledge of the situation, and whether they accomplish their goal hinges on owner Daniel Snyder's willingness to accept the largest failed investment of his 11-year tenure as owner -- and possibly the biggest in NFL history.

Reid continues that "several teams" would be "willing to assume the contract's remaining $9 million in guaranteed money and the total of $15.7 million (Haynesworth's base of $6.7 million in 2012 is not guaranteed) that he is scheduled to receive over the next three seasons."

With rumors that he was being shopped, Haynesworth elected not to participate during this week's voluntary workout. That's a one way ticket to Mike Shanahan's dog house, according to former Broncos quarterback, Jake Plummer.

...Plummer explained that Shanahan never got over the fact that Plummer wasn't present for all of the team's offseason workouts. In demoting Plummer, Shanahan explained that skipping the workouts indicated to the coach that the quarterback didn't care.

"Yeah, I missed some workouts," Plummer told the author. "And you know what? Mike Shanahan, you can kiss my [expletive] for being [ticked] at that. You can quote that. I made 85 percent of my workouts and he's still mad about it. He still brought that up. Give me a break. That's the dumbest [expletive] thing on earth."

Lovely. Regardless how you look at it, this story won't die, no matter how enthusiastic the team is that they're not trading Haynesworth. All signs point to the obvious, microwaves conducting a popcorn symphony of "hey, hey, hey, goodbye."

For updates and commentary on this story and the Washington Redskins, head to Hogs Haven for more.


Haynesworth Now Skipping Redskins Voluntary Minicamp

On Tuesday, Jason Reid of the Washington Post reported that Albert Haynesworth would report to the Redskins voluntary minicamp later this month.

A day later and he's taking it back

According to Reid, Haynesworth will attend the mandatory sessions only.

Haynesworth informed the sources, who requested anonymity because of Haynesworth's poor relationship with the new front office and coaching staff, that he would return to Redskins Park for mandatory workouts under the terms of the league's collective bargaining agreement. Haynesworth, whom the Redskins have attempted to trade, also has privately told friends he does not want to become a distraction because of his impasse with coaches about their plans to use him as a nose tackle in the Redskins' new 3-4 defensive scheme.    

Reid also comes up with four teams that may show an interest in the defensive tackle.

The Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans -- Haynesworth's former team -- are considered his most likely destinations if he is traded, according to two people with knowledge of the Redskins' efforts to end their relationship with Haynesworth.

The money is the sticking part in any trade. The Redskins just gave him a $21 million bonus on April 1st. Presumably any team that trades for him would have to pick up part of that bonus. Or it's possible Haynesworth could repay a portion of that to get out of an undesirable situation in Washington.   

Catch up on the Haynesworth situation over at Hogs Haven.


Report: Redskins Not Shopping Albert Haynesworth

The rumor mill has been churning about the possibility of the Redskins trading DT Albert Haynesworth. He's been connected to the Eagles (they said no) and the Titans.

ESPN's Adam Schefter says not so fast on a trade.

Despite rampant speculation, Redskins NOT shopping Albert Haynesworth and haven't had any trade discussions regarding him since March 31.    

March 31st is a key date because Haynesworth was due a $21 million bonus on April 1st. Since that date has passed, the Redskins are contractually obligated to pay that amount.

Some would think that since they just paid him all that money, there's no way he would be traded now. While that may be true, it's also possible a trade partner could entice the Redskins to part ways with him by reimbursing them a portion of that $21 million.

Basically, what we get from Schefter here is that Haynesworth was definitely being shopped but once that $21 million was paid, they haven't talked with anyone.

That doesn't mean someone won't offer them a deal that will allow them to get out of the contract.

Read all things Redskins at Hogs Haven.


Haynesworth Will Show For Redskins Mini-Camp

We previously mentioned one of the factors in the Redskins decision to potentially shop Albert Haynesworth was Mike Shanahan's unhappiness with Haynesworth's decision to workout on his own and not with the team.

Maybe Haynesworth has gotten the message because he's planning on hitting Washington for the Redskins workouts according to the Washington Post.

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth will report to minicamp April 16-18, an NFL source said.

Since these practices are voluntary, Shanahan can't technically say anything that would indicate to Haynesworth that they're anything but voluntary.  However, he can make his displeasure known without actually saying anything.

This is also assuming Haynesworth won't be traded by that point, which is becoming a possibility.

Catch up on all things Redskins at Hogs Haven.


Redskins Appear To Be Shopping Albert Haynesworth

The arrival of GM Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan has brought about quite a few changes in Washington. Arguably the two biggest thus far have been the switch to the 3-4 defense and the acquisition of QB Donovan McNabb.

According to various reports, there could be one more major change coming in Washington that involves a certain $100 million man.

One year after landing the big fish in free free agency, the Redskins appear to be souring on DT Albert Haynesworth.

There were some early rumblings that Haynesworth wasn't thrilled with the idea of switching to nose tackle in the 3-4. This isn't a big surprise because the position is more physically demanding and generally comes without a lot of fanfare. Then there was Shanahan reportedly being upset that Haynesworth wasn't working out in Washington with the rest of his teammates.

In the last week is when things really started to heat up.

Multiple reports indicated that the Redskins offered up Haynesworth in the McNabb trade. The Eagles didn't bite likely because of the money involved. Haynesworth was due a $21 million bonus this month and if the Redskins traded him they would likely want to split that cost with someone.

The newest rumored landing spot for Haynesworth should the Redskins try to dump him is Tennessee. Several league executives are telling Jason La Canfora of NFL Network that a return to Tennessee makes the most sense.

League sources believe the Titans would take Haynesworth back at the right price. Tennessee tried to retain him in free agency, but bowed out when the Redskins signed him to a record contract worth roughly $42 million guaranteed. Shanahan and Titans coach Jeff Fisher are also close friends, which could aid the completion of a deal.

La Canfora also reported last month that the Redskins were interested in Rams DT Adam Carriker. He goes on to suggest that Haynesworth could be involved in a trade to acquire Haynesworth.

We're not sure where this thing will ultimately end up but it's becoming increasingly clear that the Redskins aren't happy with being saddled with Haynesworth's big contract. If these reports are accurate, he could have been gone already if not for the money issue.

Defensive tackles are coveted assets -- look at Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy for proof -- and it wouldn't be a shock to see some team make a run at him if they don't get their guy in the draft.

Follow up on the Haynesworth rumors over at Hogs Haven.

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