Convince Us: Landon Cassill Makes The Case For GoDaddy

Note: This is the first in an occasional series where we'll challenge people within the sport to try and convince us they're right about a certain topic. Today, JR Motorsports driver Landon Cassill tells us why his sponsor GoDaddy is good for NASCAR.

SBN: So GoDaddy is going to sponsor you for four Nationwide Series races starting this weekend at Phoenix. But that's odd, because you don't seem like you'd be wearing a bikini in a commercial.

LC: Right. Well, I was going to be driving these four races in the No. 7 car and the opportunity came up for GoDaddy to be at Phoenix. It's their home race and I have a good relationship with them, they have a good relationship with JR Motorsports and I'm driving the JR Motorsports car. It was just something that made sense for them to do. They're so popular right now, it just all comes together well.

SBN: Popular, yeah. But that has a lot to do with those commercials. So convince us why GoDaddy's involvement in NASCAR a good thing.

LC: I mean, off the top of your head, name some other domain-hosting web sites.

SBN: Uhh...I have no idea.

LC: Exactly! GoDaddy is like the only one. I can't even tell you their competitor – Pepsi has Coke, Chevy has Ford –but I can't think of any other domain-name hosting web sites. GoDaddy has taken over. They have 40 million domain names! They're No. 1 in the world.

SBN: Alright, well if they're so great, what domain name do you have?

LC: I have

SBN: Aha! So GoDaddy didn't have

LC: I have .com as well. The primary one is .net. The great thing is, you can do whatever you want with their site – they have marketing tools, e-mail. And the reason I'm pumping them up so much is because as big as that company is, the fact that they're involved in NASCAR like they are is sooo good for NASCAR.

SBN: Why? So we can see more Danica ads?

LC: Because, dude, how many sponsors are leaving the sport right now? How many name-brand sponsors are we losing right now? We just lost Jack Daniel's. And you have a company like GoDaddy and yeah, they're a little different, but look at it. Look at what they do. NASCAR needs it. And NASCAR needs Danica to run good.

SBN: Are you sure you want to go there with the Danica stuff? I mean, I don't think her presence was that much of a boost after the first week.

LC: Exposure-wise, I think it'd be great for the sport if she runs good. And GoDaddy can kind of bring some of the exposure we've been lacking back from the dead. You know, people want to be critical of her talent or whatever, but since when did an ARCA race have better ratings than a Nationwide race?

SBN: I dunno. Some fans seemed to get sick of her to the point they were pulling against her.

LC: In my opinion, I don't want to see her struggle, but you can see where it's a little bit of a pride thing for the racers here. We don't want to see someone waltz into the sport and sweep everybody up. But I think she's bringing so much publicity that if she got it and she liked it and she was a believer in NASCAR, for her to stand up and say, ‘Man, that's tough, that's a good sport' and to carry her troops over to this side, it's good for the sport.

SBN: Yeah, I can maybe see your point on that one.

LC: Yeah. So if we talk about the need for Danica to do good in the sport? Well, who's pushing her? Who's pushing that deal and leading the way? GoDaddy.

SBN: Alright. So where does all of this leave you? They're obviously giving you a shot here.

LC: If you look at it right now, the only other drivers who are driving GoDaddy cars are Danica, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin. So that's some pretty big names to be associated with. These four races are going to be about knocking some rust off. Hopefully I can jump right in the car like I did last year at Memphis and put it right at the front.

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