Redskins Appear To Be Shopping Albert Haynesworth

The arrival of GM Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan has brought about quite a few changes in Washington. Arguably the two biggest thus far have been the switch to the 3-4 defense and the acquisition of QB Donovan McNabb.

According to various reports, there could be one more major change coming in Washington that involves a certain $100 million man.

One year after landing the big fish in free free agency, the Redskins appear to be souring on DT Albert Haynesworth.

There were some early rumblings that Haynesworth wasn't thrilled with the idea of switching to nose tackle in the 3-4. This isn't a big surprise because the position is more physically demanding and generally comes without a lot of fanfare. Then there was Shanahan reportedly being upset that Haynesworth wasn't working out in Washington with the rest of his teammates.

In the last week is when things really started to heat up.

Multiple reports indicated that the Redskins offered up Haynesworth in the McNabb trade. The Eagles didn't bite likely because of the money involved. Haynesworth was due a $21 million bonus this month and if the Redskins traded him they would likely want to split that cost with someone.

The newest rumored landing spot for Haynesworth should the Redskins try to dump him is Tennessee. Several league executives are telling Jason La Canfora of NFL Network that a return to Tennessee makes the most sense.

League sources believe the Titans would take Haynesworth back at the right price. Tennessee tried to retain him in free agency, but bowed out when the Redskins signed him to a record contract worth roughly $42 million guaranteed. Shanahan and Titans coach Jeff Fisher are also close friends, which could aid the completion of a deal.

La Canfora also reported last month that the Redskins were interested in Rams DT Adam Carriker. He goes on to suggest that Haynesworth could be involved in a trade to acquire Haynesworth.

We're not sure where this thing will ultimately end up but it's becoming increasingly clear that the Redskins aren't happy with being saddled with Haynesworth's big contract. If these reports are accurate, he could have been gone already if not for the money issue.

Defensive tackles are coveted assets -- look at Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy for proof -- and it wouldn't be a shock to see some team make a run at him if they don't get their guy in the draft.

Follow up on the Haynesworth rumors over at Hogs Haven.

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