Four Kentucky Basketball Players To Enter Draft, Patrick Patterson Apparently Undecided

Kentucky announced Wednesday that five Wildcats will put their names in NBA draft, including freshman John wall and DeMarcus Cousins.

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Kentucky Says He's Gone, But Patrick Patterson Has Yet To Declare

Yesterday the University of Kentucky announced that five players were declaring for the NBA Draft. One Problem — junior Patrick Patterson apparently hasn’t made up his mind yet.

Not according to his mom, at least:

"I thought, ‘What are you talking about?’ Then I found out UK released a statement saying Patrick and the four freshmen are leaving for the NBA and will declare for the draft," said Tywanna Patterson Wednesday night. "I said, ‘Really, nobody told me.’"

Since her son is 21, she thought maybe he had made that decision on his own, even though when she last saw him Sunday the plan remained for him to wait a few more weeks to make his final decision about whether to return to the Wildcats for his senior season or not.

So that is that, Patterson hasn’t made up his mind, right? Wrong. Mrs. Patterson of course tried to reach her son, his teammates and John Calipari.

Once her son called her back, he told her he still intended to think about it a "week or two and then make a decision" just as they planned.

"We were confused people by then," she said. "I have a problem with it going out and not being official. It is his decision. He has not declared for the draft and once he does he can’t back out because he declared for the draft last year. But I am very upset with all this because the statement Patrick gave to DeWayne, he didn’t know it was being released tonight.’

Tywanna Patterson also tried to call coach John Calipari, but he did not return her phone call.

"Me personally, I think it is Cal’s way to get recruits to commit and wants to make sure they know John (Wall), DeMarcus (Cousins), Daniel (Orton) and Eric (Bledsoe) are gone along with Patrick," Tywanna Patterson said. "Pat didn’t know they were sending that statement out tonight."

Mrs. Patterson may have a point, as Kentucky has refused to take anything back from its statement saying all five were gone:

UK spokesman DeWayne Peevy said late Wednesday night that he had no comment beyond what was in UK’s release, but he said that it remained his understanding that all five players plan to enter the draft.

Insert snarky comment about John Calipari not caring about his players and his history of recruiting violations here.


Cousins, Wall Among Five Kentucky Basketball Players To Enter Draft

Kentucky fans, if you had any delusions about the current incarnation of the Wildcats basketball team sticking around for another season, you best leave them at the door.  UK announced Wednesday that five Wildcats will put their names in NBA draft.

Kentucky freshmen Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton and John Wall and junior Patrick Patterson will enter their names. A news release from UK says all five players are projected as first-round picks.

Despite the huge number, this comes as little surprise to anyone who's followed the team all season.  No word if any or all of the players will be signing with agents right away, though Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue says Orton will apparently not. 

This also doesn't come as any shock to head coach John Calipari.  He's the one who encouraged them all to go.

"I've spoken with all five guys concerning the NBA and have encouraged them to put their names in the draft," UK coach John Calipari said. "They've all met individually with our compliance office to make sure they have a full understanding of eligibility rules and academic responsibilities. I'm so proud of these five young men, with everything they did for us on the court and the way they represented us off of it.

"It's extremely unusual for four freshmen from the same team to have this opportunity, but it's my job as a coach to prepare these young men for such opportunities."

Keep an eye on A Sea of Blue for updates and reaction.

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