Adrian Wojnarowski: LeBron James Gets Set To 'Hold The NBA Hostage'

NBA fans who read a lot of NBA stuff on the Internet have come to expect the requisite over-the-top-but-probably-somewhat-true commentaries from Yahoo! Sports' lead NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski. It's his shtick, he's good at it, and while they're definitely full of logical leaps and ridiculous assertions, they at least do a great job of setting the tone of how NBA news is consumed. This may or may not be a good thing.

Anyway, over the past couple days, Wojnarowski has predictably teed off on LeBron James. First, there was this commentary after Game 5, which began with the ominous "This isn't important enough for LeBron James" line. Then, after Game 6, Wojnarowski somehow took it one step further, saying that LeBron "finally wins the one title he always wanted: free agent." 

Together, [LeBron and his team] are going to hold the NBA hostage. They're going to flush out a thousand scenarios, manipulate front-office decisions in Cleveland, New York, Chicago and beyond. Kentucky's John Calipari is along for the ride, working with agent Leon Rose and middleman William Wesley, and all hell promises to break out now.


Together, these narcissists will manufacture a drama that will undermine the conference and NBA Finals, the NBA draft and Fourth of July parades in small towns and big cities across America.  

The full column is here. In it, Wojanrowski writes that LeBron:

  • Behaved like a lousy leader
  • Quit on his teammates in Game 5, allowing them to quit on him in Game 6
  • Was most responsible for Cleveland losing this series, with no other factor coming close 
  • Will get over this loss fast because he never engages in self-examination and because his "enormous ego will be nourished with the courtship of his lifetime"
  • Fired his old agent Aaron Goodwin because Goodwin "tried to be honest with him and his high school buddies"
  • Belongs with John Calipari because both are narcissists 
  • Might not be able to live without being courted
  • Will ruin the Fourth of July (no joke)
At least Woj left LeBron's mom out of this. Good for him.
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