Don't Mess With Greg Biffle, Says Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle is a veteran driver now, so he has a good feel for what kinds of little tricks and gamesmanship other drivers use to get an advantage.

Apparently, though, the other drivers would be best served not to mess with Biffle.

For example, Biffle was asked what he does when another driver changes speeds to try to mess with him when NASCAR gives the opportunity for teams to get their pit road speeds before the race.

"If somebody wants to play games and you think they're doing it deliberately, I'll run into the back of them when we're getting pit road speed to make sure they close up or don't speed up and slow down," he said.

And what if someone changes their line in order to mess with an oncoming car during the race?

"If you're coming hard enough and they want to change their lane, well then you get up and shove them out of the way," he said.

Whoa. Suddenly, Biffle sounds like kind of a badass.

"They can play games, but me, (Juan Pablo) Montoya, Tony Stewart and a handful of other guys, are not going to put up with that for very long," he continued.

So is Biffle a NASCAR enforcer?

"I've got the wheel and the gas pedal and the brake, right?" he said. "Yeah. If we're coming, it's time to get out of the way."

But it works both ways, he added quickly. If another driver is coming behind him, "I'll do all I can to stay out in front of him, but I am not going to block the guy, because I know I'm going to pay the price eventually."

Montoya and Stewart, among others, "are guys with short fuses," Biffle said. "I'm not saying I have a short fuse, but those guys will come up and rub you to get you out of the way pretty quick – they aren't going to wait for you to move. I think we are all like that to a degree."

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