Texans Make Andre Johnson NFL's Highest Paid Receiver

Andre Johnson is the highest paid WR in the NFL after signing a two-year extension worth $38.5 million.

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Texans Make Andre Johnson Highest Paid Receiver In The NFL

Andre Johnson and the Texans agreed on a two-year extension that will keep him in Houston through the 2016 season, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Texans GM Rick Smith said of the contract, "It will make him a Texan for life."

Johnson is now the highest paid receiver in the league after signing a two-year contract extension that was worth $38.5 million with $13 million guaranteed, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Including the five years and $35 million remaining from his original deal, Johnson's total compensation is $73.5 million over seven years for an annual averagecompensation of $10.5 million.

Johnson had five years remaining on his old deal so it's a little unusual that the Texans renegotiated. Johnson used his uncle as an "advisor" in his first contract negotiation but hired an agent for this latest deal.

Texans owner Bob McNair had high praise for Johnson calling him a future Hall of Famer.

"It's important that Andre have one home — and that's with the Houston Texans. He will probably be our first Hall of Fame player. We wanted to make sure he went in as a Texan and he played his career as a Texan. Hopefully, he will retire as a Texan."

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Texans Close To Giving WR Andre Johnson New Contract

Earlier in the offseason WR Andre Johnson surprisingly said he wanted a new contract from the Texans. It was such a surprise because he was just three years into an eight-year, $60 million contract that he had signed with the club.

Since then, he's hired an agent (not having one was arguably the reason why he had a bad deal) and was given a deadline of week one of the regular season to get something done.

Per John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the two sides are "close" to getting something done.

He's scheduled to make a base salary of $5.8 million this season. He said at the start of training camp last week that he wanted to be the highest-paid receiver in the league.

Owner Bob McNair said he expected to have the deal wrapped up in two weeks, but it's not going to take that long, a person with knowledge of the negotiations said Wednesday night.

If he's looking to become the highest-paid, then he'll need to hit the $10 million per year average that the elite receivers are getting.

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Deadline For Andre Johnson Contract: Texans Say Before Regular Season

Texans GM Rick Smith recently indicated that if Andre Johnson is going to get a new contract -- something he's been asking for this offseason -- it will need to happen before the season starts.

“Our policy’s been that we’ll look at deals and we’ll try to get things done during the offseason,” Smith said. “But once the season starts, our entire focus as an organization goes to football and playing games.

Johnson, who previously represented himself, is unhappy with an eight-year, $60 million contract signed in 2007. He's unhappy because the new standard for top receivers like Johnson is $9-10 million per year. His salaries won't top $8 million for the rest of the contract.

Smith has previously said the team is "willing to talk" about Johnson's contract.

Johnson hired an agent a few weeks ago and hope something can get done before the season.

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Andre Johnson Hires An Agent

Andre Johnson returned to the Texans OTAs on Thursday because he "didn't feel right at home." While that may be true, he also wants a new contract. And the Texans won't talk contract with players that aren't present.

Johnson's arrival sparked a meeting between his advisor Andre Melton and Texans management. Some have been critical of Johnson's decision to use Melton, who happens to be his uncle and has no history representing players. And those people have a good point considering Johnson is looking to fix his contract just three years into an eight-year deal.

On Friday, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported that Johnson had hired an agent -- Kennard McGuire.

It was previously reported that Melton was expected to meet with Texans GM Rick Smith on Friday but it's unclear if that ever took place.

This development should ultimately benefit Johnson. Sure he'll have to pay the 3% agent fee but that should pay off in the long run assuming he's not going to be requesting a new deal with five years remaining on his current one.

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Andre Johnson Returns To Texans OTAs Because He 'Didn't Feel Right At Home'

Andre Johnson returned to the Texans on Thursday participating in OTAs after missing the first three days protesting his contract, which has five years remaining on it.

Johnson said the mini-protest this week was "out of character" and he's talked with Texans management to begin sorting out his issues.

"I don't really think you can really win against an organization. When you're under contract, they can hold you to that, and it's up to them to re-do it or give you an extension or whatever they want to do. They really don't have to do anything. They can sit there and hold me to that contract, and if you choose to sit out and take fines, that's what happens. But I'm past that. I'm over that. I'm here working and I'm going to continue to work and hopefully we can achieve our goal of getting to the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl."

He said he "didn't feel right being at home" and he "never" misses OTAs.

Johnson's realizing that he has very little leverage in this situation since he's got so many years left on his contract. He's also realizing that, with little leverage, taking a contentious approach to management isn't the way to get a new deal.

Johnson's admission that his mini-holdout was "out of character" for him is a good sign that he's ready to be a Texan for a long time.


Andre Johnson Will Report To Texans OTAs On Thursday

Andre Johnson has missed the first three days of the Texans OTAs in protest of an eight-year, $60 million contract with five years remaining.

According to his advisor, there won't be a fourth day. Johnson will report to Texans OTAs on Thursday and talks about restructuring his contract will begin.

His uncle and advisor, Andre Melton, will meet with Texans management on Friday to begin discussions about his contract, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

"I think we can work something out that'll be a win-win situation for everybody," Melton said today.

Johnson's arrival is likely motivated by the fact that the Texans don't discuss contracts if the player isn't present.

This is still a good sign that both sides want to get something done and get Johnson back on the field.

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Texans GM On Andre Johnson Contract: 'We're Willing To Talk'

Texans GM Rick Smith spoke to the media on Monday regarding Andre Johnson's contract-related absence from OTAs.

"Over the first three years of that (new) deal, I think if you even ask him, he's been well compensated," Texans general manager Rick Smith said. "He's got five years left on his deal now. We're willing to sit down and talk with him. He knows that."

Head coach Gary Kubiak expressed similar thoughts on the matter.

"Obviously, we want Andre here," Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "I know he and Rick are talking, so we'll get it worked out. We're not worried about Andre. He'll do his job...I want him here, but he'll do his job."

As we've previously said, this is a sticky situation for both sides. On the one hand, Johnson is a top 3-5 receiver in the league and deserves to be compensated as such. On the other hand, the Texans don't want to set the precedent of re-doing contracts with five years remaining.

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Texans Fans On Andre Johnson Contract Talk: 'Nothing To See Here, Folks'

SB Nation's Battle Red Blog has weighed in on the report that WR Andre Johnson skipped Texans OTAs in protest of his contract. In short, BRB feels that there's nothing to see here.

Although I'm sure you'll read/hear that this is somehow a sign of the apocalypse, I wouldn't get too revved up about it. The Texans got ahead of the curve when they made the wise decision to re-do 'Dre's contract back in March of 2007. There's been a significant increase in guaranteed money for star wideouts since then, culminating with Brandon Marshall's recent deal with the Dolphins. Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in football, and he wants to be paid as such. Nothing to see here, folks.

BRB makes a good point here. They were proactive in getting a deal done with Johnson the first time so it's possible they could do the same this time.

It will be difficult to do for both sides but, if BRB is right, it should get done in a reasonable time frame.

Read more reaction over at Battle Red Blog.


Andre Johnson Skips Texans OTA In Protest Of Contract With Five Years Remaining

The Texans are one day into Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and already have a problem.

WR Andre Johnson, arguably a top five receiver in the NFL, skipped the first day of OTAs in protest of his contract, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

What makes his situation unique is that he's got a whopping five years remaining on his current deal.

In 2007 Johnson signed an eight-year, $60 million contract. Two years later, that looks like a paltry amount compared to the other top receivers in the league.

Re-working his contract with that many years remaining could set a bad precedent for the young and talented Texans but GM Rick Smith told reporters he's been in contact with Johnson and plans to meet with him at some point. Whether that means Johnson is getting a new deal is unknown.

From Johnson's perspective, perhaps this is evidence that an agent is a necessity, as ESPN's Adam Schefter explains.

Andre Johnson negotiated his last deal by himself, using an uncle as an advisor. Saved himself three percent and cost himself 100 percent.    

Johnson will make $5.8 million in base salary next season. The top receivers these days are getting $8-10 million per year.

Check out a full reaction from Texans fans over at Battle Red Blog.

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