An Interview With Riley Barber: Selected 1st Overall, 2010 USHL Futures Draft

SB Nation spoke with Riley Barber, the first overall pick in the 2010 USHL Futures Draft, just minutes after he was selected by the Dubuque Fighting Saints. Click here to listen to the full show. Below is a transcript of our talk with Barber.

SB Nation : Talk a bit about what it means to be drafted first overall.

Riley Barber: It’s a great honor and I’ve very happy where I was drafted. I’ve heard the city’s great and the new arena is great and I can’t wait to help the team get better and maybe get a championship down the road. I’m just really excited right now.

SBN: Any type of nervous energy in the days leading up to the Draft? You know, wondering where you’re going to go, what’s going to happen? Does it work like the NHL Draft where you’re sitting around waiting to get picked or do you not mind?

RB: Yeah, I didn’t really mind where I got picked. I’m really excited about it.

SBN: Talk to us a little bit about having scouts come to your games, and what it means to be selected first overall.

RB: First overall is something that not many kids get to experience, so I’m really happy about it. I’m glad the scouts thought of me as a first overall pick and I’m gonna prove it to them next year. I never expected to be selected first overall, but I’m really honored by it.

SBN: Riley, if you had to pinpoint one area where you need to improve your game now that you’re a USHL player?

RB: Probably consistency. It’s a job in the USHL and you come every night and you have to play every shift like its your last; working hard every day and making sure that when I step on the ice that the coach likes me out there and wants me out there to make big decisions.

SBN: We were talking a little bit about how you were drafted by Windsor (of the OHL) a few weeks ago. Have you made any decisions on where you’re going to be playing down the road?

RB: No, not at all. I just want to keep my college option open. I really like college and I haven’t made any decisions on what league, but I’m very excited about where I was drafted in the USHL.

SBN: Any colleges in particular you’re looking at?

RB: I really like Michigan State.

SBN: Explain the feeling of being drafted by two leagues. How does it feel making the pick between two teams and two leagues that will probably kill to have you?

RB: It’s a hard decision, but I’m going to sit down with my family and see what works best for us – my brothers and the rest of the family. Which ever decision I make, I’m just going to work hard at it and do my best.

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