Chris Douglas-Roberts Has Jokes. And Jokes And Jokes And Jokes.

Now, it's rarely endearing to watch someone laugh at their own jokes. But A) Athletes are often exempt from these sort of social conventions and B) Reading these jokes made my morning commute about 1,000 times more hilarious. From Chris Douglas-Roberts' Twitter account (with minor edits for grammar and clarity)

I'm out in MIA, and there's a girl next to me with the longest face ever. I really think sitting down, her chin was 2 inches from the ground. So I keep tellin my dog like, "fam am I tripping, or is that the longest face you've ever seen?" We both agreed on that. So the whole time I can't believe how close this chin is to the ground. On some Moon Man type...

So as we're leaving and this girl asks me "were you with Natalie?"

I'm like "No,who is Natalie?" and she said "the girl off Bad Girls Club who was next to you." Then it hit me, this is the girl who was a trending topic on Twitter a couple months back...

The fun starts after the jump...

Below, it would appear, is the girl in question.


As CDR continues:

...I literally laughed for an hour straight y'all. Real tears! I was laughing so hard I thought I broke one of my ribs! I was laughing so hard I couldn't get out the car and walk into my hotel! Hahahahaa. Her chin was so long!!

You can use her chin to measure the players wingspan's at the NBA draft combine!!!

You can use her chin in the NFL to measure and see if the team got the First Down or not. Hahaha. "Looks like it's going to be 4th & inches!"

She looks like the University of Wake Forest mascot. The Demon Decon. Hahahahahahahahaha.

She failed gym class in middle school because she couldn't do chin ups. Hahahaha.

Her chin so big people had to limbo under it when they walked pass her. Hahahaha.

I told my dog to take a picture of it but it wouldn't fit in the camera. Even the long way.

Her chin & Jay Leno's chin be arguing on who can and can't reach the top shelf.

You can see her chin from outer space! She's got an Antarctica chin. There's endless tundra at the bottom of her face! ... She can't swim, because her chin is so heavy, she gets dragged to the bottom.

(Err... I mean, at, we have no official comment on the matter. That would be inappropriate.)

It looks like one of Popeye's biceps got stuck underneath her mouth. Stop feeding the chin spinach!

(Okay, we'll stop...)


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