Kyle Busch Using Own Money To Fund Truck Team

If anything about Kyle Busch has changed, it's that his wallet is a lot lighter than it used to be.

Busch started a Camping World Truck Series team before the season, and it seemed like a great idea at the time – the Miccosukee Indian tribe was on board to sponsor one of his trucks, and it appeared that a variety of other sponsors could step up for funding.

But Miccosukee got out of NASCAR and other funding has been scarce. So instead, the primary sponsor at Kyle Busch Motorsports has been Kyle Busch.

Busch said Friday that he's funding a percentage of KBM that is "far above (the) majority."

"It's pretty much everything," he said.

Yes, there's some help from Toyota and parts from Joe Gibbs Racing and an associate sponsor here and there.

But "as far as everything else goes, that's all out of my pocket," he said.

Talk about a passion project.

This wasn't exactly what Busch signed up for, and he's made that clear. He wasn't planning to get rich, but at least hoped the team would pay for itself.

Instead, the numbers in his bank account are shrinking.

"Is it painful? Yeah," he said. "You work your whole life to make the money you make. I'm not saying I'm throwing it away, but to see it all go away, it's unfortunate."

Busch is having to dip deep into the millions he has from Sprint Cup racing to pay for the Truck team. Now, let's not kid ourselves – the dude has plenty of cash right now.

But what if a day comes when the money stops flowing in?

"What it all boils down to is, what if I get hurt?" he said. "If I get hurt and can't go forward, yeah, there's disability (insurance). But I don't need to put my family in that kind of position. That's the thing that's a bad idea. I just gotta stay healthy and keep going."

If Busch is more worried about his health than before, will it change the way he drives?

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