Dolphins Trade Justin Smiley To The Jaguars

After reportedly being placed on the trade block two months ago, Justin Smiley has finally been shipped out of town.

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Jaguars Fans Call Justin Smiley Trade 'Low Risk, High Reward'

Just as The Phinsider did, SB Nation's Big Cat Country has taken a detailed look at Justin Smiley's recent injury issues. While they both agree that Smiley is a risk, BCC calls it a low-risk, high-reward situation.

The Jaguars are certainly taking a risk in acquiring Smiley knowing that he could blow out the shoulder at any time and be of no use at all. However, considering that the price to acquire Smiley was a conditional 7th round pick, basically the lowest offer a team can make, the risk is extremely low and the reward is potentially very high.

If reports are accurate that the risk is a seventh round pick, then I'd say Big Cat Country nailed it. Smiley has the potential at least to develop into a starting guard whether that's for the short-term or long-term. That's more than most seventh round picks.

Read the full analysis over at Big Cat Country.


Justin Smiley Passes Physical, Completes Trade From Miami

SB Nation's The Phinsider detailed some of the injury problems surrounding former Dolphins guard Justin Smiley. Some had expressed a level of doubt regarding the physical Smiley had to pass to make the trade from Miami to Jacksonville official.

According to Pro Football Talk, Smiley passed his physical completing the trade.

For more on Justin Smiley from a Dolphins perspective, check out this post from SB Nation's The Phinsider.


Justin Smiley Trade: Injuries Played A Major Role

SB Nation's The Phinsider calls the trade of Justin Smiley the "most anti-climactic move" of the offseason. Rumors of the Fins sending Smiley packing have been popping up for months.

According to The Phinsider, injuries played a major role in Smiley's departure. 

That has been Justin's problem the past several seasons. He missed the final four games of 2008 - as well as the playoff game - with a broken leg and torn ankle ligaments. Then 2009 saw Smiley's lingering shoulder problems become an issue again. Though he missed only one game, he was relegated to backup duty in three others. And his history of shoulder problems stems back to his days in San Francisco when he missed half of the 2007 season with a dislocated shoulder that required surgery to repair a torn right labrum.    

He actually came out with good ratings when he played, The Phinsider reports, but Bill Parcells run teams are known for not tolerating injuries.

Check out the full reaction of the Smiley trade and what it means to the Dolphins still in-house over at The Phinsider.


Dolphins Sign A Guard After Releasing Justin Smiley

The Dolphins on Monday traded guard Justin Smiley to the Jaguars. Hours after that news broke came word that the Dolphins had signed guard Cory Procter.

Procter could fill in at left guard -- Smiley's old spot -- in the short-term. He also plays center.

Procter made the rounds on the Bill Parcells/Bill Belichick coaching tree earlier this week. He visited the Broncos (Josh McDaniels), Patriots (Belichick) and then the Dolphins.

He was previously on the Lions practice squad before he was plucked by the Cowboys, who happened to be coached by Bill Parcells at the time.

Read more at SB Nation's The Phinsider.


Dolphins Trade Justin Smiley To The Jaguars

Back in March, word first surfaced that the Dolphins were interested in trading guard Justin Smiley. Two months later and they've finally gotten it done.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Dolphins sent Justin Smiley to the Jaguars.

No word yet on what the compensation is.

Just two years ago -- in the first year of the Bill Parcells regime -- the Dolphins gave Smiley a five-year deal with a total value of $25 million and $9 million guaranteed.

The trade will be completed once Smiley passes a physical. There are rumors out there that he has a bum shoulder (which would explain why Parcells wants to trade him) so it's still possible that something disrupts the completion of this.

Smiley is 28 and spent his first four seasons in San Francisco.

Check out a reaction from Jaguars fans over at SB Nation's Big Cat Country.

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