Hope You Like It Cold: 2014 Super Bowl To Be Played In New Jersey

The NFL owners will gather in Dallas, TX on Tuesday for one day of meetings. Here's the story on the happenings in Dallas.

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New Jersey Governor Wants You To Know Super Bowl Is Not In New York

The 2014 Super Bowl is being described as a New York Super Bowl but that's not technically true. The game will be played in the home stadium of the New York Jets and New York Giants...in New Jersey.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, has taken issue with the idea of a New York Super Bowl....in New Jersey.

"Those comments would come from the geographically challenged,'' Christie said, "I'm looking out that door, and it's New Jersey, and I look where that stadium is, and it's New Jersey, and when everybody gets on the train or in their cars or on buses, they're going to be coming to that game in New Jersey.''

Christie's point is technically correct. Then again, New Jersey isn't the No. 1 media capital in the country. It's not the home of the NFL offices. It's not the namesake of the two teams that are hosting the game in their new stadium.

The point is there's too much to be gained by calling it New York vs. New Jersey and I don't think many people care if Christie disagrees with that.



Broncos: 'Who Wouldn't Want A Super Bowl?'

Predictably more and more teams are coming out and expressing interest in hosting a Super Bowl now that the NFL has awarded the game to a cold-weather, non-domed stadium in New York.

The Broncos are the latest team to express interest although they're not as optimistic as others.

"Who wouldn't want to host the Super Bowl?" said Joe Ellis, the Broncos' chief operating officer. "But the weather guidelines say New York is a one-time exception. Pat's inclination would be to wait and see how it goes in New York. Our expectation is that it will remain a one-time exception to the rule. But you never know."

This is probably the right attitude. While a Super Bowl in a cold-weather city is neat, the owners likely realize that New York is an exception because it's the home of the NFL offices as well as the country's largest media market.


Add The Chiefs To List Of Cold-Weather Teams Interested In Hosting A Super Bowl

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt issued a statement to SB Nation's Arrowhead Pride regarding his interest in a Kansas City Super Bowl.

"We would certainly be interested in hosting a Super Bowl at Arrowhead. What a tremendous opportunity to showcase Kansas City, and celebrate my father's special association with the game. Kansas City would be a terrific host community for the NFL's premiere event."

The Chiefs are in a unique situation when it comes to cold-weather Super Bowls.

In 2006, then-Commissioner Paul Tagliabue actually guaranteed the Chiefs the 2015 Super Bowl pending the passage of a ballot initiative to install a rolling roof. The initiative failed in Kansas City and so did their opportunity at a Super Bowl.

For more details on the story, check out Arrowhead Pride.


South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee Chairman Grumbles About 'Fix' For New York

It seems nothing involved with the Super Bowl is allowed to transpire without talk of a conspiracy or a fix. A contingent of Colts fans believe Peyton Manning intentionally threw this year's Super Bowl. Some folks think referees purposefully ignored Santonio Holmes excessive penalty the year before. Patriots fans took issue with funky clock problems in the waning minutes of Super Bowl XLII. Pretty much anything contentious linked with the Super Bowl brings out the conspiracy nut in people, that is assuming they are on the losing side.

And it doesn't even have to be on the field. Rodney Barreto, the chairman of the South Florida Super Bowl host committee is of the opinion that the NFL fixed the selection process for the host site of Super Bowl XLVIII. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

"The fix was in for New York. We threw $1 million extra on the table last night for game-day expenses. We could have put $10 million and it wouldn't have made a difference. We put an incredible presentation that clearly was head-and-shoulders above everyone.''


Super Bowl Buzz Building Around Fans Of Cold-Weather Cities

Communities across SB Nation have been focused on one big question today: What if the Super Bowl came to my city?

With the awarding of the 2014 Super Bowl to New York -- a cold-weather city -- more and more fans are asking if a Super Bowl could come to their town.

The overwhelming response from the cold-weather cities is in favor of it, which is no surprise. Who wouldn't want a Super Bowl in their team's city?

As for the warm-weather cities? Miami isn't in favor of it. Neither is Tampa. Of course they're two of the cities that are often in the running for the Super Bowl because cold-weather cities weren't considered so their stance is understandable.

Here's a quick rundown of the various fan polls across SB Nation asking the question: Are you in favor of a cold-weather Super Bowl?

Baltimore: 66% in favor

While many people, including me, think this is not a good move by the league, it does however, open the possibility of the Super Bowl being held in Baltimore at some point in the future. At the same time, I couldn't care less where it is being held, as long as my Baltimore Ravens are playing in it.

Cleveland: 71% in favor

This was supposedly a one-time exception to the rule that only teams with a dome or an average temperature of 50 degrees+ could bid on the Super Bowl, but if the buzz is high in 2014, I wouldn't be surprised to see more cold-weather non-dome stadiums receive a Super Bowl.

Cincinnati: 68% in favor

Think of it. Snow, cold, all of the epic images form which football was born. Plus, each city that hosts the Super Bowl would see a massive injection of capital into their respective economies. Think Cincinnati could use between $300-400 million for hosting the Super Bowl? Maybe the Banks Project would be completed before we colonize Saturn's moon Titan.

Kansas City: 53% in favor

We knew once the Super Bowl was awarded to New York/New Jersey that a lot of owners of cold-weather cities would express interest in hosting a Super Bowl (who wouldn't?). Clark Hunt has been silent thus far at the NFL owners meetings but there have already been a few teams expressing interest including Redskins owner Daniel Snyder who says "no matter what" Washington D.C. should have a Super Bowl.

Philadelphia: 70% in favor

It's not the desire to have a cold weather Super Bowl that motivated the NFL to put the game in New York. It was a reward for getting a new billion dollar stadium built. I suspect that the prospect of hosting a Super Bowl will be used as leverage to get cold weather cities all over the NFL to help their teams build new stadiums.

New York (Giants): Do we have to ask if they favor this?

Personally, I think it's great. My all-time favorite non-Giants football game was the "Tuck Rule" game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders during the 2001 playoffs, which was played in a blizzard that blanketed the field. One of my favorite Giants games ever was the NFC Championship in 2007, played in sub-zero temperatures. Football is more enjoyable when played outdoors in a little bit of inclement weather, and a part of me hopes we get a blizzard that day. More likely, it'll be in the mid-50's and sunny and everyone will feel like an idiot for worrying about the weather for 4 years.


Packers Wouldn't Mind Hosting A Super Bowl Either

More and more teams are expressing interest in hosting a Super Bowl in light of the NFL owners awarding the 2014 game to a cold-weather city in New York.

This time around it's the Packers who appear to be intrigued by the idea. On Monday, SB Nation's Acme Packing Company passed along word that the Packers were indeed in favor of a cold-weather Super Bowl.

Since we've never had one it doesn't seem right to me though I've got nothing against cold weather playoff games. It would take away the neutral field, and luck becomes an even larger factor, which would disadvantage the favored team and make the two teams more equal. Of course the Packers are in favor of it.

Packers president Mark Murphy said on Wednesday that he would be interested in exploring a Green Bay Super Bowl.

Murphy says Wednesday depending on how the game goes in New York there may be other opportunities. He says hosting a Super Bowl in Green Bay is "very intriguing, but there are a lot of logistical requirements that need to be researched."

The obvious problem with Green Bay is size. It's just not that big of a city and there aren't enough hotel rooms to suffice the thousands upon thousands of people that would come in for the game. The closest city, Milwaukee, is almost two hours away.

It's a good idea in light of the New York Super Bowl vote but it just doesn't seem plausible.


Dolphins Fans Would Prefer To Keep Future Super Bowls In Warm Weather Cities

SB Nation's The Phinsider had a few interesting thoughts on the cold-weather Super Bowl to be played in New York Jersey in 2014.

Predictably, as a Miami fan, they weren't exactly promoting a cold-weather game. Miami/South Florida has had more Super Bowls than any other city. Of course they want to keep it in the warm weather.

People will say that the game was made to be played in cold weather. But there's more to it than just the two teams playing in the game. What about the fans who will be plunking down thousands of dollars to travel to New Jersey to support their team? And what happens if a snowstorm affects everyone's ability to get to the stadium on Super Sunday?

Then there's the potential of having to assemble a stage for the halftime show on a slippery snow-covered field. Could anyone see things going terribly wrong there?

Fans plunker down a lot of money for conference championships games often played in the snow but the Super Bowl is a different beast. It brings in over $300 million to a city.

The early votes are in at The Phinsider's poll and to no surprise most don't like it.

Check out The Phinsider's full thoughts on the subject.


Raiders Want To Host A Future Super Bowl

Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia have expressed interest in hosting a future Super Bowl in light of the NFL owners awarding the 2014 Super Bowl to a cold-weather city in New York/New Jersey.

Add Oakland to that list.

Newsday's Bob Glauber reports (via PFT) Raiders CEO Amy Trask expressed interest in a future Super Bowl should the Raiders get a new stadium.

"I think Oakland would absolutely be a terrific site for a future Super Bowl and we're working closely with the city and the county and all sorts of exciting ideas with a new Bay Area stadium," Trask said.

It's possible the Raiders and 49ers could share a stadium but no decisions have been made (or announced). Trask did say that they liked the location of their current stadium.

Can you imagine sharing a stadium with Al Davis? This is the guy who up and moved his team before the 1982 season.


NFL Owners Decide Not To Vote On Extending New Overtime Rules To Regular Season

Over the past few weeks the consensus around the NFL community is that the owners would conduct a vote regarding the extension of the new postseason overtime rules -- as voted on by the owners in March -- to the regular season.

On Monday NFL.com reported that there wasn't enough interest from the owners in changing the rule to even warrant a vote.

As it turns out, the report was correct and owners did NOT vote on the issue.

However, two league officials have said the issue will likely be brought up again after the season.


Eagles Owner Says He Would Pursue A Philadelphia Super Bowl

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie released a statement regarding the announcement that Super Bowl 2014 would be played in the New York stadium. He obviously supported the vote because the Eagles are also a cold-weather city who would also like to host a Super Bowl.

"Hosting the Super Bowl here in Philadelphia would be a great experience for our fans across the city and region. We certainly have an outstanding combination of assets including an expansive infrastructure built to host large events and conventions. With that said, we realize that warm weather options may always have the advantage when it comes to hosting the Super Bowl. However, if the league supports more northern games, we would pursue."

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has said he would like a Super Bowl in Washington D.C. "no matter what" and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said he would want a Baltimore Super Bowl as well.

Jason from SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation doesn't see this as much about a cold-weather vs. warm-weather issue as it is a new stadium issue.

It's not the desire to have a cold weather Super Bowl that motivated the NFL to put the game in New York. It was a reward for getting a new billion dollar stadium built. I suspect that the prospect of hosting a Super Bowl will be used as leverage to get cold weather cities all over the NFL to help their teams build new stadiums.

Check out SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation for full reaction to the New York Super Bowl.


New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Makes Jets Fans Happy

SB Nation's Jets community, Gang Green Nation, is obviously ecstatic over the announcement that their new stadium will host the 2014 Super Bowl.

For the full skinny on the process, check out Gang Green Nation. However, I think they captured the thoughts of a lot of Jets fans with this:

As the New York/New Jersey contingent celebrates by popping champagne, nothing is more appropriate than the slogan they used for their pitch:

"Make Some History" ----- Today, the NY/NJ contingent has done just that.

Read more about the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl over at Gang Green Nation.


New York/New Jersey To Host 2014 Super Bowl

As expected, NFL owners have voted to award the 2014 Super Bowl to New York.

The stadium is currently being built -- and it's actually in New Jersey -- and will host the New York Jets and Giants.

The NFL previously had a rule that the host city must have a average temperature of 50 degrees in February to host a Super Bowl. The New York stadium does not have a roof so it's a reasonable assumption that it will be much colder (and snowy) on game day.

Three cities were in the running including South Florida and Tampa.

The vote by all 32 owners didn't initially get 75% (24 votes) for one city so the lowest vote-getter (Tampa) was knocked off the ballot. New York then won in the final, majority-wins vote.


Baltimore Wants To Host A Super Bowl Too

One of the concerns behind a cold-weather Super Bowl is that more cold-weather cities will want to get in the Super Bowl hosting line. Daniel Snyder has already said Washington should host one.

Now Ravens head coach John Harbaugh thinks Baltimore should host one as well.

"You may be surprised to hear that. But I'm all for it, you know why? It means Baltimore might get one. So you put one in New York, then come on down to Baltimore and we'll have a Super Bowl. Maybe I'm speaking out of turn, but Baltimore built a stadium, put a lot of money into a brand new stadium. So you start bringing it up [north], I think we want one."

That's two cold-weather cities that want to host one. Don't expect these owners of teams in cold-weather cities to stop expressing interest in hosting a Super Bowl.


Daniel Snyder: Washington D.C. Should Host A Super Bowl 'No Matter What'

One of the concerns regarding the awarding of a Super Bowl to a cold-weather city like New York is that other owners would come out and demand request their cold-weather city have the opportunity to host a Super Bowl.

That has already started. Down at the NFL owners meetings, the Washington Post caught up with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

"I think Washington should get one, no matter what," Snyder said. "It is the nation's capital."    

Don't blame Snyder here. The Super Bowl is a financial windfall for anyone and everyone involved so it would be in his best interest to get a game there.

Snyder's the first to suggest his cold-weather city deserves a Super Bowl in light of the possibility of a New York Super Bowl but expect more owners to express similar sentiments.


NFL Owners Meetings: The Agenda In Dallas, TX

The NFL owners will gather in Dallas, TX on Tuesday for one day of meetings. Joining the party will be Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is expected to address the ruling in the American Needle case, among other things.

Here's a rundown of the top items at Tuesday's meeting:

2014 Super Bowl site

The league is expected to make a decision regarding the next in line for a Super Bowl. The candidates are Tampa, South Florida and New York.

The favorite: New York

It would be the first cold-weather Super Bowl. At least 11 owners have expressed in the last two months a willingness to vote for a New York Super Bowl.

One concern with New York is that it would likely cause other owners in cold-weather cities to request a Super Bowl.

New OT rules for regular season

The league passed the new overtime rules for the playoffs at the March meetings. Will there be a vote for the regular season?

They were expected by many to address the topic on Tuesday but recent developments have suggested they won't even hold a vote. NFL.com reported on Monday there "doesn't seem to be enough interest" from the owners to warrant a vote.

The issue will likely come up again at the next set of meetings but apparently not on Tuesday.

St. Louis Rams sale

The owners are also expected to discuss the proposed sale of the Rams to Stan Kroenke. This process won't be so cut and dry.

The league has rules on cross-ownership but Kroenke is reportedly willing to transfer to his wife ownership of his NBA and NHL franchises in Denver.

The owners will discuss Kroenke's ownership bid and preceding transfer. It's a good sign that Saints owner Tom Benson has already vouched for Kroenke's bid.

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