Super Bowl Buzz Building Around Fans Of Cold-Weather Cities

Communities across SB Nation have been focused on one big question today: What if the Super Bowl came to my city?

With the awarding of the 2014 Super Bowl to New York -- a cold-weather city -- more and more fans are asking if a Super Bowl could come to their town.

The overwhelming response from the cold-weather cities is in favor of it, which is no surprise. Who wouldn't want a Super Bowl in their team's city?

As for the warm-weather cities? Miami isn't in favor of it. Neither is Tampa. Of course they're two of the cities that are often in the running for the Super Bowl because cold-weather cities weren't considered so their stance is understandable.

Here's a quick rundown of the various fan polls across SB Nation asking the question: Are you in favor of a cold-weather Super Bowl?

Baltimore: 66% in favor

While many people, including me, think this is not a good move by the league, it does however, open the possibility of the Super Bowl being held in Baltimore at some point in the future. At the same time, I couldn't care less where it is being held, as long as my Baltimore Ravens are playing in it.

Cleveland: 71% in favor

This was supposedly a one-time exception to the rule that only teams with a dome or an average temperature of 50 degrees+ could bid on the Super Bowl, but if the buzz is high in 2014, I wouldn't be surprised to see more cold-weather non-dome stadiums receive a Super Bowl.

Cincinnati: 68% in favor

Think of it. Snow, cold, all of the epic images form which football was born. Plus, each city that hosts the Super Bowl would see a massive injection of capital into their respective economies. Think Cincinnati could use between $300-400 million for hosting the Super Bowl? Maybe the Banks Project would be completed before we colonize Saturn's moon Titan.

Kansas City: 53% in favor

We knew once the Super Bowl was awarded to New York/New Jersey that a lot of owners of cold-weather cities would express interest in hosting a Super Bowl (who wouldn't?). Clark Hunt has been silent thus far at the NFL owners meetings but there have already been a few teams expressing interest including Redskins owner Daniel Snyder who says "no matter what" Washington D.C. should have a Super Bowl.

Philadelphia: 70% in favor

It's not the desire to have a cold weather Super Bowl that motivated the NFL to put the game in New York. It was a reward for getting a new billion dollar stadium built. I suspect that the prospect of hosting a Super Bowl will be used as leverage to get cold weather cities all over the NFL to help their teams build new stadiums.

New York (Giants): Do we have to ask if they favor this?

Personally, I think it's great. My all-time favorite non-Giants football game was the "Tuck Rule" game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders during the 2001 playoffs, which was played in a blizzard that blanketed the field. One of my favorite Giants games ever was the NFC Championship in 2007, played in sub-zero temperatures. Football is more enjoyable when played outdoors in a little bit of inclement weather, and a part of me hopes we get a blizzard that day. More likely, it'll be in the mid-50's and sunny and everyone will feel like an idiot for worrying about the weather for 4 years.

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