CALGARY AB CANADA - AUGUST 4: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman (C) stands for a photo with Josh Gorges of the Montreal Canadiens and Steve Staios of the Calgary Flames at the NHL Heritage Classic Press Conference at McMahon Stadium on August 4 2010 in Calgary Alberta Canada. (Photo by Dylan Lynch/Getty Images)

NHL Unveils 2011 Heritage Classic Logo, Jerseys At Calgary's McMahon Stadium

The NHL will play two outdoor games next season, and on Tuesday, they unveiled the logo for the 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh. The Pens and Caps will go retro for the New Year's Day game.

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NHL Debuts 2011 Heritage Classic Logos And Jerseys

The NHL had their second summer outdoor press conference today at McMahon Stadium in Calgary to officially announce the 2011 Heritage Classic. While the players didn't do anything fun like try and score field goals with hockey pucks and nothing outrageous was said by any of the players in attendancethe Flames did debut their jersey for the game


That is a red and yellow jersey inspired by the Calgary Tigers from the 1920's. While the design of the jersey may not be terrible, the color scheme is rather loud and obtrusive. We can be grateful though that the Canadiens are not using their barber pole jerseys.


NHL Unveils 2011 Winter Classic Logo In Pittsburgh

The NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins and representatives from other parties involved in the 2011 Winter Classic -- like, you know, the Washington Capitals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, etc. -- took part in a giant press conference.

Sidney Crosby was boring. Doc Emrick talked a lot about people's hometown's. Gary Bettman pointed out interesting facts that everybody already knew for a long time, like that every visiting team in the Winter Classic has made the Cup Final.

But a few interesting things did actually happen. For one, the logos for each team and the logo for the event were unveiled. The teams are going retro, as expected. From


The uniforms won't be unveiled for some time. Philadelphia and Boston didn't show theirs to the public until training camp in September last year.


Official: NHL To Host Two Outdoor Games In 2010-11

Commissioner Gary Bettman announced on Friday that the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Washington Capitals on New Year's Day 2011 at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field, home of the Steelers. The commissioner also stated that Washington will host a game in the next two or three seasons.

The news is likely to anger fans of many NHL teams who believe that its unfair that Pittsburgh and now Washington will now be playing in a second Winter Classic while most teams in the league have yet to play in one. Bettman shrugged off that criticism, saying that the league passes the game around just fine.

Meanwhile, on February 20, the Calgary Flames will host the Montreal Canadiens in another Heritage Classic. The first Heritage Classic was played in 2003 between the Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers.

Bettman told the media that he doesn't know if a second game in Canada will become a yearly thing, but he said the NHL is not concerned about diluting the outdoor event.


Double Your Fun: Penguins Reportedly To Host Capitals, Flames To Host Habs In Dual Outdoor Games

Since the 2010 Winter Classic wrapped up in Boston a few months ago, speculation has run rampant about the 2011 game. Most seemed to believe that it'd be heading to either Pittsburgh or Washington, and it seemed almost a certainty that it would be the two teams would face off, regardless of the venue.

According to Bob McKenzie at TSN, the NHL will award the New Year's Day game to the Penguins and Pittsburgh's Heinz Field in an announcement on Friday. That won't be the only game, however. The league is prepared to announce a second game, hosted by the Calgary Flames at that city's McMahon Stadium. The second game will be played in mid-February and will see the Flames take on the Montreal Canadiens.

Washington has never played in a Winter Classic, while Pittsburgh participated in the first one back in 2008 against Buffalo.

For more, visit Japers' Rink, Pensburgh, Matchsticks and Gasoline and Habs Eyes On The Prize.

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