Chris Johnson's Raise From The Titans Is $1.25 Million

Titans RB Chris Johnson is one of the best players in the NFL today and he's being paid peanuts compared to others at his position. He's taking a stand this offseason to let the Titans know he wants a new contract in-line with his production. The Titans have given Johnson more money in 2010 to avoid future problems.

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Chris Johnson's Big Raise From The Titans Is $1.25 Million

Chris Johnson crowed about his 2010 contract saying at one point that he "can't play for $550,000."

All the public discontent was enough to get the Titans to accelerate future escalators he had already earned so that they were payable in the 2010 season.

People looked at is as a band-aid of sorts in order to keep him happy for the 2010 season. Now Pro Football Talk reports the raise is $1.25 million.

A league source with knowledge of the new deal, and the old deal, tells us that the Titans moved $1.25 million in escalators triggered by Johnson during the first two years of his career into 2010, reducing Johnson's 2012 base salary from $2.210 million to $960,000.

Taking money from 2012 and applying it to the current year would suggest Johnson and the Titans will get a contract extension done before 2012 because Johnson would inevitably be unhappy when 2012 comes along.

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Chris Johnson Signs His New Contract With The Titans

Last week the Titans gave Chris Johnson a pay raise for the 2010 season after he had publicly complained that he was due only (only?) $550,000 in 2010.

Pro Football Talk reports that Johnson has now signed the new contract making it official.

They accelerated some escalators that he had already earned but were payable in the future.

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Chris Johnson Contract Expected To Be Completed In Next 48 Hours

Chris Johnson and the Titans reportedly agreed on the terms of a restructured contract that will pay him more money in 2010 but not add more years to the contract.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the deal isn't quite done but will be soon.

Both sides are reviewing the contract, which could be signed within the next 48 hours. Some of his maximum $2.5 million escalator will be moved forward, and no new years will be added to the deal, the source said.

"We're still talking through some issues," a source familiar with the process said Monday. "It's going to get done, but it's not done yet."

Johnson previously said he couldn't play for $550,000


Chris Johnson, Titans Reportedly Agree On Restructured Contract For 2010

Since running for over 2,000 yards in 2009, Titans RB Chris Johnson has been clamoring for a deal. He signed a five-year deal as a rookie in 2008 so he had three years remaining on his current contract. That made some think the Titans wouldn't even think about adding more money to his contract. However, as time went on, the Titans recognized that his production so early in his career may be cause for special consideration.

The thinking was that because of the 30 percent rule (which limits the amount base salaries can increase this year) the two sides would agree on a deal that would pay him more in 2010 without restructuring the rest of his contract. Sort of like a band-aid.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Johnson and the Titans did agree on a restructured deal.

As expected, the arrangement will pay Johnson more money this year, with no additional years being added to the contract.  Johnson currently is signed through 2012.

The new deal has not yet been signed, so we suppose it could fall through.  But at this point it's unlikely.

This is a band-aid but works out well for both sides. Once the labor landscape is more clear, the two sides can focus on getting a true long-term extension done.

The last time we heard from Johnson he said, "If they pay me, I'm in camp" so that presumably means Johnson will be at Titans training camp next week.

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Titans RB Chris Johnson: 'If They Pay Me, I'm In Camp'

The last we heard Chris Johnson was working out a "compromise" with the Titans so that he would be at training camp in August. The compromise, according to reports, was likely a bump in his 2010 salary to each side some time to work out a long-term deal.

Johnson was at the ESPYs on Wednesday night and spoke about his situation with the Titans.

Johnson had a separate interview session with ESPN reporter Colleen Dominguez, when he said, ``We’re losing time right now, so hopefully within the next week or two we can come around and can agree on something.’’

Dominguez then asked him about conflicting reports on whether he would report to camp: ``It depends on the Titans,'' Johnson said. ``If they pay me, I’m in camp. If they’re not, I’m not in camp.’’

Momentum seems to be shifting to the Titans putting a bandaid on the situation via a pay raise in 2010. They've been hesitant to commit to a long-term deal with him at this point.


Chris Johnson, Titans 'Discussing A Compromise' For Contract In 2010

The most recent report regarding RB Chris Johnson and his desire for a new contract from the Titans suggested the animosity between the two sides was "beginning to thaw."

Now we may know why.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports the two sides are "discussing a compromise" that would solve the problem in the short-term.

Under the terms of the five-year, $12 million contract he signed prior to his rookie season, Johnson has reached escalators in the deal that could pay him up to an additional $2.5 million in salary in 2012. The Titans could turn that money into a signing bonus in 2010, and combine it with his scheduled base salary of $550,000 for this fall.

Essentially, it would be a band-aid. The team would give him a bump in money for 2010 until the labor landscape was more clear before moving into long-term negotiations.

Johnson worked out at the Titans facility last week which has to be considered a good sign. If the two sides can agree to something, some think he could be in training camp on time.


Animosity Between Chris Johnson, Titans May Be 'Beginning To Thaw'

RB Chris Johnson hasn't reported to the Titans offseason in protest of his desire for a new contract. He skipped the voluntary work early and most recently mandatory minicamp.

Many think that he's willing to hold out into training camp, and he may be, but NFL Network's Michael Lombardi thinks the situation will work out sooner rather than later.

The animosity between RB Chris Johnson and the Titans is beginning to thaw. Lombardi believes a long-term deal will be done by the time training camp starts later this month.

This would be a big surprise. The Titans really have no reason to redo his deal considering he has three years left. Johnson has publicly voiced his frustration so that can't please the Titans either.

It's possible that the Titans are considering a band-aid of sorts giving him a big pay raise in 2010 and then waiting until the labor situation is figured out before doing a more substantial long-term deal. Of course, any pay raise in 2010 is subject to the 30 percent rule so the money may have to come in the form of a bonus.


Chris Johnson Wants $30-40 Million Guaranteed From The Titans

This is mind-boggling: Titans RB Chris Johnson told ESPN's Michael Smith in an interview he wants $30-40 million from the Titans.

If that were the total value of the contract, that would be reasonable. However, Johnson wants $30-40 guaranteed.

Those numbers would likely put the total value of a contract over $60 million depending on how it's structured.

$30-40 million guaranteed is usually reserved for elite quarterbacks and left tackles as well as the top handful of picks in the draft -- not running backs. Johnson is an elite back already just two years into his career but running backs aren't highly valued (because of their short careers) and he still has three years remaining on his current deal.

There's one thing that's for certain: Chris Johnson is not getting $30-40 million guaranteed.


Titans RB Chris Johnson: 'I Can't Play For $550,000'

Chris Johnson made over $4 million in bonuses the first two years in his career.

In 2010, he's scheduled to make $550,000 and that's just not going to work, he says.

“I can’t play for $550,000,’’ Johnson said. “The money that I am playing for, I am getting paid less than the starting 11 (on offense) and I’m one of the lowest paid starting running backs in the league.’’

Johnson has recently taken to Twitter to complain about his situation as well. The more he keeps talking, I think the less likely the Titans will want to do a deal.


Chris Johnson Speaks, Unsure If He'll Attend Titans Training Camp

Chris Johnson spoke to reporters on Wednesday one day after posting on his Twitter account that things weren't going well with the Titans regarding a contract extensions. The two sides reportedly haven't talked in weeks.

''Of course,'' Johnson said when asked if he was prepared to hold out. He added that ''no deal'' would bring it to that point and he had not made up his mind if he would show up to training camp.

Not showing up for training camp would be expensive with fines in excess of $16,000 per day.

''I'm really just letting my agent take care of that situation,'' Johnson said. ''I'm being the player and letting him be the business man. I'm just working out, staying in shape and letting him handle the business thing.''

On his Twitter account yesterday Johnson spent some time talking about the business aspect of things complaining that the Titans weren't offering him anything. It's probably best he actually let his agent do the talking.

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Titans, Chris Johnson Haven't Talked Contract In Weeks

Dan Graziano of reports the division between the Titans and Chris Johnson doesn't appear to be getting better anytime soon because the two sides have had "no dialogue whatsoever" regarding a contract extension in recent weeks.

The sources tell FanHouse that Tennessee's message to Johnson (who has three years left on his five-year, $12 million rookie contract) is that two years isn't enough of a performance sample size on which to base a new contract. Johnson's point is that his second season was unprecedented, as he set an NFL record for most yards from scrimmage in a single season.

The Titans also don't want to set the precedent of award contract extensions to players with three years remaining on their current contract.

Graziano also reports Johnson is "mulling the idea of continuing his holdout into training camp or even the regular season."

Though he is set to make just $550,000 in 2010, Johnson has made over $4 million in bonuses in his first two seasons so it's conceivable he could handle, financially, a holdout into the season.

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Titans RB Chris Johnson Getting More Frustrated With Contract Situation

Chris Johnson of the Titans is arguably the most talented, young running back in the game today. In just his second year in the NFL, he topped the 2,000 yards mark and was a pillar of the Titans offense. Moving forward, it appears the Titans offense will revolve around him.

The only problem is that he's still working off of his rookie contract. After the Titans selected him 24th overall in the 2008 draft, they inked him to a five-year, $12 million contract with $7 million guaranteed

That's peanuts compared to what players of Johnson's production level make.

He took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his displeasure with the way things are going.

Just got off the phn w/ my agent & its not gd news I'm feeling lk rt now at least dey offering him something dey not offering me nothing

Johnson is skipping all of the Titans offseason workouts in protest of his contract.

The Titans contention is that he has three years remaining on his current deal and that, since he signed a contract, he should honor it.

This is a slippery slope for both sides. On the one hand, Johnson did sign a deal and there is a case that he should honor it. On the other hand....

How do u wnt player 2 honor their contract but the team dont have 2 honor it. If u dont wnt 2 pay a player early dont cut a player early.

Johnson received $1.25 million in bonuses in year one of his contract and another $3.86 in year two so if he's been managing his money well, he could conceivably afford to miss training camp and even parts of the regular season.

Whether that's his plan remains to be seen.

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