NBA Finals Game 7 Live Blog: Lakers Pound Glass, But Celtics Lead Early

-There's superstition, and then there's letting Christina Aguilera sing the national anthem for the second night in a row. On the one hand, she kind of sucks at singing. On the other hand, the Lakers' crowd was louder than I've ever heard it in Game 6, and they'll probably have to be just as loud tonight. 

-I got to say, I was disappointed that ABC didn't customize the opening montage they always play for NBA Finals games. Hello! It's Game 7! Can't you whip up something original? Hell, the opening line was still "And so it continues." Couldn't you at least have that changed to "And so it ends?" HOW WILL CASUAL FANS UNDERSTAND TONIGHT'S GAME IS DIFFERENT????

-Good to see Mark Jackson point to the "X-Factors" that the ABC pregame show neglected to mention. Wait, did I just praise Mark Jackson?

-Mark Jackson just used the phrase "playing with force." Take a drink!

-I totally agree with this: the commentators absolutely need resumes next to their names like the soccer commentators. Stuff like "Jeff Van Gundy: Once grabbed Alonzo Mourning's leg." Or "Mark Jackson: Once used the phrase "Mama there goes that man," then used it again, and again and again."

-Awww, that was so cute, Doc Rivers. "Let's have our rings touch." Clever.

-One thing to watch early - who do the Lakers go to? If it's Andrew Bynum, I don't agree. If it's Pau Gasol, I do.

-They go to Bynum on the first possession. Twice. He misses both times. 

-Boston's given up two offensive rebounds on the first two possessions. I don't think I need to remind everyone of how the team that's outrebounded the other has won every game.

-How do you know it's a Game 7? Rasheed Wallace actually made an aggressive move in the post.

-Two more offensive rebounds...

-Another offensive rebound...

-From this spot, it seems like the guy who really is getting killed on the glass is Kevin Garnett. Sure, the perimeter players have to help, but ultimately, the bigs have to get the job done, and Garnett's not.

-Rajon Rondo didn't cut fast enough on that possession, which disrupted Boston's rhythm and led to a bad Wallace three. Worse, this means Wallace will not post up again the rest of the game.

-Pau Gasol already has five offensive rebounds. Nicely done, KG.

-Rondo just went coast to coast for a layup, which is big. Boston seems locked in. They just miss Kendrick Perkins.

-Kevin Garnett has now given up tons of rebounds, been turned around by a brilliant Gasol fake and score and air balled a wide open jumper. I guess he could improve. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! (lame joke).

-So far, Boston's doing everything but rebound. The rebounding thing is a pretty big problem though.
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