NBA Finals Game 7 Live Blog: Lakers Are Reacting, Celtics Are Playing

-Maybe I've just heard him too much, but Mike Breen is starting to get annoying. His calls are totally predictable, and he doesn't always have the best sense of the moment. Mostly, I just miss Marv Albert.

-Artest, for three. Clank.

-Nine offensive rebounds for the Lakers right now. Nine! Luckily, Andrew Bynum will come out soon, and that should help Boston counteract LA's length. 

-There's comedy, and then there's watching Ron Artest try to run a pick and roll. I prefer the latter, for amusement's sake.

-Rajon Rondo just made a beautiful pass to Kevin Garnett for an alleyoop. He saw that play coming. Good to see Rondo locked in.

-When God created Glen Davis, was he just tripping that day? How else does his body make sense? Hey, let me create an overweight dude who has feet like a ballerina! I crack myself up. Hey Allah, bro, pass the chips!

-Wow, I had no idea Paul Pierce grew up in Los Angeles. That's crazy! Hey, did you know Jerome Bettis is from Detroit?? 

-The Lakers have given Ray Allen two wide open looks from three. He missed the second, but that can't happen.

-Dammit, JVG, I was just going to say how Paul Pierce's help defense has been amazing tonight. You stole my point!

-The Celtics lead by five, and Kobe Bryant just shot a long, contested two early in the shot clock. I presume the Triangle has been abandoned. 

-After one possession, the answer to that question is - yes. Kobe made the standard shuffle cut across the lane, then ordered everyone to clear out and let him go to work. The possession ended in a Fisher contested layup that he missed badly. 

-Glen Davis did a great job there of preventing Lamar Odom from getting to his left hand. He hasn't done that all series, until now. Great adjustment.

-Boston now leads by nine after Davis' two free throws, and if I'm a Lakers fan, my biggest concerns have been realized. The Lakers are reacting to Kendrick Perkins' absence instead of just being themselves. They've abandoned the Triangle already and are not getting Kobe Bryant the ball in his spot in the post. They're getting hung up on screens because they're used to having to deal with Perkins' picks instead of Davis' or Rasheed Wallace's. It's all unfamiliar to them, and they're playing like it. It's Game 7. You are who you are. Just be you. 

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