NBA Finals Game 7 Live Blog: Questionable Coaching Moves Cost Celtics

-How do we know it's a big game? Rasheed Wallace didn't complain after maybe getting fouled.

-I too wasn't thrilled with Kobe Bryant's start, but seriously Mark Jackson, he's never played a worse 12 minutes in his career? Obviously Mark wasn't watching the Phoenix debacle in 2006, when Bryant decided to stop shooting.

-I don't know why the Celtics suddenly have a fascination for posting up Tony Allen, but I recommend they find another fad.

-I believe Ron Artest shot that ball from his knee.

-The Lakers have made a surge and now trail by just four. Van Gundy praised Doc Rivers for going back to his starters, but I'm not a fan of the decision. It messes up their rhythm, and the Lakers have now come back primarily on the backs of their bench players. Again, you are who you are at this point. Don't mess it up.

-Speaking of Tony Allen, this is the second straight game he is playing minutes with Kobe Bryant not in the game. This is commonly known as "wasting Tony Allen."

-Rasheed Wallace began the game with two post-ups, converting both. He has since shot two threes, missing both.

-Sheed also ran at Ron Artest for no reason there, leaving Lamar Odom all alone for another offensive rebound. 

-How weird is it that we might see both of these coaches out of basketball next season? Has that ever happened before?

-Artest just got a steal and bucket for the Lakers' ninth straight point, and the Celtics turn it over. The game is now tied. Remind me again why Doc Rivers went back to his starters this early? I really think that decision has cost the Celtics right now.

-13 offensive rebounds...

-Rajon Rondo is a blur in this game. I have no idea how he created that wide open three for Ray Allen.

-In Game 5, the Celtics ran a lot of pick and rolls for Paul Pierce, and Ron Artest had no chance. With this in mind ... why have they not run many pick and rolls tonight? Another coaching blunder, in my opinion. Step it up, Doc.

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