NBA Finals Game 7 Live Blog: Celtics Lead 40-34 At Halftime

-I have decided that I actually enjoy these Grown-ups promos. SIIIIKE!

-Kevin Garnett waited seven seconds, let Derek Fisher get off him to get Pau Gasol back on him, waited around, then went right to the bucket. That's cagey.

-The Lakers are now 11-42 from the field. Mark Jackson notes that if the Celtics lose tonight, it will haunt them for a long time. Thank you Mark. I figured they'd just get over the loss easily.

-We haven't talked much about Kobe Bryant's game, so a quick comment: I don't like it very much. At the same time, Boston is playing unbelievable defense. The Lakers can beat that defense if they run the Triangle confidently, but they haven't done that all season, so I don't expect them to do it now.


-Hey Paul Pierce, please stop settling for so many jumpers. Thanks.

-I just noticed that Rajon Rondo yells something at the top of his lungs whenever his team gets a rebound. I was always taught that, if you're a point guard, you should yell "OUTLET." I don't think Rajon Rondo is yelling "OUTLET."

-I'll say this much about Pau Gasol - he's trying. He's taking it strong to the hoop, just like he did there. The problem is that, in doing this, Gasol is not playing like himself. It's the ultimate dilemma - do you play like you and face criticism if you lose for being "soft," or do you try to play differently and go away from your strengths? Right now, Pau's choosing option 2, and predictably, it's not working. In a way, I feel for him. Then again, this is why he's a basketball player and I'm a blogger.

-I guess Jeff Van Gundy goes on tangents even in Game 7s. Shuddup Pee Wee Herman.

-Uh oh, Paul Pierce and Ron Artest got tangled up. Joey Crawford is currently trying to convince the referee crew to eject both of them. 

-Crawford settles for the double technical instead. Sorry dude. I know you wanted to throw them out.

-I don't think I need to tell everyone how ironic it is that Ron Artest is the only player shooting well in this brickfest.

-It appears that the "crane" for Rasheed Wallace is simply trying to post up. Some secret weapon there, Sheed.

-The Celtics just ran a pick and roll for Paul Pierce, drawing a foul on Andrew Bynum, who can barely move right now. Remind me why the Celtics aren't doing these more often?

-Brian Scalabrine looks like he's really into this game. He's locked in. 

-Jeff Van Gundy just made fun of Brian Scalabrine's defense. I'm pretty sure that's kind of like Jimmy Fallon telling Dane Cook he isn't funny.

-Fittingly, the half ends with Kobe Bryant dribbling for too long and failing to create a shot. Story of the half for Kobe. Celtics by six, and it really should be more. This is their kind of game. Now, they just need to rebound, which is easier said than done. Hey, it would be fitting in this unpredictable series for the team that gets outrebounded to finally win a game.

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