NBA Finals Game 7 Live Blog: Celtics Cling To Four-Point Lead In Ugly Game

-Kobe Bryant is totally in his "I don't trust anyone" mode. I don't blame him: other than Ron Artest, his team hasn't shown up. Still, if you yourself are 3-16, it might be time to think about creating good shots for your teammates.

-Mark Jackson just compared Kobe Bryant's game to John Starks' Game 7 in the 1994 Finals. Hand down, man down! That was harsh.

-Not only is Kobe playing bad offense, but he's also forgetting to box out Rajon Rondo. That's the crazy thing about Kobe's performance: he's been awful on offense, but he's also allowed his man, Rajon Rondo, to have a field day. Sure, a lot of Rondo's production comes in transition, but it's also on Kobe to corral him there.

-Paul Pierce just went to the bench with a shoulder injury. Hopefully he's okay. I know it'll be tough for him to recover because there are no wheelchairs available.

-The crowd is shouting "defense" right now. In this game, is that even necessary?

-It's about time for Pau Gasol to make one of his customary lefty hook shots. Just be yourself, Pau. Don't be someone else.

-"Yourself" should not include letting Kevin Garnett go baseline for a layup.

-Lamar Odom just tipped in a Ron Artest miss in transition and acted like he just won the NBA championship. Or, more accurately, he acted like he just received a Golden Ticket to get inside Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

-Ray Allen continues to struggle from the field. He's tired from guarding Kobe Bryant.

-Kobe Bryant's last possession: "Dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, drive into two defenders, turnover."

-Kobe Bryant's last possession: "Stand around, shoot a shot with a man in his face, miss."

-Does Rasheed Wallace ever do anything other than shoot bank shots in the post? 

-Boston looks tired right now. This is where I think Doc Rivers has to trust his bench a bit. The starters are probably good for one more spurt tonight, but there's no way they can go the full fourth quarter like they did the full second quarter. Doc has to trust Glen Davis, Nate Robinson and Tony Allen right now.

-Paul Pierce got into the paint on that pick and roll, then missed Glen Davis wide open in the corner.

-Kobe Bryant's last possession: "Dribble, dribble, drive, double team, turnover." This sounds familiar.

-So ... yeah, what happened to the Triangle offense?

-It took all of three quarters for Jeff Van Gundy to say this was one of the most poorly played offensive game he's ever seen.

-You know who is playing well right now? Lamar Odom. 

-Sorry Derek Fisher. You're great, but you don't get the standing ovation coming out of the locker room like Paul Pierce in a wheelchair.

-Mark Jackson on that inbounds pass: "This should be a direct pass to Pau Gasol." Two seconds later, the Lakers throw it away trying to pass it to Pau Gasol.

-End of the third, 57-53 Lakers. Is this a better game than Game 7 of the 2005 Finals? Honestly?

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