NBA Finals Game 7 Live Blog: Lakers Win 2010 NBA Title

-One quick thought before we hit the stretch run: notice how the Lakers aren't going to TEH MOST CLUTCH PLAYER EVAH down the stretch? I have. As much as Kobe has been Kobe all season, this hasn't been uncommon. Pau Gasol has closed games as the go-to guy a lot this season, and he's doing it again. Of course, as I say that, Kobe will take over at the very end and finish this off.

-Movement. Movement. Movement. Movement. MOVEMENT! This is officially my new bumper sticker.

-Gasol's defense on pick and rolls has been unbelievable. LA is stopping Boston's pet play - the Paul Pierce pick and roll. Yet another reason why I blog instead of coaching.

-Kobe Bryant hits a jumper, Lakers by 4. I dread Mark Jackson's lead-out to commercial. It turns out more tame than I expected.

-Isn't it funny how you can't get your offensive rhythm back easily once you go to too many isolations? LA has played great defense, to be sure, but Boston definitely lost a lot when they started to rely too heavily on Pierce isolations late in the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter. Right now, Ray Allen is out of rhythm, for example, and so is Kevin Garnett. That definitely made a difference on Allen's wide open missed jumper.

-LA dodges a huge bullet there, because Ron Artest left Paul Pierce wide open to close out on Rasheed Wallace for no reason. Pierce missed the shot, Gasol got bailed out on the other end and actually hit his free throws. Lakers by 6.

-I'm surprised we haven't seen Boston post up Garnett on Gasol much this quarter. That would be a smart offensive set.

-Speaking of out of rhythm ... Ray Allen just missed a layup.

-Kobe just got to the rim and got fouled on a dunk attempt. He missed another free throw. I find it funny that, if the Lakers win, Kobe will get praised for sticking with it on offense. The praise really should go to the Lakers' defense for shutting down Boston's offense, which has little to do with Kobe.

-Garnett gets free for a dunk right after Mark Jackson said he's never seen the Lakers play better defense, ever. I love karma.

-Pau Gasol has 16 points and 15 rebounds, though it doesn't seem like he's made that kind of impact. I guess by my standards, nobody is playing well tonight.

-Dribble, dribble, dribble, WHISTLE, foul, free throw attempt, missed free throw.

-Paul Pierce and Ron Artest just traded dumb fouls on consecutive possessions. They might need to repaint the free-throw line after tonight. 

-Pierce just waved Rondo off on that rebound, took the ball straight to the basket, got stuffed, then threw it away. I know Paul meant well, but Rondo needs to demand the ball out of his hands. He's been invisible this quarter.

-Speaking of someone who hasn't been invisible ... Pau Gasol with another huge shot. The barometer meter has officially swung back in LA's favor. I also think we can officially retire the "soft" label, right? Right? (Not that it had much validity any ... okay, I'll stop).

-Well that was fitting. Mark Jackson just praised a Doc Rivers out of bounds play that ended in Rasheed Wallace hitting an impossible three.

-And Ron Artest responds with an impossible three of his own.

-Ray Allen just buried a three he should make. Man, this is good.

-Fittingly, Pau Gasol got an offensive rebound, and Kobe goes crashing into Rasheed Wallace for a blocking foul, Wallace's sixth. Not sure why Rondo switched onto Gasol right there, but then again, I'm not sure why anything has happened the way it's happened in this game, so I don't know what to tell you.

-Kobe was clearly tired as hell - he's breathing really, really deeply right now - but he hit both free throws. Normally, we'd take this for granted, but the Lakers have missed about a zillion free throws tonight, so we can't. Kudos to you, Kobe.

-I think that if Boston loses, the one stretch where it might have happened was that stretch in the second quarter where Doc Rivers didn't give his starters a break. Well, that and committing a hundred fouls in the fourth quarter, but that too.

-Oh jeez, Rondo just hit a three. It's bizarro world. I'm writing on a Twitter and posting 140-character things on my blog.

-The Lakers put Sasha Vujacic in the game for free-throw shooting, and he gets fouled. He's a really good free-throw shooter, but do you want to put someone like that in cold like this in a Game 7?

-Okay, I was wrong. Kudos to you, Sasha. Maybe the Slovenian National Team will welcome you back now.

-I predict Kevin Garnett will hit a three-pointer here.

-Rondo misses a three, Gasol gets the rebound, Lamar Odom pulls a Magic Johnson in the 1991 playoffs and the Lakers are your 2010 champions. A ragged, but incredibly intriguing season ends with a ragged, but incredibly intriguing game. How fitting. 

-I'm guessing Kobe Bryant will win MVP, and it's a fair choice. But I will say this: there is no way - no way! - the Lakers come anywhere close to winning without Ron Artest's play in the first half and Pau Gasol's play in the fourth quarter. 

-Ron Artest just thanked his psychiatrist and babbled uncontrollably. For once, it's the right time. I think that's a fitting way to end this. Good night everyone, and congrats to the Lakers for winning the title again.

-One more thing: this man is now a two-time NBA champion. 


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