Armando Galarraga Loses Perfect Game On Blown Call; MLB Meeting To Discuss Incident

Detroit's Armando Galarraga lost a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning in the worst way possible: a blown call by first base umpire Jim Joyce. Galarraga has to settle for the most disappointing one-hit shutout ever. Read more at Let's Go Tribe! and Bless You Boys.

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VIDEO: Jim Joyce's Emotional Reaction After Armando Galarraga Presents Lineup Card

One of the (many) unique things about baseball is that there is often little time to dwell on the previous day's events, be they positive or negative. Whether a player hit a game-winning home run or booted a routine ground ball, more often than not, he has to put on his uniform and do it all again the next day, for a whole new ballgame. The same idea of a clean slate, 162 days a year, applies to pitchers who came within one out of a perfect game, and the umpire who blew a call that prevented that perfect game from occurring.

And such was the case on Thursday in Detroit. Roughly just 17 hours after the new infamous call at first base, umpire Jim Joyce was back on the field at Comerica Park (he's working behind the plate in today's game), receiving the lineup card from Armando Galarraga (a task normally reserved for the team's manager).

The pain and anguish that Joyce, and man who has been umpiring professionally since 1978, is dealing with becomes apparent very quickly:

(Thanks to Chris Littmann at The Sporting Blog for the video)


MLB Won't Overturn Armando Galarraga Blown Call Today, But May Expand Instant Replay

At the end of the day, MLB has decided not to overturn umpire Jim Joyce’s blown call that stopped Armando Galarraga’s perfect game, according to FOX Sports’ Jon Morosi.

MLB not overturning call. Just decided, source says. #Tigers #JimJoyce

However, commissioner Bud Selig did say that, while he is taking no action on the call today, he does plan on evaluating the possibility of expanding the use of instant replay, according to Darren Rovell.

Selig makes no immediate call: “I will examine our umpiring system, the expanded use of instant replay and all other related features.”

Selig said he would make his decision after consulting with the owners, the Players Union and the Special Committee for On-Field Matters, according to Rovell.


Over The Monster: Selig Should Not Reverse The Un-Perfect Game

Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga pitched an amazing game on Wednesday night. He struck out only three Indians in nine innings, but he was efficient, throwing just 88 pitches on the night and walking none. Thanks to Jim Joyce, he was not perfect.

Randy Booth at Over The Monster appreciates the situation and what went wrong but he believes the decision shouldn’t be updated to reflect a perfect game…because it wasn’t.

Baseball is not perfect and no one has ever claimed that it is. Joyce made a mistake, but that’s what makes baseball great: players, coaches, fans and — a lot of the time — umpires just make the wrong moves. They might read a signal wrong and get thrown out trying to steal second. Or they might send in a left-handed pinch-hitter that is 0 for 37 lifetime against the pitcher. Or they might reach over the barrier and grab a ball they shouldn’t have touched. Or they might just blow a perfect game.

But that is baseball. And it’s not that we should “learn to live with it.” It’s that we have always been living with it and for such a long time. Baseball is not a new sport and making mistakes in baseball is not foreign. In every game it happens. This time it was just on a very big stage with many eyes peering down.

If Selig reverses the call and gives Galarraga the 21st complete game in baseball history, it is like taking a giant eraser to baseball history. It’s also like taking a lighter to the baseball rulebook.

Read the rest of Randy’s piece at Over The Monster.


Bloggers React To Armando Galaragga's "Perfect" Game

To say Al over at Detroit blog Bless You Boys is miffed about Armando Galaragga’s lost opportunity at a perfect game would be an understatement. He understands that Jim Joyce is repentant but that’s still not enough.

Galarraga will still go down in history. His getting screwed out of an “official” perfect game will hopefully be the impetus for instant replay throughout baseball…despite the technology being available for YEARS. I’m sure the NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA could give Bud and the gang a few tips on implementing replay.

We can only hope.

After the game, everyone, from Galarraga,to Joyce, are saying the right things. Everyone is apologetic and trying to keep a stiff upper lip.

The Tigers can forgive Joyce. Personally, I want my pound of flesh.

The Indians were on the losing side of this contest. Cleveland blog Let's Go Tribe! says the game will be remembered for a long time but not for the right reasons.

Even though the blown call saved the Indians from having a perfect game thrown against them, it still doesn't feel good. If Jason Donald's ball had hit a pebble and bounced over Cabrera's head, that would have been a lucky bounce. This doesn't feel lucky, it feels guilty. This game will go down in history, but unfortunately not in the type of history that shows baseball in a good light. This call will reawaken the cries for NFL-style instant replay, but, in my mind, if any good should come of this game, it will provide an impetus for a new evaluation process for umpires.

The folks over at Front Office Fans don’t have the emotional vested-interest that BOB has, but they’re equally disturbed the events of the night. This is MLB’s great opportunity to make the right decision and institute sweeping instant replay changes, says FOF.

Bud Selig and Major League Baseball need to take this chance to expand instant replay in baseball. Any call should be up for review. Worried about taking up time? Just use the NFL’s system of limiting appeals.

We’ve seen botched calls greatly effect playoff game outcomes, and now we’ve seen them take away one of the finest accomplishments a pitcher can ever achieve. I don’t want to see it again.


VIDEO: Armando Galarraga Loses Perfect Game In Ninth Inning

A fair warning for Tigers fans: this video (via Jose, of course) shows the top of the ninth inning in its entirety. Everything from Austin Jackson's ridiculous catch in center to Mike Redmond's ground out to short to Jim Joyce's blown call at first base on Jason Donald's grounder. Trevor Crowe's final out is also included, but that seems somewhat inconsequential, no?

Oh, and Tigers fans: if this video isn't for you right now, head over to Bless You Boys, where you can vent some of your frustrations.


PICTURE: Armando Galarraga's Perfect Game Taken Away By Jim Joyce

Detroit's Armando Galarraga was one out away from tossing a perfect game against the Indians Wednesday night. Jason Donald, Cleveland's No. 9 hitter, hit a weak ground ball in-between first and second, drawing Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera away from the bag, meaning Galarraga had to race to cover.

Cabrera fielded the ball cleanly, and tossed it Galarraga, hitting him in stride as the pitcher stepped on the bag a half-step before Donald. Unfortunately for Galarraga, the Tigers and the Tigers fans, umpire Jim Joyce saw it differently.


Donald was called safe, ending the perfect game.

Galarraga just pitched the league's most disappointing complete game, one-hit shutout.

(Image via Jose3030)

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