NHL Draft Rumors: Nabokov, Savard Could Be On The Move Saturday

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Bruins Are Possibly Looking To Move Marc Savard On Day Two Of The Draft

Marc Savard has been one of the names rumored to be moved the past couple of days and with about twenty minutes before the start of day two of the NHL Draft, the rumors are starting to heat up again. With Tyler Seguin in the fold, it appears as those a center is expendable in Beantown.

Wouldn't shock RT @SunGarrioch: Don't be surprised if Btuins Marc Savard gets dealt today. Thrashers are in mix. Not sure about frontrunnerless than a minute ago via UberTwitter


Savard has a no trade clause, so any deal would have to be approved ahead of time and is also signed until the 2016-17 season with a $4 million cap hit. If the deal happens, it would be a blockbuster trade that was lacking yesterday.


Two Dancing Partners: Flyers, Another Team Interested In Evgeni Nabokov's Rights

One of the prevailing themes throughout the first round of the NHL Draft was that the San Jose Sharks were going to send Nabokov's rights to the Philadelphia Flyers. 

I am told the Flyers and Sharks are talking this deal but it is NOT close to being done.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Sharks GM Doug Wilson confirms 2 teams wants Nabokov's rights. This is going to drag into tomorrow w/Flyers and someone elseless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


While this would make some sense for the Flyers who are in need of goaltending at this point and with Nabokov looking for a slight upgrade from his $5.375 million cap hit, it could be a match made in heaven. One thing to note though, any contract that Nabokov signs now is a 35+ contract, which means that the full cap hit does not go away if the player is bought out.


Sergei Gonchar, Penguins Not Close On Contract

From Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Gonchar's agent, JP Barry, met briefly with Penguins general manager Ray Shero today before Round 1 of the NHL Entry Draft at Staple Center. However, that meeting ended with the sides far apart on a potential deal to prevent Gonchar from testing the free-agent market on July 1.

Gonchar, 36, is one of seven Penguins slated to become an unrestricted free agent.

He is seeking a three-year deal, but the Penguins are seeking a two-year contract. Complicating the matter is average annual salary on a two-year deal, as the sides are at least $1 million apart.

It appears as though Gonchar could hit the open market on July 1. His days in Pittsburgh could be coming to a close. For more, visit SBN's Pensburgh.


Panthers Put Keith Ballard On The Block

Defenseman Keith Ballard is reportedly drawing a lot of interest at the NHL Draft in Los Angeles, and he could be moved on Friday. As per TSN's Bob McKenzie...

My choice for NHL player most likely to be traded today -- FLA dman Keith Ballard. Lots of interest. Mostly from Western Conf teams.around 3:45 PM ET, Jun 25 via UberTwitter


According to St. Louis Blues beat writer Jeremy Rutherford, the Blues are one of those Western teams interested in Ballard's services. Jaroslav Halak is immediately reconsidering his signing with St.. Louis as a result.


It Won't Happen, But Oilers GM Tambellini Wants 1st AND 2nd Picks

Check out this quote from ESPN's Pierre LeBrun. He's talking to Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli about his talks with Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini on Friday before the draft.

"I spoke with Steve this morning and I told him what I told him before: that we're not in a position to make a significant offer to allow us to pick the player we want in the first two picks," Chiarelli told ESPN.com early Friday afternoon. "But he inquired about trading for the second pick and I have to give him credit. He's been really persistent in trying to get that pick. But I told him, as I've been telling everyone else, that I'm not moving the second pick."

That's right. Tambellini has the number one pick and he's trying to make a play for the second pick as well. It's not going to happen, as Chiarelli mentions above, but it's funny pretty awesome that Tambellini tried.


Report: 4th, 8th, 15th Picks All In Play At 2010 NHL Draft

From TSN's Darren Dreger...

Potential picks in play: 4, 8, 15... Florida says lots of interest in 15th overall, but no deal yet.about 11 AM ET, Jun 25 via UberTwitter


The 4th pick belongs to the Columbus Blue Jackets, the 8th pick belongs to the Atlanta Thrashers and the 15th, as mentioned above, belongs to the Florida Panthers.


Perhaps Tim Thomas Is Staying In Boston After All

We told you yesterday that the Boston Bruins were actively trying to trade Tim Thomas. Several teams were interested, including the Philadelphia Flyers. Well, that appears to be falling apart. Sorry, Bruins fans.

From Thomas' agent, Bill Zito, who spoke with the Boston Globe:

“I am not proactively looking for places for Timmy to be traded,’’ Zito said yesterday, shortly after tsn.ca reported that Chiarelli had issued the get-out-of-Boston permission slip. “I haven’t talked to anyone to this point, and I don’t anticipate talking to anyone.’’

Couple that with Sam Carchidi, Flyers beat writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer, quoting a source last night that said Paul Holmgren and the Flyers have "no interest" in Thomas.

Sure, other teams could be interested, but it doesn't appear that Thomas is in a rush to ship out of Boston.

(H/T ProHockeyTalk)


Busy B's: Bruins Shopping Savard, Thomas On Draft Eve

The Boston Bruins seem to be one of the most active teams in Los Angeles at the 2010 NHL Draft, and that's not just because they hold the second-overall selection. No, they're making a lot of noise on the trade front, namely with regards to center Marc Savard and goaltender Tim Thomas.

First, regarding Savard, via CSN New England's Joe Haggerty...

Sources indicate Marc Savard would OK move to OTT, TOR and CHI if right deal was there. Problem: Currently none of those teams want himabout 9:50 PM ET, Jun 24 via UberTwitter


Whether there are other teams to which Savard would accept a trade is unknown, but it does seem rather evident that the Bruins are shopping his services. Savard has a full no-trade clause until July 1, and as Nick Kypreos of Rogers' Sportsnet adds, he's willing to waive it if the right team comes along. 

Why would the Bruins want to trade Savard, though? Some B's fans are befuddled about Peter Chiarelli's motives, including this pair on Twitter:

RT @HBAdventure: Seriously, now. RT @bruins22: Hi. Can someone please explain to me why we're looking to give Marc Savard the boot?

That's not the only potential trade brewing in Boston tonight, though. The Bruins are also actively shopping backup goaltender Tim Thomas. After contacting Thomas' agent earlier on Thursday, Chiarelli has had talks with at least one team about a trade for the goaltender. As CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio reports...

#Flyers /BOS have talked re: GT Thomas but ... Flyers would have to clear $5 million in cap spaceabout 10:00 PM ET, Jun 24 via TweetDeck


The Flyers are still searching for a goalie and look to make strides on that front this weekend, but their cap situation would seriously prevent them from taking on a contract like Thomas'. That, and Flyers fans would be seriously unhappy if the team were to trade a contract, such as Jeff Carter's or Scott Hartnell's, for an expensive goalie like Thomas who clearly had a rough year last year.


Report: Panthers Willing To Move 15th Pick, Oilers Showing Interest

Darren Dreger of TSN has more on the rumor front.

15th overall is in play. Florida is willing to move the pick. Oilers among those interested.about 4:30 PM ET, Jun 24 via UberTwitter


The Oilers would hold two picks in the top 15, of course, should they complete a deal for the 15th pick. Surely, other teams are also interested in the pick, though. For more, visit our Panthers blog, Litter Box Cats.


Bruins Approach Tim Thomas' Agent To Kick Start Trade Talks

Tim Thomas isn't getting his starting job back in Boston, and that's as clear as day with the presence of young goalie Tuukka Rask. So you would think, then, that it would suit both the Bruins and Thomas well to part ways. One gets an albatross of a contract off of their books while the other gets a chance to earn a starting gig again.

The Bruins reportedly took the first step in facilitating a potential trade today, asking Thomas' agent, Bill Zito, for permission to talk with other teams about a trade. According to CapGeek.com, Thomas has a full no-trade clause and a full no-movement clause, meaning he can't be traded or sent to the minors, in effect until July 2012.

The news was first reported today by TSN's Darren Dreger. It was followed up by CSN New England Bruins' beat writer Joe Haggerty, who added that it would make sense for the Lightning to be a potential trade partner, but that talks hadn't really taken shape just yet.


Report: Five Teams Courting Leafs Defenseman Tomas Kaberle

If you had a nickel (or, perhaps a loonie) for every Tomas Kaberle trade rumor that's come out in the last several years, well, you know how that saying goes. There are more today, but this time, they might have some actual meat to them.

From TSN's Darren Dreger:

The Toronto Maple Leafs have at least 5 offers on the table for defenceman, Tomas Kaberle.

At this point, none of the existing proposals is considered strong enough to close on a deal,  however, that's not to say the Leafs wouldn't accept one of the offers with some tweaking as the day unfolds.

Sources say the offers range from roster players to draft picks.

Why might they actually come to fruition this time around? Well, beginning this weekend, the Leafs have a window of a little less than two months where Kaberle's no-trade clause does not apply.

According to CapGeek.com, "if Kaberle's team misses the playoffs in 2008-09 or 2009-10, he can be traded from the following entry draft until Aug. 15." Leafs fans will tell you that their team did indeed miss the playoffs this season, opening that hole in Kaberle's NTC.

For more on the Leafs, check in with Pension Plan Puppets.


Trade Or Free Agency? Flyers Have Options In Goaltending Search

The Philadelphia Flyers have been searching for goaltending for 20-some years at this point, and despite an Eastern Conference title this past year, the search rages on this offseason. So will the Flyers tackle their next goaltender via trade, or will it come after July 1 via free agency?

Tim Panaccio of CSN Philadelphia tries to answer the question.

Either the Flyers will make a deal here at the draft for a goalie or set in motion events that will lead to a goalie before July 1, when free agency begins. If neither occurs, then free agency is a possibility, although the pickings aren’t overly impressive: primarily older goalies with high salary cap hits.


Various sources say the Flyers are here to listen and make queries on trading for a goaltender.

“We’ll see what presents itself,” one source said.

For more on the Flyers, visit Broad Street Hockey and SB Nation Philly.


Sharks Won't Sign Nabokov, He'll Hit Free Agency On July 1

The San Jose Sharks won't be re-signing soon-to-be-free-agent goaltender Evgeni Nabokov, general manager Doug Wilson told CSN California on Tuesday. The exact quote from Wilson...

Well it's an organization decision and you take a look at what the trends are in this league and the dedication of dollars to that position. And Nabokov's been an outstanding player for us and responsible for some great successes. And we have to take a look at where we're at and where we're going and we wish him nothing but the best in true appreciation for him. We've got some very good young goaltenders coming. There's quite a few goaltenders that we expect to be available to build our tandem going forward. And it comes down to dedication of dollars, not only this upcoming year but going forward the next four or five years.

Nabokov will hit free agency as one of the elder statemen in a long list of available goalies this summer. Over the last four seasons in San Jose, Nabokov put together successful regular season runs but things never worked out in the playoffs. With a cap hit of $5.375 million, it seems like a big price to pay on a guy who doesn't get the real goal done in the long run.

The question now, of course, is where will Nabokov land come July 1? There are plenty of teams looking for solid goaltending, but most teams aren't able or aren't willing to put that much money up on an aging veteran with little to show on his playoff resume.

Is it possible that the 34 year old Russian returns to Europe to play? Will an NHL team cough up the money? Will he take a pay cut somewhere in North America? Ah, the intrigue of free agency...

For more, visit our Sharks blog, Fear The Fin.


Hawks Asking For Hefty Return On Dustin Byfuglien

See what an amazing playoff run can do? The Chicago Blackhawks are reportedly asking for quite the return on winger Dustin Byfuglien. Via ESPN's Pierre LeBrun...

Hawks telling teams that price for Byfuglien is a first-round pick and a prospectabout 5 PM ET, Jun 23rd  via UberTwitter


The 'Hawks are essentially forced to move somebody, if not a few players, and very soon. The consensus seems to be that Byfuglien is at the top of that list. Their salary cap situation is certainly the ugliest in the league this summer and they're expected to be very active this week before and after the NHL Draft in Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday.

Stan Bowman, team general manager, told ESPN Chicago that he expects that this week. Whether that means they move Byfuglien this week or not is still in the air, of course, but for a guy who frustrated Blackhawks fans during stretches even this past season, it's hard to see him being worth the price Bowman is asking. After all, playoff performance isn't everything.

Byfuglien has a manageable salary cap hit of $3 million next season -- manageable if you aren't Chicago, that is -- and is a restricted free agent next summer.

For more, visit Second City Hockey and SB Nation Chicago.


NHL Trade Talk: Bruins Top Priority Is To Move Tim Thomas

The trade market is expected to be incredibly active this year, and speculation is running rampant on who will be moved. Some of the biggest news today comes from Boston, and CSN New England reporter Joe Haggerty.

Sources have confirmed to CSNNE.com that the Bruins' top priority on the trade front is to move veteran goalie Tim Thomas, who lost his job to Tuukka Rask in the second half of the year.

Thomas underwent hip surgery at season's end, but general manager Peter Chiarelli said recently that Thomas is recovering well and is expected to be ready for the start of training camp in mid-September.

Sources say the Bruins have discussed Thomas with San Jose, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia.

Thomas has a cap hit of $5 million, and that lasts for three more seasons. That's a ton of money to be paying a goaltender who isn't even your starter, obviously. San Jose could opt not to re-sign Evgeni Nabokov, meaning they would have a hole in goal. Tampa Bay could lose Antero Niittymaki, who started most of this past season for them, and the Flyers have needed adequate goaltending for about 23 years.

Still, any team would have to pay Thomas that $5 million, and uh, the consensus seems to be that Thomas deserves nowhere near that type of pay check. For that reason, Boston might have trouble dumping him.

Stanley Cup of Chowder, our Bruins blog, reacted to the news:

I think the Bruins need to move Thomas and not just to write his contract off the books. Thomas obviously wants to be the #1 goaltender and that is not going to happen now that Tuukka Rask has won the job. Thomas is scheduled to make $6 million ($5 million cap hit) next season. That is a lot money to pay a guy that will be working the door 50 nights a year. Thomas has had to work hard to get to where he is today and I get the feeling that he does not want to be a back-up at this stage in his career.

Having a guy like Thomas around that feels as though he should be the starter and is making starter's money can not be good for the room. Giving Tim Thomas the opportunity to start somewhere else is the best move for all parties involved. Now, the Bruins just need to find a sucker trade partner that is willing to take on one of the worst contracts in the league for a overrated, 36-year-old goalie coming off of off-season hip surgery.

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