2010 NBA Draft Live Coverage: The Washington Wizards Are On The Clock

It's already been a busy day in regards to the NBA Draft, especially for the team that has the No. 1 pick.

The Washington Wizards, who are expected to select Kentucky point guard John Wall with the first selection when the NBA Draft gets underway (7:30 p.m. at Madison Square Garden), reportedly have made a trade. According to ESPN, the Wizards sent something -- cash or other considerations -- to the Chicago Bulls for point guard Kirk Hinrich and the No. 17 overall pick.

Where the draft goes from there? Who knows for sure, though the Philadelphia 76ers are expected to select Evan Turner out of Ohio State. SB Nation's crew of NBA bloggers predicted as much in our 2010 NBA Mock Draft, unveiled this morning.

Other SB Nation items you'll want to be aware of as we count down to the first pick:

- SB Nation and AOL Fanhouse combined powers for a pre-draft chat; you can click here for the transcript.

- Things get truly interesting with that third pick, right? And again with the fourth. The general managers for New Jersey and Minnesota might be trying to figure out which player to choose between Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. It's not a clear-cut call, as Mike Prada detailed today.

- Matt O'Brien, who will be manning the live draft updates here this evening, broke down who's great (and who ain't) using a complex formula of his own design; he's smart enough to pull that off. So click accordingly for his breakdowns of small forwards, guards and power forwards and centers.

- You'll also likely hear from Mike Prada tonight, who's running around Madison Square Garden for SBNation.com, SB Nation DC and Bullets Forever. That should keep him busy.

And finally, here's tonight's draft order -- at least until the next trade comes down.


1. Washington

2. Philadelphia

3. New Jersey

4. Minnesota

5. Sacramento

6. Golden State

7. Detroit

8. L.A. Clippers

9. Utah (From New York through Phoenix)

10. Indiana

11. New Orleans

12. Memphis

13. Toronto

14. Houston

15. Milwaukee (from Chicago)

16. Minnesota (from Denver through Charlotte)

17. Chicago (from Milwaukee) [NOTE: This is the pick that reportedly was dealt to the Wizards]

18. Oklahoma (from Miami)

19. Boston

20. San Antonio

21. Oklahoma City

22. Portland

23. Minnesota (from Philadelphia through Utah)

24. Atlanta

25. Memphis (from Denver)

26. Oklahoma City (from Phoenix)

27. New Jersey (from Dallas)

28. Memphis (from L.A. Lakers)

29. Orlando

30. Washington (from Cleveland)


31. New Jersey

32. Miami (from Minnesota through Oklahoma City)

33. Sacramento

34. Portland (from Chicago through Golden State)

35. Washington

36. Detroit

37. Milwaukee (from Philadelphia)

38. New York

39. New York (from L.A. Clippers through Denver)

40. Indiana

41. Miami (from New Orleans)

42. Miami (from Toronto)

43. L.A. Lakers (from Memphis)

44. Milwaukee (from Portland through Golden State)

45. Minnesota (from Houston)

46. Phoenix

47. Milwaukee

48. Miami

49. San Antonio

50. Dallas (from Oklahoma City)

51. Oklahoma City (from Dallas and Minnesota through Portland)

52. Boston

53. Atlanta

54. L.A. Clippers (from Denver)

55. Utah

56. Minnesota (from Phoenix)

57. Dallas (pick may be conveyed to Indiana)

58. L.A. Lakers

59. Orlando

60. Phoenix (from Cleveland)



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