NFL Makes It Official: No Suspension For Michael Vick

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he hasn't yet made a final decision on Michael Vick after there was a shooting at his birthday party in Virginia.

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Michael Vick On Roger Goodell Meeting: 'It Was A Great Conversation'

The NFL announced on Tuesday that MIchael Vick will not face a suspension for his (lack of a) role in a shooting after his birthday party several weeks ago.

Goodell and Vick met at Eagles training camp on Tuesday night and Vick said it was a good conversation.

“We had great conversation,” Vick said. “We’re on the same page now. I understand everything that I’m supposed to be doing and am obligated to do. It was a great meeting.”

Goodell explained to him that he would be held to an even higher standard moving forward (this comes after their "zero-tolerance" policy towards him).

“A higher standard in every phase of my life – that’s not a problem. No biggie,” Vick said. “I’m a changed man anyway, so that’s going to be easy. Trust me.”

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NFL Makes It Official: No Suspension For Michael Vick

An hour after reports emerged that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hadn't made a final decision on Michael Vick, the NFL released a statement, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network.

NFL just released statement saying no discipline for Mike Vick from the incident at his party

This is more of a formality than anything since Vick wasn't expected to be disciplined.

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Roger Goodell Hasn't Made A Final Decision On Michael Vick

SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation passes along the word that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't made a final decision on Michael Vick.

Over the last week there were reports that Vick wouldn't be suspended for the upcoming season.

Last week Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reported the following:

The NFL has completed its investigation into the shooting at Michael Vick's birthday party last month in Virginia Beach and he has been cleared to play, a league spokesman told the Daily News today.

Either way, Vick isn't expected to be suspended.

Vick also said on Tuesday he hasn't spoken to Goodell yet.

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Traveling Restrictions Have 'No Impact' On Michael Vick's Status With The Eagles

Last week it was reported Michael Vick was being denied travel privileges. Per the terms of his probation, Vick had to request permission to leave the state previously.

So will this affect his ability to, you know, play in road games in 2010?

"No way," said a source close to Vick. "This will not keep him from doing his job and going on the road with the Eagles."

An Eagles source said: "His restrictions will have no impact on his working or traveling with the Eagles. He has had restrictions since he joined the team as do all people on probation."

He's had these restrictions since day one but hadn't thrown a birthday party yet that ended with someone shot.


Eagles Still Expect Michael Vick To Be At Training Camp

Your latest update to the Michael Vick update is that there is no update.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles "continue to insist Vick will be at camp barring something new and relevatory."

The Eagles don't have much of a choice here.

They've already declared that they're aware of Vick's role -- that he had no role -- in the shooting that took place after his birthday party a few weeks ago. Unless he's done something legally wrong, the Eagles apparently won't be cutting ties with him (unless you believe Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson who cites an Eagles source that says cutting Vick "absolutely" remains an option).

They've consistently said publicly they're sticking behind him.


Michael Vick Reportedly Being Denied Traveling Privileges

Michael Vick has missed two recent scheduled appearances, one of which was a football camp that some criticized him for missing.

However, he's got a good reason for missing, according to NBC-10 in Philadelphia.

Michael Vick has to stay put and is not allowed to travel out of the state for now, according to NBC 10’s John Clark.

Clark said the Eagles backup QB is being denied traveling privileges and has already missed two scheduled appearances, according to his crisis manager Judy Smith.

Vick is still on probation for his role in the dog fighting ring.

His name has been used to promote parties across the country. It appears his involvement will now be in name only and he won't be attending the parties.


Attorney Says Vick Involved In Confrontation Briefly Before Birthday Shooting

On Tuesday, investigators said that they had identified a suspect in the shooting that took place at Guadalajara restaurant in Virginia Beach the night Michael Vick was hosting a celebration for his 30th birthday. Vick, who previously had yet to be ruled out as a suspect in the case, was no longer said to be no longer considered as such by police.

A day later, however, Virginia Commonwealth's attorney Harvey L. Bryant has revealed that Vick was involved in a physical altercation at the club just minutes before shots were fired.

"The investigation shows he was not physically present when the shooting took place," said Bryant. "There were some confrontations between individuals and between groups and Michael Vick was involved in one of those confrontations."

"[It was] a confrontation that involved shouting, words passing, some bumping."

Vick had to be restrained by friends, Bryant said, who put Vick back in the limo, but he then got out to confront a person that Bryant will not identify.

The claim won't restore Vick to being a suspect in the case, but it shows how close the Eagles quarterback came to being involved in the shooting, were it not for the intervention of friends. Police have said that they know who likely pulled the trigger that night, but because uncooperative witnesses have made authorities unable to gather sufficient evidence, they will not pursue charges pending further developments.


Virginia Beach Identify Shooter From Michael Vick's Birthday Party

The Virginia Beach police have identified the person who shot Quanis Phillips following Michael Vick's 30th birthday party, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Police confirmed once again that Vick is not a suspect. They also said there will be no charges filed because there has not been cooperation from the victim or witnesses.

Here is the full statement from police:

"Investigators were able to determine the identity of the shooter. Unfortunately because of the lack of cooperation from the victim, coupled with the reluctance of witnesses, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, upon reviewing all of the evidence, has determined that no charges will be filed in this case at this time.  Because the suspect will not be charged, his identity cannot be released by police.  There are no other suspects in this case, including Michael Vick."

This jives with some of the reports that surfaced immediately following the incident that witnesses were reluctant not to release any information.

Presumably, the Eagles will not be releasing Vick because of the incident. A report from the Associated Press popped up over the weekend that the Eagles were thinking about cutting Vick in light of the incident but multiple, high-ranking officials reportedly denied that.

Michael Vick Speaks: 'I Had Nothing To Do With That Incident'

Michael Vick has finally broken his silence after a former co-defendant of his was shot following his birthday party in a Virginia Beach night club.

Per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Vick issued the following statement:

"On June 25, 2010 I attended a birthday party held in my honor at The Guadalajara’s Restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After I left the event, I learned that a man was shot outside the restaurant. I want to assure everyone that I had nothing to do with that incident. I left the restaurant prior to it occurring and did not witness what happened.

"Following the incident, I reported it to the Philadelphia Eagles and to representatives of Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL. In addition, I cooperated with and answered any and all questions from Law Enforcement officials investigating this matter. My statements, from the beginning, explained that I was not there at the time of the shooting and had no knowledge of the events surrounding it. I have been completely truthful and fully cooperative from the very beginning and will continue to cooperate with Law Enforcement and the NFL as this investigation continues."


Suspect In Shooting That Occurred After Michael Vick's Party Expected To Turn Himself In 'Soon'

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the person responsible for reportedly shooting Quanis Phillips following Michael Vick's birthday party is expected to turn himself in soon.

Schefter didn't offer up any more details but the identity of the shooter could give some clarification to Vick's role (or lack thereof) in the incident.


Michael Vick's Lawyer Disputes Report He Left Only Three Minutes Before Shooting

On Tuesday, news surfaced that surveillance video reportedly showed that Michael Vick left his birthday party at a Virginia Beach night club just three minutes before a shooting occurred -- not the 10-30 minutes Vick's camp had been saying.

Despite that evidence, Vick's lawyer, Larry Woodward, disputes the surveillance video report.

Woodward, reached yesterday by the Daily Press, said: "I stand by what I said, that Michael was long gone before the shooting, does not know who did the shooting and had nothing to do with the shooting. Anyone who says any different better be very careful."

Since there apparently is video evidence, the truth should be fairly easy to find in this one.


Security Camera Footage Shows Michael Vick Left Party Three Minutes Before Shooting

A spokesman for the restaurant that hosted Michael Vick's party has come out with some information that contradicts what we've previously heard.

Allen Fabijan, spokes for the restaurant, said he has reviewed -- and turned into police -- security camera footage of the evening in question.

Fabijan said that two cars carrying "Vick and his entourage" drove away from the restaurant at 2:07 a.m. Three minutes later, shots rang out from the direction the cars had gone, Fabijan said.

"I'm not saying that Michael Vick did the shooting," Fabijan said. "But he did not leave (long) before" as Woodward said his client told police.

Fabijan previously told police that Vick left around 1:55 a.m., or approximately 15 minutes before the shooting occurred.
 Vick's lawyer has also given the timetable of his client being gone anywhere from 15-30 minutes before the shooting.

Does this mean Vick was involved? No, not necessarily. But, considering the discrepancies, it does raise a few questions as to the validity of Vick's account of the evening.

Police maintain that Vick is "of no interest to us" in the case. He talked to police on Monday about the case.


Michael Vick's Not A Suspect But He Did Talk To Police On Monday

Michael Vick is not considered a suspect in a shooting that occurred approximately 15-20 minutes after he left his birthday party at a Virginia night club. However, he did talk to police on Monday as part of their investigation.

"The case is still being investigated," police spokesman Adam Bernstein said. "The case is currently assigned to a homicide detective. Over the last several days, numerous people have been interviewed by detectives. This afternoon, Michael Vick, along with his attorney, came to Virginia Beach Police Headquarters to speak with detectives. He answered the detectives' questions."

Vick's lawyer told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the meeting was voluntary and he's offering his cooperation.

The story that's made its way to the public is that the victim, Quanis Phillips, became angered and threw cake on Vick's face after he was told to leave the birthday party because Vick's parole forbids him from associating with him.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made.


Witness: Shooting Victim Threw Cake In Michael Vick's Face, Marcus Vick Became 'Very Agitated'

A witness at the shooting incident following Michael Vick's 30th birthday party told the NY Post that it all started when Quanis Phillips, a former co-defendant with Vick in the dog fighting case, showed up to the party.

Phillips, who is not allowed to associate with Vick, mingled as if he were an invited guest to the party until Michael and Marcus Vick spotted him and "told him to get lost", the NY Post reports.

This upset him and he slapped a piece of cake off of a woman's plate hitting Michael in the face with frosting.

"Michael didn't react. I was surprised," a witness at the bash said.

"But Marcus was the one who reacted. He had this I-can't-believe-this-just-happened, we've-been-disrespected look on his face. He was very agitated."

Phillips "left the party screaming" until shots were heard in the parking lot.

The NFL has said they're in the fact-gathering stage while police have said Michael Vick is not a suspect.


Police: Michael Vick Is 'Of No Interest To Us' In Shooting

Michael Vick reportedly left a Virginia night club at least 15 minutes before a shooting occurred and now police have said Vick is "of no interest to us", according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

A police spokesman gives the Daily News more details of the incident.

There was a call into 911 at 2:11 a.m. to report a gunshot near a parking lot in the Town Center section. A man, now believed to be former Vick co-defendant Quanis Phillips, was shot and helped into a car to be taken to the hospital.

Police then pulled the victim's car over and transported him to the hospital.

Bernstein said the officers' report characterized the victim as "very uncooperative," which he said was also the case with other witnesses. Bernstein said all police knew about the shooter was that he was said to be a black male wearing a white tank top, who left the area in a white Cadillac Escalade.

Previous reports have jived with this report about witnesses not wanting to be connected to the case in any fashion.


Eagles Issue Short Statement On Michael Vick

The Eagles on Friday issued a statement regarding the situation with Michael Vick, according to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"We are aware of the incident that occurred in Virginia early this morning and are in the process of gathering all of the facts. Until then, we will not have any contact on this matter."

Various reports have indicated that Vick was gone by the time the shooting occurred in the parking lot of a Virginia night club.


DeAngelo Hall Says He Wasn't At Michael Vick's Party

Though he was on the invite list for Michael Vick's 30th birthday party, Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall said via Twitter on Friday that he was not in attendance.

I wanted to officially take the time to mention I was not in Virginia yesterday for any events. I have heard that my name is being associated w/ a party that I did not attend.

I understand I was mentioned as a special "invited" guest to attend but as most of you know I've been on vacation with my family.

I would also caution people from making statements and accusations before all the details have come out. I support Mike and everything positive he is doing in the community. Thank you.

For evidence that Hall wasn't there, here's a photo of him at SeaWorld yesterday from his Twitter account:


At this point, I imagine Hall is very happy he didn't go to the party.


Guest List For Michael Vick's 30th Birthday Included DeAngelo Hall, Allen Iverson

The party invitation for Michael Vick's 30th birthday at the Guadalajara restaurant touted several celebrity guests including Deangelo Hall, Lashawn Merritt, Allen Iverson, Pusha-T, Mia MIchelle, Delicia Cordon, and the De Creme Models.

It's unclear how many partygoers were remaining when the shooting occurred, at approximately 2:10 a.m. Vick was reportedly gone by the time the shooting occurred.

The invitation for the event, promoted by both Michael and Marcus Vick, is pictured below.



Lawyer: Michael Vick Wasn't Present At Shooting

Attorney for Michael Vick contends his client was not present at a shooting that took place early Friday morning outside a Virginia club.

"There was a party for Michael Vick there last night,” Woodward said. “Michael was not involved in any shooting there. Not only wasn’t he involved, he wasn’t present when any of that happened.”

The story goes, according to the Daily Press, that Vick and Quanis Phillips, former co-defendant in the dogfighting scandal, had some sort of disagreement inside the club. The fight spilled outside -- where there are reportedly security cameras -- where Phillips was shot.

A spokesman for the party said Vick had already left by the time the shooting occurred.

Sabijan said Vick left the party at 1:55 a.m. and the shooting happened between 2:15 and 2:30 a.m. He said Vick has attended events at Guadalajara a few times in the past three months.


Man Shot At Michael Vick's Birthday Party Was Former Co-Defendant Quanis Phillips

On Friday morning, reports surfaced that a man was shot while at the 30th birthday party for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. The incident raised some eyebrows in the sports world because of the link to Vick, even though some said it was a non-issue.

The Daily Press in Hampton Roads, VA now reports that the man shot was Quanis Phillips, former co-defendant of Vick's in the dogfighting scandal.

But the story goes that Quanis threatened to smash birthday cake in Vick's face, or that he actually smashed the cake in Vick's face. Another version is that someone smashed cake in Quanis' face -- or threatened to smash it in his face. Anyway, the confrontation moved outside -- where I'm told there were several still cameras and video cameras.

Once the confrontation moved outside, Phillips was shot around 2:10 a.m.

Presumably there were witnesses but the Daily Press reports they're unlikely to step forward.

Anyway, from here, things get vague, because some folks who were at the party don't want it published that they were there. Some folks who might have been witnesses to some of the incident don't want it to be known if they were witnesses.

Vick is on probation for the dogfighting charges and reportedly wasn't supposed to be associating with his former co-defendants, such as Phillips.

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