NFL Draft Mountain West prospect preview

This is somewhat of a down year for prospects from the Mountain West. There are no players as dynamic as former TCU pass rusher Jerry Hughes. Utah also doesn't have it's usual wealth of NFL-ready talent. However, there are some good blockers and a couple of players under the radar.

Matt Reynolds | 6'6, 329 pounds | OT | BYU *
There's a lot of talent and brute strength packed into Reynolds' large frame. He enters the 2010 season as a two-year starter who has manhandled defenders. One of Reynolds' best assets is his leverage. He does a nice job of sinking low and exploding into opposing players. He's athletic enough to stay at the left side, but has to overcome some footwork issues. Still, he might be better as a mauling right tackle where he won't face as many speed rushers.

Tank Carder | 6'2, 232 pounds | ILB | TCU *
In his first year as a starter, Carder was a wrecking machine. He finished 2009 with 89 tackles with 10 coming for a loss. Carder deserves recognition because he's a solid all-around linebacker. He might fit best in the pros on the weak side where he can be rangy and attack passing lanes. He impressively broke up 10 passes last season.

Marcus Cannon | 6'5, 350 pounds | OT | TCU
Cannon's game is based on power first and technique second. He has the size and ability to hold the right side of a line and is still developing. If he can get contact on a defender, watch out. Although strength is Cannon's best asset, don't discount his ability to get after speed rushers. Against Clemson in 2009, Cannon shut down pass rusher Ricky Sapp.

Vincent Brown | 6'0, 195 pounds | WR | San Diego State
The only thing that held Brown back in 2009 was a thumb injury. In six games before he was hurt, Brown had 779 yards receiving and six touchdowns. Brown considered entering the 2009 draft, but wisely returned. He's one of the top senior receivers because of his shiftiness and ability to get open in space. Other than being physical, he's very good in every other area. Also returns kicks.

Other notables to watch:

Andy Dalton | 6'3, 215 pounds | QB | TCU
Wayne Daniels | 6'2, 250 pounds | OLB | TCU
Andrew Rich | 6'3, 223 pounds | SS | BYU
Zane Taylor | 6'2, 309 pounds | C | Utah
Jonathan Rainey | 6'2, 242 pounds | DE/OLB | New Mexico *

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