Schedule Help for a New(ish) Soccer Fan

Some Background

American Football and basketball have been and always will be #1 in my heart, but I've grown to appreciate soccer since I began watching in 2005.  In fact, the first 2 games I ever watch were absolutely thrilling:

Game 1:  Liverpool beat A.C. Milan match during the 2005 EUFA Champions League Final 3-2 on penalty kicks after coming back from a 3-0 deficit at half to tie it 3-3.

Game 2: 2 Scandinavian teams I don't remember (one Swedish, one Danish) go to 13 penalty kicks to decide the game.

Since then, I've appreciated the 2006 World Cup, enjoyed the late US run in South Africa last year, have somewhat followed the Sounders since I've moved to Seattle, and I am really pumped for the 2010 World Cup.

Now that I've decided to get more into soccer, I figured I needed some teams to follow, since that will keep me more invested.  The teams I am following (passionately or not), is as follows:

1)  Team USA (since..ummm, I was born?) - Cheering for them will be more fun than any other team I can cheer for, and as an American, how could I cheer for anyone else?

2)  AIK Solna (since 2005) - My sister lived in Solna when I visited Sweden and I have 2 AIK jerseys.  However, it's near impossible to follow them since the Allsvenskan is not that great and all the coverage is in Swedish.  I hope they do well, but that's about all I can do.

3)  Seattle Sounders (Since 2009) - Since moving to Seattle, I've noticed how the Sounders have become very popular and somewhat filled the void the Sonics left.  I might as well have an MLS team to cheer for, though I don't have very strong ties to them yet.

4)  Everton (Since yesterday) - I have heard over and over again that the best soccer in the world is played in the EPL, and with ESPN showing games and it getting more popular, I decided to choose a team.  They have never been relegated, aren't one of the bandwagon teams, and they currently have 2 Americans, so I went with Everton.

My Request

From the research I've done (various internet queries and wikipedia articles), it appears there is soccer happening almost all year round involving the 4 teams and their leagues I listed above.  What I want is an easy-to-follow schedule for when everything is.  I am counting down the days until the NFL starts and I know the NCAA Football schedule, and I want to have a similar familiarity with soccer schedules. 

Specifically, I'm interested in the following things, but any supplementary material would be fine.  Answers are good, nice sites, graphs, or charts are awesome.

1)  When is the MLS season?

2)  When is the EPL?  Is there an EPL for American Idiots site?

3)  When is the Allsvenkan?  Is there anywhere I can follow it in English?

4)  When are the the various champions leagues like EUFA, SuperLiga, and CONCACAF?

5)  Is there some awesome central soccer site, kind of like SB Nation I 'spose, where I could mark my favorite teams and read articles about them and see their results?  Or is there nothing like that worldwide?

6)  Is there anything else I should know or do?


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