Legendary Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies After Suffering Heart Attack

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has passed away at age 80 after suffering a heart attack Tuesday morning in Tampa.

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Steinbrenner Family Plans Private Funeral, Held In Tampa

Following Tuesday's passing of legendary owner George Steinbrenner, his family has planned a private funeral in Tampa, likely to be held on Saturday, and open only for the immediate family, this according to "people close" to The Boss, reports Jon Heyman.

There will be memorials held at George M. Steinbrenner Field -- the Yankees' spring training home in Tampa -- and later in New York -- probably at Yankee Stadium -- where dignitaries will honor the man who bought the Yankees in January 1973 and became sports' most iconic owner.


Pinstripe Alley Remembers George Steinbrenner With Collective Retrospective

After the sudden passing of legendary Yankees owner George Steinbrenner -- he died early Tuesday morning after succumbing to a heart attack suffered late Monday night -- several of the writers at SB Nation's Yankees blog, Pinstripe Alley, have put together a "collective" look back at The Boss, each with their own way of remembering Steinbrenner.

Travis Goldman, Co-Manager:

Yankee fans and haters alike will realize that 'King' George III was one of the most influential owners in the history of American sports. Whether you loved or hated him, you could not deny his impact. He brought the once-historic Yankees, at their lowest point, back to prominence and helped transform a sporting franchise into a world-famous brand. 

Ed Valentine, Co-Manager:

Bombastic bully. Buffoon. Ego-maniacal tyrant. Good for baseball. A blight on baseball. In his later years, a weak old man. Think what you will of George Steinbrenner, and all of those descriptions fit in one way or another.

Steinbrenner changed baseball. And he changed the New York Yankee franchise. It was his will, his money, his unmatched desire to win no mattter what it took that turned the Yankees back into the YANKEES. From a moribund laughingstock back into what they are today, a World Championship-caliber team that everyone loves to hate, a team for which winning is the only acceptable outcome and a franchise that does not apologize for doing whatever it takes to accomplish that. [...]

Thank you, Boss. RIP.

For even more reactions to the passing of George Steinbrenner, head over to Pinstripe Alley and SB Nation New York.


Timing Of George Steinbrenner's Death Makes Tranferring Ownership Of Yankees Easier

And now for a bit on some of the unseemly implications of legendary Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's passing.

As The Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal points out, Steinbrenner's passing in 2010 will prove quite lucrative for his family, and should reduce the legal hoops they'll have to jump through to fully transfer ownership of the team to them. The reason passing away in 2010 matters is that there is no estate tax this year; the Bush tax cuts gradually phased out the estate tax before letting it lapse completely in 2010, with it returning in 2011.

With the Yankees franchise valued at some $1.6 billion, the lack of an estate tax -- which will likely go back to top marginal rate of 55 percent for the largest estates -- is obviously worth quite a bit to the Steinbrenner clan. Of course, focusing on financial matters like this shortly after Steinbrenner's death is somewhat indecorous, but it should make transferring ownership of the Yankees much less messy for them.


George Steinbrenner Obituary, Tributes Pour In Following Death Of 'The Boss'

Following the passing of legendary Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, there is sure to be a wealth of obits and tributes posted around the internet. Some early samples:

— NY Times has posted an extensive obituary that reviews the many accomplishments Steinbrenner achieved as owner of the Yankees.

— SB Nation New York has a StoryStream up, where they have posted some Twitter reactions from players and media types. They will be updating that throughout the day.

— Pinstripe Alley has a photo tribute with images of Steinbrenner through the years.


Statement From Family Confirms George Steinbrenner Dead At Age 80 After Suffering Heart Attack

We now have official word to confirm this morning’s reports: George Steinbrenner is dead at age 80, as confirmed in a statement released by the family. Via CNN:

“It is with profound sadness that the family of George M. Steinbrenner III announces his passing,” a statement from his family said. "“He was an incredible and charitable man. First and foremost he was devoted to his entire family – his beloved wife, Joan; his sisters, Susan Norpell and Judy Kamm, his children, Hank, Jennifer, Jessica and Hal; and all of his grandchildren.

“He was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. He took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again.”


Corroborating Reports Indicate George Steinbrenner Dead At Age 80 From Heart Attack

We now have more reports verifying the initial news from Tampa that Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has passed away. The Associated Press and NY Daily News are both citing their own sources close to the situation that say Steinbrenner has died in a Tampa hospital after suffering a heart attack.

There is still no official word from Major League Baseball or the Yankees yet.


Report: George Steinbrenner Dead After Suffering Massive Heart Attack

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has died in a Tampa hospital, according to the local ABC news affiliate. Steinbrenner, 80, was rushed to St. Joseph’s hospital early Tuesday morning after suffering a massive heart attack.

Much more to come on this terribly sad news.


Report: George Steinbrenner Suffers Massive Heart Attack, Rushed To Hospital

George Steinbrenner has suffered a massive heart attack and is currently hospitalized, according to reports from New York City's ABC news affiliate.

The Yankees owner was reportedly rushed to St. Joseph's hospital in Tampa, according to Bay News 9 in Florida.

Steinbrenner turned 80 years-old on July 4th, and has been in declining health since retiring from day-to-day Yankees operations in 2006. The  family has kept Steinbrenner's medical condition private since his retirement.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more information as it develops.

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