Twins Shut Justin Morneau Down For Entire Playoffs

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Justin Morneau Shut Down By Twins; Will Not Return In 2010

Perhaps this shouldn't come as a big surprise, but it certainly feels like big news - after Justin Morneau ruled himself out for the Division Series, the Twins have gone ahead and shut him down for the playoffs. Morneau will not return in 2010, and the Twins will look to get by without his presence in the middle of the order, as they've been doing for a few months.

The team is confident that Morneau will be ready to go in time for 2011 spring training. They believe that trying to get Morneau back at some point in this year's playoffs would've just been moving too quickly.


Justin Morneau Will Not Play In ALDS; Hopeful For ALCS

The tricky thing about concussions is that they're unpredictable. You have to take them day by day, and that's what makes them so maddening. There's no telling how long a guy will be out, or when he'll be able to recover.

Justin Morneau is experiencing that dilemma first hand. However, he has been able to reach one conclusion - he will not play in next week's Division Series. It's simply too soon, and he doesn't feel up to it.

He's leaving the door open for a Championship Series return, should the Twins be able to advance. The odds aren't great, but that's far enough in the future that Morneau has a glimmer of hope.


Justin Morneau Likely Done For Regular Season, Possibly Playoffs

Justin Morneau hasn't played in a game since sustaining a concussion on July 7th. He's been dealing with symptoms ever since, and even though he's been present for workouts, he has yet to really push himself, and when asked about Morneau's return, Ron Gardenhire didn't sound very optimistic:

Gardenhire says Morneau improving, but "I don't see how it can possibly happen for him," regarding a Sept/Oct return #Twinsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Morneau certainly appears finished for the regular season, and then it's an open question as to whether he's able to come back for the playoffs. The good news for the Twins - if there is any - is that, even without Morneau, they've been playing terrific baseball, and currently have the best record in the league. Everyone wants to be at full strength in October, and no one wants to be without one of their stars, but the Twins have gotten by for this long.


Justin Morneau Still Fighting Concussion Symptoms Every Day

It's been a full month since the last one of these updates, which clearly can't be good news:

After early BP Morneau said nothing new to report. He still hasn't had a day where he's symptom free #twinsless than a minute ago via mobile web

Morneau hasn't played in a game since July 7th, and the fact that he still hasn't had a symptom-free day suggests that it would be impossible to give a timetable for his return. He has recently intensified his workouts in an effort to get into game-playing shape, but it appears his head doesn't want to cooperate.

Morneau could conceivably return next week, or next month, or next season. There's just no way to know.

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