ST. LOUIS - JUNE 28: Dan Haren #15 of the Arizona Diamondbacks reacts to giving up a run-scoring hit against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium on June 28, 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals beat the Diamondbacks 6-5 in the bottom of the ninth. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Dan Haren Traded To Angels For Three Pitchers And Player To Be Named Later

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Dan Haren Trade Reactions: Salary Dump, But Not A Very Good One?

As the baseball world finds out about Dan Haren's trade to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, there seems to be a clear consensus: the Diamondbacks are dumping salary. Here's what ESPN's Buster Olney reported over two tweets:

The D-Backs' trade looks like a pure salary dump. Arizona gets out from under about $30 million in salary obligation, and gets a good (but not great) pitching prospect.

One slight problem: unlike the starter he's being traded for, Dan Haren seems to be underpaid, compared to market value. Says Joe Sheehan:

It's not even an effective salary dump. Saunders will be 4+ and probably make $6M next year. (Haren: $12.75M.)

The linchpin in the deal seems to be the player to be named later; reports are that it's one of the Angels' top prospects, and outfield prospect Mike Trout would be the closest thing to a deal-saver. One tiny problem, per Jeff Passan (emphasis ours)

Unless that PTBNL is Mike Trout -- and it isn't -- the Angels pulled off a whopper of a deal. Inauspicious start for D-Backs without Byrnes.

Both our Angels blog at Halos Heaven and our Diamondbacks blog at AZ Snake Pit have held off on offical stances on the trade so far, but if their reactions fall in line with the outside consensus, they'll come to think that the Deebax have just been fleeced.


In Surprise Move, Angels Land Dan Haren From Diamondbacks For Four Players

As expected, Dan Haren has been traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks today for a stable of young arms. What was not expected, however, is his destination. After being rumored as a target for New York and Philadelphia, Haren instead finds himself on the move to Anaheim, joining the Angels. Per our Arizona Diamondbacks blog, the AZ Snake Pit:

It has just been announced that Dan Haren has been traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, Rafael Rodriguez and a player to be named.

Joe Saunders is a left-handed starting pitcher, with a career ERA+ of 104, who is arbitration-eligible for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Patrick Corbin is another lefty, currently starting for the Angels High-A affiliate - he only turned 21 last week. Rafael Rodriguez is a right-handed reliever, who has only thrown 32.2 innings in the majors. Nick Piecoro just tweeted "Told the player to be named in the deal is a top prospect..."

Also, as AZ Snake Pit notes, the deal has benefits that last longer than just the end of the season, unlike most trade-deadline deals; Haren's under a relatively affordable contract for the next few seasons, meaning he can be built around over time. Sure, the Angels lose a few arms, but they've got a proven elite lefty in their rotation now; that's hard to beat.

Meanwhile, the trade is especially tough news for the Yankees; while the Angels aren't likely to take a wild card spot from a New York squad that's 11 games ahead of them, this trade does mean that the team's ability to turn a struggling Joba Chamberlain (and two minor leagers) into a quality starting arm is diminished.

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